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Towards the arrival of President Donald Trump to India

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Next week, United States President Donald Trump is going to visit India to attend an event called "Namaste Trump" or "Trump’s Regards" at the cricket stadium. He will be accepted by the ranks of "Howdy Modi" supporters of the Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi. According to the plan, President Donald Trump will drive along a road opposite the slum area. The interesting thing is that Prime Minister Narendra Modi built a wall along the slum area that reaches a half kilometer. So, around 2000 poor people in the area would not be spotted. Domestically, the prime minister's move has been criticized. PM Modi is considered to want to cover India's original face. However, senior official Bijal Patel denied this. The wall that was built is for security reasons, not to cover the slum area. The unique point is also the similarity between Narendra Modi and Trump in the wall problem. President Trump was once becoming a controversy when he would build a stockade on the American and Mexican borders. Thus, Trump and Modi can be said to be similar. But more than that, America and India have become long-term partners. The Trump administration has consistently portrayed India as one of its main allies in the Indo-Pacific region; The US Pacific Command has changed its name to the Indo-Pacific Command, emphasizing the strategic relationship between the Indian Ocean and the Pacific. As India strives to make its presence felt at the international level with increasing involvement, China's reluctance to recognize India's global revival has a negative impact on India's involvement in its immediate environment. India seeks to improve many of its strategic challenges by expanding relations with the United States.

Basically, the Asia Pacific region has become a focal point for several major countries. In particular, India and China are fighting for influence in the Asia Pacific region. Since the beginning of his administration, President Trump has approached India, and vice versa. With US-China relations experiencing ups and downs, India certainly hopes for the U.S. support to gain global influence to become global power. Will this relationship get closer amid various American interests polarization. No one can guarantee that the U.S. and Indian relations will continue to last. So far, America and India support each other, especially the problem of technological development, and India is willing to authorize some technology to America. But like political idioms, there are never eternal friends and enemies. Only common interests that are mutually beneficial will make the allies continue together.

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