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Covid-9 outbreak, it's time to learn from Wuhan

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More than 100 countries in the world reportedly got the Corona Covid19 virus attack. Starting from Wuhan, China,  now the spread of the virus reaches almost the entire world. With a chain effect, the virus is difficult to limit in one place and not spread to other places. Meanwhile, the condition of Wuhan in particular, and China in general, has improved. Although quarantine and other restrictions still apply. The community has begun to appear again in the streets. School and office activities have also begun. China quickly rose after being hit by the Corona virus. Although it is still too early, some residents claimed that they had won against  the COvid 19 virus attack.

When it is the turn of other countries to experience similar attacks, it seems they must learn something  from Wuhan. The city that suddenly became the world's spotlight which took the lockdown step as the most effective way to limit the spread of Corona or Covid19 viruses.

But there are differences in the implementation and support of the people in one country and another. Wuhan residents are known to be compliant with the fixed procedure of handling the virus. Whereas in Italy for example, before the lockdown was put in place, many  people left Milan which is  the center of the virus outbreak, towards the outskirts of the city. Either to evacuate or even think of it as an opportunity for a holiday. As a result, the spread of the virus actually sped up  to various places. Death toll is increasing faster. The call to wash hands and wear face or medical masks that have been promoted by the government and WHO often tends to be ignored. The same thing reportedly also happened in several European countries.

For countries in Asia, Malaysia and the Philippines have decided to impose lockdown at least until the end of this month. This is due to the increasing number of Covid 19 cases found there. How the results and impacts are,   still need to be seen, but at least there have been efforts to break the chain of distribution and reduce the number of cases.

What China has done especially in Wuhan  to rise from the attack of the COvid 19,  is a combination of extraordinary efforts and dedication to resolve the spread  of the virus. Now, each country faces its test.

Indeed, there is no storm that does not pass. However, how many victims must fall due to this virus attack? How long will it take to overcome and get things back to normal? It really depends on the ability and readiness of each country. It seems that the world needs to learn how Wuhan, China dealing  with  it.

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