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Kupat Sableng

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Ketupat or Kupat is an Indonesian typical food which is made of rice and wrapped with young coconut leaf or janur. Usually this food serves in Islamic religious celebration such as Eid Al-Fitr and eaten along with side dishes. Indonesian people know various kinds of Ketupat and every region has its own characteristic. If you go to Brebes, Central Java, you will find one of variant Ketupat, namely Kupat Sableng. If you are in Brebes, I suggest you to eat this food which has savory and spicy taste. Kupat Sableng combines ketupat with coconut milk sauce and blengong satay as side dish. The satay is made of Blengong meat. Blengong is a kind of bird which is a combination of duck and itik (muscovy duck). Firstly, Blengong meat is soaked in seasoning of coconut milk and skewered by using stick. After the seasoning being permeated, the satay was roasted with charcoal. When you buy Kupat Sableng, you can determine the chili you need in accordance with your taste. The chili then entered into the sauce of ketupat. When kupat sableng being eaten, savory taste of its coconut milk which is mixed with chili, is tasted so delicious. Blengong satay with soft texture becomes complementary of the taste. If you are interested to enjoy this food, there are many stalls which sell Kupat Sableng in Brebes. Usually, this food is sold in the afternoon until evening. The price is relatively cheap, only Rp 7,000 per portion.

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