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UGM Creates Bio Hand Sanitizer Innovation with Nano Technology

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After the Indonesian government announced that there were Indonesian citizens who were positive for the corona virus (Covid-19) some time ago, many residents were busy buying masks and hand sanitizers. So, the masks and hand sanitizers are becoming rare in the market. In fact, efforts to prevent the spread of the corona virus can be done with a clean and healthy lifestyle. One of them is by washing hands with soap. However, if it is outside and there is no water or soap, the choice is with antiseptic liquid hand sanitizer. Seeing this condition, one of the lecturers from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Gadjah Mada University, UGM, Dr. Ronny Martien, M.Sc., makes herbal Nano polymers hand sanitizer spray.

He makes herbal hand sanitizer spray Nano polymers. This product was made as an alternative to antiseptics because hand sanitizers are now rare and expensive in the market due to the outbreak of the corona virus in Indonesia. The raw ingredient is green betel leaf which is widely used as traditional medicine.Apparently, the development of a product called " Betel Infusion Nano polymer Spray " has been carried out by Ronny since last year. The green betel leaf was chosen as raw material because it has an antibacterial activity which is generally caused by bacterial infections such as Staphylococcus auerus and Escherichia coli. He also remarked that the use of many synthetic antibiotics cause bacterial resistance. Because it needs formulations from natural ingredients such as green betel leaf.

The hand sanitizer product made by Ronny uses Nano technology. The formulation in the form of nanoparticles is carried out because green betel leaves has relatively low solubility in water. According to him, the betel leaf infusion Nano polymer spray is made alcohol-free by formulating betel leaf infusion with chitosan. Therefore, he hopes that his creation can be an alternative solution in overcoming scarcity and the high cost of hand sanitizers on the market.

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