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Military Cooperation of Iran, China and Russia

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Iran carries out political and military maneuvers in the midst of its conflict with the United States. After resolving domestic problem, which was to quell demonstrations in the country some time ago, Tehran showed the support of two major countries, namely Russia and China in terms of military power. Iran along with Russia and China held joint exercises in the Indian Ocean and the Gulf of Oman.

The Iranian Navy commander stated that the four-day joint exercise towards the end of 2019 with China and Russia was intended to give a message to the United States. Iran's Navy Rear Admiral Hosseinof Khanzadi said that the joint exercises of the three countries were aimed at increasing security in the region. Earlier Tehran warned any country not to approach the region. Khosein Khanzadi claimed that he had received an order to shoot any foreign aircraft or ship trying to approach the area that was used as a joint training ground. Especially with the intention of spying or in intelligence activities. As is known, tension in the waters of the Indian Ocean especially around the Gulf of Oman increased after two Saudi Arabian tankers were mysteriously attacked. The United States and its allies accuse Iran of carrying out attacks which caused damage to two Saudi Arabian tankers.

The maneuvering of Iran's military cooperation by cooperating with two major powers namely Russia and China marked the new development of relations between Iran and the United States. It can even be said that relations between the two countries have become tense. Iran is trying to strengthen its position by cooperating with two big countries which in some cases are also not well-connected with Washington. China and the United States, for example, have not yet fully completed the trade war, although a new agreement has begun to be reached towards the end of the year. Russia itself is at odds with the United States in their involvement in the Syrian war.

Entering the new year 2020 the world is still tinged with the tension of relations here and there. One of them is between Iran and the United States. There are two things to be noted related to Iranian military cooperation with China and Russia. First, it is a new bargaining position for a balance in negotiations. Secondly, it ignited an escalation that was a sign that US-Iran relations might be getting worse in 2020.

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