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Batu Dulang

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Travelling to Sumbawa Besar, the capital city of West Nusa Tenggara province, you can visit Batu Dulang tourism village. The village is located at an altitude 850 meters on sea surface with the temperature around 18 to 21 Celcius degrees. The village offers natural atmosphere which has fresh air. At the Batu Dulang village, you can see landscape of Sumbawa Besar, Moyo Island, and Mt. Tambora. Batu Dulang tourism village is located around 26 kilometers from Sumbawa Besar to the South.

To go to Batu Dulang tourism village, you can hear chirping of various species of birds along the street. There are around 25 bird species in Batu Dulang, among other punglor, sameong, pelatuk, kenenang kuning, kipas and owl bird. At this village, you can join in residents’ activities which traditionally produce Arabica and Robusta coffee. You can also visit the local Small and Medium Entreprises, namely forest products such as honey, coffee, candle nut oil and various fruits like mangosteen. In Batu Dulang, there are packages of harvest products such as packaging of honey, and coffee powder, curcuma, and candle nut which processed to be oil. This village is also a producer of a good quality honey because its forest is still very good as food resource of bee. Batu Dulang Tourism Village is the first village which applies preservation harvest of forest honey with honey drain technique by not using hands to squeeze, under the Management of Sumbawa Forest Honey Network since 2008 until nowadays.

Touring at Batu Dulang village, you can also enjoy the freshness of Tiu Dua waterfall. From the village, it is around 3 kilometers of distance to the waterfall or it takes around 5 minutes by using motorcycle and walk around 25 minutes. The waterfall has around 8 meters high. Below the waterfall, there are 2 big ponds which can be used for taking a bath and swimming. Batu Dulang village also provides some towers for selfie. At this tourism village, there are also 4 homestays with the tariff Rp75,000 per night.

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