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Blue Sea Hilaga Island

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North Sulawesi is famous with its beautiful tourism in Manado or Bunaken. In addition, it is also known with its super priority destination in Likupang where a lot of tourists are interested in visiting it.  The destination is exactly in North Minahasa, North Sulawesi. Now, the Likupang Special Economic Zone (KEK) is being built. There are many reasons for us to visit Likupang. The destination in Likupang is as beautiful as many other popular tourism destinations in North Sulawesi. One of them is Lihaga Island. Lihaga Island is an uninhabited island located in Likupang sub-district, North Minahasa Regency. Lihaga Island is only 8 hectares; it is not too big but it has extraordinary tourism potentials. Of course, it has been seen that this island has a beach with fine white sand, which contrasts with the blue of the ocean.

Any visitors who want to see it surely cannot wait to come down and touch this clean white sand. Lihaga Island also has an interesting underwater world. By diving or snorkeling close around the beach, you can see many fish swimming. To reach the Lihaga Island, we have to travel about 90 minutes from Manado City to Likupang (port of Serei). After arriving at Likupang, you have to continue the journey again for approximately 40 minutes by local fishing boat. Boat rental costs around Rp800, 000 for 20 passengers. Even though, this island is not populated, you don't need to worry because this island has toilets and dressing rooms. You can also stay overnight at Lihaga Island with a little cost.

In addition, if you plan to visit and stay overnight at Lihaga Island, don't forget to buy food and drinks first because Lihaga Island does not have stalls. Unfortunately, there are not many facilities in this tourism  destination. But if you like adventuring, the nature of Lihaga Island is appropriate for you to explore.

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