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Bio Farma Explores Cooperation With Various Countries

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State-Owned Enterprise -PT Bio Farma continues to expand its business to foreign countries. President Director of PT Bio Farma, Rahman Rustan said that the company will develop a cooperation scheme with UNICEF and also regional cooperation. Rahman Rustan after holding a meeting with Finance and Industry Economic Team (Ekuin), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that brought six Ambassadors visited PT Bio Farma in Bandung Monday (19/2) explained, that PT Bio Farma will continue to coordinate with the Indonesian Embassies in the respective countries. Rahman also said, the assessment will be conducted with the Indonesian Embassy in Iran. Because, there are a lot of potential can be cooperated between Indonesia and Iran.Rahman Rustan moreover said, Bio Farma needs technology transfer from Iran. For production, the development of medicines in Indonesia should continue to be done. Rahman further explained although taking assistance from the Indonesian Ambassadors in some countries, Bio Farma remains badly need advice, discussion and support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the Indonesian ambassadors, in achieving other potentials. In addition to supply vaccines, Bio Farma also want to explore the potential for cooperation of research or production which can be synergized with friendly countries. Rahman further said, if the company had previously cooperate through the UNICEF, he hoped the meeting with the team of Economy Finance and Industry, Ministry of Foreign Affairs can facilitate access for bilateral cooperation, with the existing assistances from the Indonesian Ambassadors.PT Bio Farma has 3 partners in Iran. While in Latin America the company has partners in Argentina, Brazil, and Cuba. Moreover, there are already cooperations with Brazil, Argentina and Mexico, for the shipping of semi-finished vaccines. During this time, the cooperation with the developing countries was conducted through the Unicef. But now there has been opened bilateral cooperation with Iran for Middle East region, and Mexico for Latin America region. Rahman said that the most potential to be explored is herbal products, considering the potential of biodiversity for herbal products in Indonesia is quite large. Currently the company is focusing on biotechnology products, so that for the cooperation of herbal products PT Bio Farma wants to invite three other State Owned Enterprises namely Indofarma, Kimia Farma, and Phapros.Meanwhile, the Indonesian Ambassador to Iran and Turkmenistan representing the Middle East Region, Octavino Alimudin said the embassy can receive information directly about the efforts that have been done Bio Farma. Octavino also remarked that the position of Indonesia as a producer of vaccine and serum is highly recognized by the world.PT Bio Farma, received the visit of four Ambassadors at Bio Farma Heritage Building. The four Ambassadors are the Indonesian Ambassador to Iran and Turkmenistan Octavino Alimudin representing the Middle East Region, Indonesian Ambassador to Romania representing Europe Amhar Azeth, Indonesian Ambassador to Cambodia representing Southeast Asian Region Sudirman Haseng and Indonesian Ambassador to Peru representing Regional Latin America, Estella Anwar Bey.

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