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Indonesian Government Does Not Have Plan to Repatriate ISIS Members of Former Indonesian Citizens

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Indonesian President Joko Widodo giving a speech. Indonesian President Joko Widodo giving a speech. Rencanamu

President Joko Widodo emphasized that the Indonesian government did not have plan to repatriate former ISIS members who had renounced Indonesian citizenship. After inaugurating  new Head of the Marine Security Agency ( Bakamla)  at the State Palace, Jakarta on  Wednesday (12/2), the President explained that  the Indonesian government has security responsibilities towards all Indonesian people. The President also asked his staff to  identify comprehensively all ISIS members  of  former Indonesian Citizens.

"I think it has been announced that the government has security responsibilities for 260 million Indonesians//  That's what the government prioritizes. Therefore, the government does not have a plan to repatriate the people  who are there, ISIS of  ex-Indonesians. Secondly, I ordered that 689 people to be identified one by one, their names and who are they? Where do they come  from? So that the data is complete. So,  prevention  of  deterrence can be done here before the data is entered into immigration. This is firm," President Joko Widodo said. 

Meanwhile, related to the children of ISIS members who were former Indonesian citizens, President Joko Widodo stated  that they have the opportunity to return to Indonesia. However, the repatriation is restricted to children under  10 years. (NDY)

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