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Langkuik Tinggi Waterfall

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Malalak is a district in Agam regency, West Sumatera province. Malalak consists of 4 Nagaris: North Nagari Malalak, South Nagari Malalak, East Nagari Malalak, and West Nagari Malalak.

In each Nagari, there are beautiful waterfalls. No wonder, if Malalak is well known as heaven for waterfalls’ lovers. In this district, there are Burai-Burai Langkuik, Burai-Burai Batingkek, Burai-Burai Singkek, and Langkuik Tamiang waterfalls. In today’s edition, we will introduce you ‘Langkuik Tinggi waterfall’.

Langkuik Tinggi waterfall is in South Nyiur – Malalak. It takes around 30-45 minutes from Bukittinggi and 3 hours from Padang. It is easy to find the location of the waterfall because its post is at the side of the street.

Arriving at the location, you can park your car or motorcycle at the parking space. Parking ticket is worth Rp 5,000. Then, you must pay entrance ticket worth Rp. 5,000 per person. Before entering, you must register at first at the post. Here, you will be offered tourism guide service. There is no special tariff for the tourism guide, it depends on your willingness to pay the guide.

From the post to the location of the waterfall, you must walk around one hour. You will pass plantation, field and forest. The terrain is quite extreme and the road is slippery when it is raining. Thus, you must be ready physically to go there. To arrive at the first waterfall, you must go down river. Langkuik Tinggi has 100 meters high and 5 waterfalls. From one waterfall to others, the distance is close.

Arriving at the first waterfall, you will be amazed to see the heavy streaming of the waterfall. It is so heavy so that splash of its water on the stones will wet you if you stand at surrounding area of the waterfall. After being satisfied to take pictures at around one waterfall, you can go to the second waterfall by crossing river which has heavy streaming.

At the second one, you can swim, because its water is not too heavy and the pool of water is not too deep. Here, you can take a rest for a while before going to the third, the fourth and the fifth ones. The three places are close together by taking time from the second waterfall around 20 minutes. At those waterfalls, you can swim, take picture and enjoy the beauty of those waterfalls.

If you want to go the waterfalls, we suggest you to bring your own foods, because there is no food stall here. You can enjoy your meal while enjoying the beauty of Langkuik Tinggi waterfall.

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