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Upholding Palestinian Sovereignty, Post-Israeli Election

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The struggle of Palestine and its supporting countries faces severe challenges after the Israeli General Election which was held last Monday (2/3). Benyamin Netanyahu has exceled temporarily in quick counts. News about the Israeli elections said, for the moment, the Coalition of Benjamin Netanyahu won 59 seats in Parliament.

The calculation of the number of seats is a combination of votes obtained by Netanyahu's Likud Party with a group of right-wing coalition blocks. The number of seats was slightly superior to Netanyahu's competitors who temporarily acquired 54 seats.

The vote count is still ongoing, but Netanyahu via social media said he had won the vote and defeated his opponents.

Although not final, Netanyahu has even immediately thanked his supporters via Twitter. He claimed that his victory was a great victory for Israel. Political opponents who are members of the Blue and White Party and with only a little difference in the votes from the Likud Party, expressed disappointment over  the results of the general election this time.

 The victory of Benyamin Netanyahu, is very likely to be driven by the campaign he carried out before the election. For instance, a statement as the incumbent that the Netanyahu government agreed with the plan to build 1800 new settlements in the West Bank. The decision was taken Thursday, February 27, five days before the people of Israel voted.

This also implies the direction of Israeli politics towards the Palestinian state and people. Previously, Netanyahu had even agreed to the construction plan of 3500 house Jewish settlements on the West Bank.

Netanyahu's decision has come under fire from international organizations because it is getting closer to the territory of the Palestinian state and the West Bank. Netanyahu's actions and acknowledgment of his victory, imply Israeli policy will not change, may even be more aggressive against Palestine.

The Palestinian people and the countries that support it must already take this reality into account. One thing is certain, the struggle of the Palestinian nation and state together with their supporting countries will continue until Palestine gains its sovereignty.

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