Tuesday, 13 March 2018 20:37

Ministry of Trade Confiscates Five Tons of Imported Garlic Seeds

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Director of Trade Compliance Veri Anggrijono Director of Trade Compliance Veri Anggrijono VOI-SEKAR

The Indonesian Ministry of Trade has confiscated 5 tons of imported garlic seeds sold at Pasar Induk Kramat Jati Main Market, East Jakarta. The ministry's Director of Trade Compliance Veri Anggrijono explained, garlic seeds is prohibited to be traded in the market and must be planted. To the media on Monday, March 12, 2018 in North Jakarta he explained, he has withdrawn the garlic seeds of mandatory planting program from the market. From the investigation results, the importer has got license to import 300 tons of garlic seeds from the Ministry of Agriculture. Currently, the Ministry of Trade is looking into and rechecking the 8 containers of garlic seeds.

“We would like to convey that if the importer is given the import permit for seeds, it must be planted, not to sell it to the market. Because we want to be garlic self-sufficient. If the seeds are also sold at the market, whereas we know the minister has just given permission for import,” Veri said.

Veri Anggrijono further explained the government has issued a policy to give import facility through the shift of supervision from border to post-border or outside customs area. Therefore, Veri said his side will not compromise the importers who break the rules. The garlic seeds are imported from China and enter Indonesia through Tanjung Priok port. Physically, the garlic and garlic seeds do not have significant difference, but on the packaging there is information saying that it is seed. Although the garlic seeds found at Kramat Jati market are garlic for consumption, Veri stated that it still breaks import regulations. The garlic seeds with the January 2018 production label were imported before garlic import permit was issued by the Ministry of Agriculture at the end of February 2018. (VOI/SEKAR/AHM)

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