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The prospect of investment in Indonesia was discussed at the Economic Forum on Indonesia which took place in the business district of La Défense, France on Tuesday (6/3). The Forum was organized by the Puteaux Mayor's office in cooperation with International Business Performance & Partners. It was attended by more than 50 people from politicians, businesspeople, academics and other French society.This Economic Forum is the third of its kind focusing on Indonesia's economic prospects. The two previous forums discussed China and Maroko. In the opening, The Indonesian Embassy ad-interim Charge d'Affaires, Agung Kurniadi, on behalf of the Indonesian Ambassador, expressed his views on Indonesia-France bilateral relations and Indonesia's macro economic condition. Meanwhile, Head of London Capital Investment Coordinating Board, Nurul Ichwan delivered a presentation on the current condition of the climate investment, prospects investment and tourism in Indonesia. The presentation was followed by International Business Performance & Partners that delivered a presentation about Komodo Ventures based in Jakarta, and e-commerce prospect in Indonesia. La Défense is an area which deliberately built by French Government as business district that become the largest in Europe nowadays. Administratively, the La Défense region is divided into several areas of the city. However, theyare still part of the Paris Metropolitan Area, directly adjacent to the City of Paris on the west side. A number of French multinational corporations' headquarters are in La Défense, such as Total, Fiat, and AXA.


Eighteen junior high school students of Altheneum Brussels, Belgium attended a Balinese gamelan and kecak dance workshop at the Indonesian Embassy in Brussels on Wednesday (7/3). Indonesia's Ambassador to Belgium, Yuri Octavian Thamrin mingled with Belgian students at a workshop that lasted for two hours. This workshop became one of the cultural introduction activities organized by the Indonesian Embassy in Brussels in collaboration with Belgian local schools to provide Indonesian cultural knowledge, especially through the Indonesian traditional musical instruments.The instructor, I Made Wardana started the introduction to the students by playing traditional musical instruments, such as Javanese gamelan, kecapi, angklung, Balinese gamelan and gong from various sizes. Balinese dance -Kecak dance was also introduced to the children and companion teachers. Dance and music are one of the media that can be used to introduce Indonesian culture to European society.

Welcoming the Spring, the Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Guangzhou in collaboration with the Sofitel Hotel in downtown Guangzhou served a variety of Indonesian culinary, as part of the buffet dinner at its restaurant. Chinese citizens can enjoy the delights of gado-gado, mixed vegetables with peanut sauce, balado egg, belacan kale, and Indonesian fried rice. This activity lasted from March 8 to March 13. Sofitel has invited Chef Andrew from Jakarta to guarantee authenticity of the Indonesian cuisine. Indonesian culinary has always been part of Indonesia's diplomacy in the world. The rich flavors of different spices and cooking techniques make Indonesian culinary as a prima donna.

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