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Indonesia-Russia to be Connected by Direct Flight Featured

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Indonesian Ambassador to Russia Wahid Supriyadi Indonesian Ambassador to Russia Wahid Supriyadi VOI-REZHA

Indonesian Ambassador to Russia, Wahid Supriyadi told in a press conference at the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jakarta on Friday (February 23) that in future, Indonesia and Russia will be connected by direct flights. However, when asked about what airlines to serve the route, he is still not able to provide information. Ambassador Wahid Supriyadi also said that Indonesia's exports, especially fresh fruit exports, will be greatly facilitated by this direct flight.

“…Regarding to the airlines, I still cannot reveal it, but there has been already request and I have disclosed it to Jakarta. Hopefully, in the near future, it will be realized because there will be a lot of advantages. We can export our tropical fruits. There is big demand; Russia is sanctioned. Thus, Russia does not import food and fruit from western European Union. So, there is a target market worth $13.5 billion dollars that has been abandoned and we have not taken it yet,” said Wahid Supriyadi.

Ambassador Wahid Supriyadi further said so far, the direct flight that will be opened from Indonesia to Russia or vice versa is the one from Bali to Moscow three times a week. Bali has been the main destination for Russian tourists to Indonesia over a few decades. Regarding to the visit of Russian tourists to Indonesia, in January-December 2017, there were more than 110 thousand tourists. The figure is projected to increase annually. (VOI/Rezha/Trans by Dhyka)

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