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The Beginning of Ukraina-Russian Peace

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There are no disputes that cannot be resolved. This phrase can at least be used in connection with Russian President Vladimir Putin's meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymir Zelenski in Paris, France, Monday 9 December 2019. Facilitated by French President Emmanuel Macron, the two heads of state have agreed to a ceasefire.

When war was raging between the two countries, a ceasefire agreement was good news. For nearly six years hostilities have led to a war that has killed at least 13 thousand people. During this time Ukrainian troops fought against rebels who had strong support from Russia. The war was the result of a conflict in 2014, when Russian troops annexed Crimea, which is Ukraine’s. Earlier the President of Ukraine then, Yanukovych, was ousted by protests in Kiev called the "Maidan Revolution." Russian-backed separatist groups later established an independent state from Ukraine, but until now the world has not recognized it. Since then the war has occurred. The Moscow government has clearly supported the rebels by sending weapons. The agreement between the presidents of Russia and Ukraine is a breath of fresh air for the people of the two countries who have been suffering from the prolonged war.

Before reaching an agreement, Russia and Ukraine had exchanged prisoners and withdrew their military forces from the front lines of the war. In the agreement in Paris the two countries are also willing to release each prisoner until the end of December 2019. The release of prisoners will be carried out along with withdrawal of troops from several war zones in Ukraine until March 2020.

The question is, why should Russia negotiate with the Ukrainian government? Isn't what happened was a civil war between the Ukrainian army and the rebels? In this case the role of President Macron of France is quite significant. The willingness of Vlaidimir Putin to sit at the same table with President Volodymir Zelenski at a high-level meeting in Paris was at the initiative of President Macron. This confirms that the world does not recognize the claims of rebels who founded a new state in Ukraine. Besides, Russia has acknowledged its direct involvement in the civil war, and appeared to provide a peaceful solution to the war that had caused damage, suffering and tens of thousands of lives.

The High level meeting in Paris between the Presidents of Russia and Ukraine has become a new round of conflict resolution and is expected to create lasting peace in Ukraine.

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