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Reactions by Countries Facing Corona Virus Outbreak

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Many countries did not think that the new Corona virus -Covid-19 virus could not be conquered until March 2020. After shocking the world since the discovery of this deadly virus in Wuhan, China, until now, tension after tension has not subsided.

The spread of Covid-19 only moves from one country to another.
 Previously, the concentration about the spread of the Corona virus was in China. Now, the Covid-19 is spread to Iran, Italy and South Korea and other countries. It's hard to predict where else the Corona virus will spread next. Even, Malaysia and Indonesia closed the door for tourists from the 3 countries and tourists from China.

Precautions are reasonable. This virus has caused death in various countries in large numbers. In Thailand, the health of school children must be checked before entering their school. In Saudi Arabia, the government has closed the door for the world’s pilgrimage. Until now, there is no definitive information on when the door to Umroh will be opened for international worshipers. Meanwhile, the peak of the Hajj this year is also getting closer. Of course, this is awaited by Muslims around the world. However, the Saudi Arabian government has its own considerations to deal with the Corona spread in the Holy Land.

Another case is with France. This country seems calm from the start with the Corona virus. To this day, school activities in France continue as usual. Based on a public survey conducted by the French government, it turns out that the French public still feels safe in dealing with the Corona virus. Although the Corona case has been found in France, the French border with Italy as a country that is already quite bad because the Corona invasion is also not closed. According to the French Minister of Transportation, Élisabeth Borne, closing the border gate is not the right step to deal with the Corona virus.

Finally, people in various parts of the world have to jointly face the corona virus. We hope that the concern of the world community will soon be followed by information from various countries that this virus can be conquered and information about corona cases that have been successfully treated can be spread to various countries.

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