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Ngubek Lewi tradition

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There are a lot of Indonesian traditions which are conducted after Idul Fitri. One of them is Ngubek Lewi tradition. Ngubek Leuwi is a fishing activity carried out by the community together in the Cipasarangan river, Garut Regency, West Java. The tradition is an expression of gratitude of the people of Cikelet over some goodness given by the God, particularly health after performing fasting for one month in holy Ramadan. They complete their happiness with their relatives at Lebaran day.   The tradition is also held to improve awareness toward river flow area that supports their life.

The Ngubek Leuwi tradition is usually held 2 days after Idul Fitri.  Before the tradition is held, a few weeks earlier, dozens of quintals of catfish, goldfish, tilapia and Tawes are put into the Cipasarangan river  with average weight of 4 to 6 ounces per  fish. Those fishes will be contested by the residents. When the Ngubek Leuwi tradition is held, previously, the residents hold  'kawin cai', which means   to take water from springs such as in the Dukuh villages and Ciroyom by using Lodong or bamboo about one meter long.  Then, the  water is poured together on the bridge that is deliberately built. During the Ngubek Leuwi ritual, the local people  go down directly into the Leuwi or deep river to do Ngubek or in the local language means fishing with their hands.

The tradition which has been done since 2010 is now includes in the Cipasarangan Festival agenda. This festival is an annual activity that is routinely carried out by presenting cultural arts performances as well as various local wisdoms which grow and develop in the Cikelet region. Besides  Ngubek Leuwi tradition, there are  various traditional arts such as Pencak Silat (martial arts)  and traditional music, such as festivals of terbang (rebana) gembrung or terbang sejakat.

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