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Practicing Pancasila Amid Covid-19 Pandemic

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Today, June 1, 2020, the Indonesian people commemorate the 75th anniversary of Pancasila, the ideology and foundation of the Indonesian state. Different from previous years, this year's anniversary of Pancasila is commemorated amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Even though only attended by state officials on a limited basis and conducted online via video conferencing, the government through the Pancasila Ideology Development Board (BPIP) still held a memorial service for the Pancasila Birthday on Monday (1/6/2020) in 6 different locations and was controlled from the Pancasila Building at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jakarta. The theme of this year’s commemoration of the Pancasila Birthday is Pancasila in Action through Mutual Cooperation towards Indonesia Onward.

Pancasila consists of 2 (two) words taken from Sanskrit, namely Panca which means five and Sila which means principle. Pancasila is the formulation and guideline of national and state life for the people of Indonesia, presented by the first president of the country, Sukarno on June 1, 1945. 

Although it was only stated then,  and officially commemorated as the birthday of Pancasila in  2016, the values contained in Pancasila have actually been understood and practiced by the Indonesian people long before Indonesia's independence in 1945. These values are rooted in the Indonesian society today. The first precept,  Belief in the One and Only God, for example, implies that the Indonesian people recognize the existence of God and acknowledge God as the Creator of the universe and its contents. 

In the current Covid-19 pandemic, when many people have been affected, both socially and economically, the values of  Pancasila in social and state life actually improve. This is evidenced by what has happened in the community.  Without being asked, people move to do mutual assistance to help others. Humanitarian action carried out by various elements of this society demonstrates the practice of the second precepts of Pancasila namely Just and Civilized Humanity and the fifth precepts, Social Justice for the Whole of the People of Indonesia. In addition, this mutual helping actions also strengthens the unity, meaning the practice of the 3rd precept of Pancasila, which is  the Unity of Indonesia. 

Complying with health protocols that have been established by the government and avoiding the crowd by studying, working and worshiping at home is the practice of the 4th precepts, Democracy Guided by the Inner Wisdom in the Unanimity Arising Out of Deliberations Amongst Representatives. This means that all Indonesian citizens obey what has been determined by the government and do not force their will to leave the house for reasons that are not important. By complying with health protocols and policies that have been established by the government, it means that the community is helping to prevent the spread of the Covid-19 virus. 

The work done will not succeed without praying to God Almighty. Even though people are encouraged to remain at home, it does not mean that worship activities are stopped. As a religious community, worship activities are still carried out in their respective homes. Praying to and worshiping the Almighty God shows the practice of the first precepts, which is  Belief in the One and Only God.

Pancasila is indeed not merely to be memorized and commemorated every year. The most important thing is how the Indonesian people can practice the values of Pancasila, especially amid this Covid-19 pandemic.

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