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Opening the Sholawat Nusantara Festival, President Hopes the Festival Can Maintain Unity

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President Jokowi Opens Sholawat Nusantara Festival President Jokowi Opens Sholawat Nusantara Festival VOI-ANDY

President Joko Widodo officially opened the 2018 Presidential Cup Sholawat Nusantara Festival on Saturday at Sentul International Convention Center, Bogor, West Java. In his remarks, the President welcomed the Festival as a starting point for Muslim community for conducting positive acts both in for the nation and State. The President further hoped that the Festival will play its role to maintain nation’s unity, not only among Muslims, but also in maintaining inter-religious harmony within the country.


 “By saying Bismillah, let us start things positively. With Sholawat, let us bring together brotherhood, unity, and harmony between us. Let's start with the good things. With God's permission, let us do the good things. Positive thinking, mutual respect, and continue to always uphold the values ​​of religion, upholding the values ​​of ethics, values ​​of character,” the President said in his remarks.


Sholawat Nusantara Festival is held with the theme of Love the Prophet. The initiator of the festival, Nusron Wahid said that this festival is intended to take care of tradition and local wisdom, as well as to revive the wealth of the Archipelagic Islam.


Meanwhile, Chairman of the Committee, Abdul Gofar Rozin Sahal, said in festival is held throughout the archipelago from village to urban areas. He mentioned that the participants are not required present sholawat in Arabic language as they are able to present it in Indonesian and local languages. Sholawat Nusantara Festival is participated in by various study groups, Islamic Boarding Schools, and students, even study groups in offices, State-Owned Enterprises, and various religious organizations in the community. The peak of the celebration is scheduled to be held at the same time with National Islamic Students day celebration on October 22nd. (VOI/Ndy/ahm)


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