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By implementing the policy of expanding social quarantine or enhancing community quarantine -EQC throughout Luzon Island, the people of the Philippines, including Indonesian citizens in the Philippines are requested not to be panic. Quoted from the Indonesian embassy’s statement in Manila which was received in Jakarta on Monday, the government of the Philippines ensures the availability of basic supplies, so that people need not be panic.  The Indonesian embassy in Manila also coordinated with Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Philippines, and communicated with the Indonesian citizens, especially who live in Metro Manila to minimize the impact of the policy. The EQC policy and social restrictions on Luzon Island are effective from March 17, 2020 until April 13, 2020 at 00.00 local time. At the first day of the situation was very quiet, and shops and offices had to adjust their operation. Meanwhile, employees at vital services, such as security and border’s guards still do activities normally.

Indonesian Consulate General in Karachi held a meeting with Leaders and Management of SITE Association of Industry on March 11, 2020. SITE is the biggest industrial and trade zone in Pakistan, having 1,800 hectares wide and more than 4,500 factories. The meeting has very big opportunity to increase cooperation in the field of economy and trade between Indonesia and Pakistan. Indonesian Consul General, Totok Prianamto said that there is opportunity to increase cooperation in the field of economy, trade and investment among the two countries; one of them is through investment utilization on the SITE industrial zone. President of SITE Association, Mr. Suleman Chawla welcomed the opportunity and agreed to cooperate with Indonesia. The cooperation is through the form of joint venture. This is supported by the increasing demand for industrial raw materials, as well as enormous potential for Indonesia to meet the needs of the Pakistani market

Indonesian Consulate General in Kuching issued an appeal to all Indonesian citizens who are in Sarawak, Malaysia to keep watching out on Covid-19. Head of Representative of the Indonesian Consulate General in Kuching, Yonni Triprayitno said in Kuching on Tuesday (17/3) that taking into account the latest development on Covid-19 outbreak and listening to the statement and appeal of Indonesian President, Malaysian Prime Minister, Chief Minister of Sarawak, and West Kalimantan governor on March 16, 2020, all Indonesian citizens in Sarawak have to respond and implement the government recommendations and directives wisely for the good and safety  to all in a bid to avoid the Covid-19. Yonni explained that Representative of Indonesian Consulate General in Kuching starting from March 17, 2020 will establish a special team of monitoring and handling Corona case in Sarawak. He also hopes that people, especially Indonesian citizens in Sarawak can cooperate and coordinate each other with the Indonesian Consulate General in Kuching. The Head of Indonesian Consulate General also appeals to all Indonesian citizens in Sarawak to keep protecting their health, and communicating well and politely.

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