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Addition of Female Figures at Boris Johnson's Cabinet

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British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is thinking about a reshuffle of his cabinet, after being successfully elected as Head of the British government. He successfully serves as prime minister after the Conservative Party he led won elections after the Brexit chaos. Johnson will adjust the cabinet by increasing the number of women ministers. The addition of women's quota in the cabinet of Boris Johson is carried out on account of the demands of various parties for the Prime Minister to increase the number of women ministers in the cabinet.

News in various media in the UK reported speculation that there would be removal of at least 3 female ministers from Boris Johnson's cabinet. The three names that are expected by the media to be removed are Theresa Villiers, Andrea Leadsom and Liz Truss. Over the speculation, pressure arises so that Boris Johnson continues to place women in his cabinet. In response, the government ensures that the figures of women in the cabinet would be maintained. Domestic media has estimated that five women will enter Johnson's new cabinet. The number is more than before. Internal government revealed that if the current female minister is only 18 percent, in the next reshuffle, the number will reach 60 percent of the cabinet composition.

A cabinet reshuffle is carried out by Boris Johnson to smooth the path of his administration, primarily in anticipation of Britain's departure from the European Union. Several ministers in the current cabinet will be substituted.

Before the election, Boris Johson often faced problems with parliament and several ministers in his cabinet. In that perspective, an overhaul is carried out. In addition to streamlining his government, increasing the number of women in the new cabinet can also improve Boris Johnson's image in the eyes of the British people. Thereby, Boris Johnson certainly needs to be careful in choosing the female figures he will choose. The consideration is certainly good not only in the eyes of the community, but also the smooth running of the government.

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