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Here is Kompas Newspaper with its headline entitled, “Referral Hospital on Standby.”

At least, 100 referral hospitals for emergency infection were on standby to anticipate the new corona virus infection spread from Wuhan, China. Monitoring state’s entrances was also tightened, mainly regions with direct flights from China. Health Service Directorate General Secretary of Health Ministry Agus Hadian Rahim said, 100 hospitals across 31 provinces on standby were hospitals that used to handle avian influenza in 2007.

Moving on to Republika with, “Aircraft Passenger from China Monitored.”

The new corona virus from Wuhan (2019-nCoV) spread wider in China and her neighboring countries. Indonesian government then from central and regional tightened monitoring to anticipate the virus that had killed nine. Indonesian Health Minister Terawan Agus Putranto claimed that his ministry had carried out optimal prevention effort. Government also had tightened health examination at all airports in Indonesia.

The Headlines ends with Bisnis Indonesia entitled, “New Wage Boosts Competitiveness.”

New wage scheme that will adjust to average consumption and provincial economic growth possibly will provide flexibility for businesspeople in recruiting workers and boost national competitiveness. Based on Employment Omnibus Law discussion documents received from a source by Bisnis Indonesia, the provincial minimum wage formula will be calculated from the current year Minimum Working Needs with economic growth per provinces. The minimum working needs calculation was based on city population consumption average gathered by Central Statistics Agency BPS. On the other hand, the regulation applies for worker with working period under one year, while above it will not experience minimum wage reduction.

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