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President Joko Widodo Encourages People to Buy Domestic Products

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President Joko Widodo urged people to buy domestic products during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the inauguration of the #BanggaBuatanIndonesia National Movement through a virtual conference at the State Palace in Jakarta, Thursday (May 14), the President said, Indonesians must support, help  and protect each other so as not to be exposed to the Covid-19 and the economy is also not threatened. Therefore, it’s necessary to save the neighbors, relatives, friends and family  with  discipline in implementing the health protocols. By caring for  the neighbors who are in difficulty,  shopping in small or micro-businesses,  and buying works of Indonesian products, President Joko Widodo believes that Indonesians  can jointly pass the Covid-19 pandemic.

Ha also expressed that Indonesian creative industry products are  good; the designs are not inferior to foreign products. Many good quality products are made by home industries of  farmers and  fishermen. According to the President, domestic products must be appreciated, supported, be given as much space as possible, and be used for the safety and progress of the nation and state of Indonesia. He added, these products must be a mainstay to foster confidence that Indonesia is a nation that is proud of the work of the nation itself.

The president also cited a number of national works in the field of health that have been used for handling the Covid-19 pandemic. In the health sector, to accelerate the handling of Covid-19, Indonesia has succeeded in developing a Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test kit, rapid diagnostic test or RDT, ventilator and mobile BSL (Biosafety Level 2). It is hoped that by the end of May, all the innovation can be mass produced so that Indonesia is no longer dependent on imported products from other countries. President Joko Widodo believes, a pandemic is not an obstacle to fostering creativity and innovation. He emphasized that the limitations actually encourage continued innovation, transformation, explore self-potential and create opportunities.

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