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Afghanistan Post Election

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Afghanistan Election Commission last February 18, 2020, officially announced Ashraf Ghani was re-elected as President of Afghanistan for the second period. In this Presidential Election, Ghani won 50.64% over his rival Abdullah Abdullah. Afghan politics is in a polemic after President Ashraf Ghani's main rival rejected the results of the initial September elections. Abdullah's team submitted thousands of evidence of fraud about the initial results and said tens of thousands of votes for Ghani were fraud. He rejected the results of the count after being announced by calling himself "the winner based on clean votes."

Ashraf Ghani's re-election was also in the spotlight. Bearing in mind that in 2014, the second round was held amid complaints of massive fraud. After an agreement facilitated by the US, Ghani became president, sharing power with Abdullah in the Government of National Unity. These two figures have shared power over the past five years in a unity government formed by the United States after allegations of widespread fraud and corruption in the 2014 poll. The Taliban, which was overthrown by US forces in 2001 demanded the withdrawal of foreign troops from the country, and condemned the election as 'fraud'. The Taliban even urged Afghans to boycott the polls and threatened to attack security forces, blockade roads and target polling stations across the country. More than 72,000 security personnel were deployed to 49,402 national polling stations, while 410 polling centers were closed Saturday due to security concerns

With the completion of the Election process in Afghanistan, in fact the homework of the President-elect is still quite a lot. Among them, ensuring his political rivals support his leadership period to completion, and securing negotiations with the Taliban.

Hopefully Afghanistan can overcome the various problems being faced.

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