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Minister Rudiantara: It is Time for Bali to Focus on Creative Economy and Entrepreneurship

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Minister of Communication and Information Technology Rudiantara says that the rapid growth of creative economy, technology, and entrepreneurship becomes one of the main triggers of the spread of co-working space in some regions in Bali. He told reporters in Seminyak Kuta, Bali on Friday (2/3) that to realize the vision and mission to develop creative and technological economy in Bali needs active participation not only from the community and academics, but also from local industrial players. The Minister also affirms that the government will provide support for the growth of creative economy driven by young people.

“Co-Working space in Indonesia, let's say for the last 6 months has become a young business trend. As I know, I was asked many times to "inaugurate" or come to friends in Jakarta who want or have started to enter the business ‘Co-Working space’. After all, co-working space is functionally just the same everywhere. But of course, Bali gives its own value; Bali has its own brand,” Minister Rudiantara said.

 Minister Rudiantara further said that talented young Balinese have the opportunity to deal with business. This is very potential for the development of business industry in Bali. Based on information, in 2017, the number of Balinese entrepreneurs increased by 35 percent, and the Balinese system economy has also increased with the advance of the company and the digital startup. (KBRN/Waddi A/Trans by Rhm)

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