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Indonesia Increases Economic Diplomacy through Medical Equipment Exports to Libya

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Chargé d'Affaires of Indonesian Embassy in Tripoli, Libya, Mohammad Amar Ma'ruf Chargé d'Affaires of Indonesian Embassy in Tripoli, Libya, Mohammad Amar Ma'ruf VOI-TONO

Since the fall of the regime of Libyan Leader, Moammar Qaddafi, the security crisis has not been stable in the country. Thus, the Indonesian Representative has not been able to optimally carry out economic diplomacy. However, the Indonesian Representative in Libya continues to look for opportunities in certain fields that could be collaborated by the two countries. This was expressed by Chargé d'Affaires of Indonesian Embassy in Tripoli, Libya, Mohammad Amar Ma'ruf to Voice of Indonesia on the sidelines of the Working Meeting of the Indonesian Representative with Ministry of Foreign Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Office in Jakarta, Friday (10/1). Amar Ma’ruf said that one of the opportunities to be improved for Indonesia exporting medical devices. He also remarked that the demand for Indonesian-made medical equipment for hospitals in Libya is relatively high.

"It is true that the President said, there must be one target to be achieved. So, our benchmark is that if we talk about product issues, of course, we try to see what the potential products are. Apparently, the potential product is our health equipment. Alhamdulil
lah, last year, there was a purchase transaction for medical equipment for hospitals by a company in Libya. For us, it's huge. Take for example, the first shipment was worth 93,000 US dollars, and seemingly, they have already had purchasing orders for next year, which are worth more. However, that is just only on paper, and the situation is different now; I'm afraid that suddenly, the war will occur again,” Amar said.

The Indonesian Representative in Libya in a limited basis also continues to make promotional efforts within the Indonesian Embassy, considering that it is not possible to do it in an open place. Promotional activities in the country can only be held through activities such as limited exhibitions by inviting businesspeople and users of Indonesian products and services in Libya. Previously, President Joko Widodo, when opening the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Meeting Thursday (9/1) asked for more intensive economic diplomacy. The President set a target for the export increase that needed to be boosted through the role of ambassadors in countries around the world. (VOI/AGUS/AF).

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