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Shooting Spree in US Schools

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Shooting Spree in US Schools safety sign com

A shooting spree by a Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school student to his friends happened in Parkland, Florida, right on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2018. It wasn’t the first incident that happened in the United States. The latest perpetrator was a teenager who fired his gun and caused 17 school students lost their lives in vain. Indeed, the laws governing arms ownership in the United States differ from state to state. Florida is one of the states that loosely imposes it. Students, who are concerned about this latest incident, held several rallies to encourage the United States government to regulate stricter ownership of weapons. Representatives of students and parents even met President Donald Trump directly, asking him to conduct stricter supervision. Instead of getting support, they had to  hear Trump's idea of  arming teachers with guns. Parents object to this idea because they think it makes the school a shooting arena in case of an attack. Although they disagree with President Trump, howver, some schools suspended students who held anti-weapons rallies. To commemorate this event, a rally will be held on March 14, 2018, exactly one month after the Florida shooting, and on April 20, 2018 to commemorate a similar incident  at Columbine High School in Colorado. A series of shootings that occurred in schools in the United States is very alarming. Educational institutions should be a source of positive learning place  for students. School is not an arena of indulging violence whether it is physical, verbal or  emotional. There is an English saying which  puts importance on the  Man Behind the Gun. It means that it’s the person behind the tool or device, especially in a job;  that is important.  In the case of shooting in America, this saying can be taken literally. A good person holding a weapon may be doing  good, otherwise if a bad one is behind the gun, terrible  things can happen.

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