Indonesian trio rock climbers namely  Aries Susanti Rahayu, Alfian M Fajri and Aspar Jaeololo are preparing to face the pre-qualification for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics which will be held in Toulouse France on November 25, 2019. Indonesian rock climbing national team manager  Pristiawan Buntoro hopes that Indonesia can achieve at least one ticket. But if it is failled, there still be another opportunity at pre-qualification event in Tokyo in May 2020.

“Our target is to win the qualification. If we lose in Toulouse, there still another opportunity in Japan in May 2020. But we believe we can get one of the two targets in Toulouse,” said Pristiawan Buntoro.

Moreover, Pristiawan explained that the combined numbers competed in the Tokyo Olympics are new numbers which are a combination of three classic numbers on rock climbing namely speed, lead and boulder// Rosihan /Trs:AF


Indonesia had officially launched Timber Legality Verification System (SVLK) in 2009, to support Indonesian forest conservation effort and illegal logging mitigation as well as to increase legal wood trade. Ambassador of European Union Vincent Piket at a Press Conference on the sidelines of ‘10 years reflection of SVLK implementation and 3 years license of  Forest Law Enforcement Governance and Trade -FLEGT in Jakarta on Monday (Nov 18) explained that SVLK can be implemented well by Indonesia in cooperation with the European Union.

“The progress has been very good. We have seen a steady rise in Indonesian export of timber to the European Union. We have seen an increase in the added value of the Indonesian timber sold of the EU market. In value terms we have grown increase faster in quantity terms which is a good sign. The system also works in terms of the cooperation between Indonesian authority and the EU and members states it's very positive and today we have the joint implementation committee meeting. If you have seen the agenda, very dens agenda, very concrete matters reporting on what we have achieved and what we still need to do. So I'm quite positive about it will continue to work to lead to result,” said Ambassador of European Union Vincent Piket.

Ambassador Vincent Piket moreover added that  Indonesia is the first country which led the cooperation since Indonesia is the world biggest producer of legal wood. Indonesia can also be a role model for other countries in the world which really appreciates the Timber Legality Verification SystemSVLK in Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT)// Nuke/Trs: AF



The Second Ministerial Meeting of Palm Oil Producing Countries which took place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Monday (Nov18) recommended several measures to be followed up. One of them is to continue to promote and expand biofuel consumption, in order to absorb more Crude Palm Oil (CPO) in the global market, including through Indonesia's efforts to implement the B30 program in December. Representative from Indonesia, Coordinating Minister for Economy Airlangga Hartarto said that the participating countries agreed to boost cooperation in developing strategies to increase the price of palm oil. He also said that Indonesia's policy in carrying out the bio-20 fuel program (B20) had succeeded in driving up world palm oil prices.

“Some of the results of the meeting are: firstly oil palm producing countries increased their cooperation to develop strategies to improve better prices. Professor James Fry and Paganini recognized that there has been increase in prices later this year due to Indonesia's policy of implementing B20 and will increase it to B30. Currently the price of palm oil is already above 600, so this step is really appreciated by other countries,” said Airlangga Hartarto.

Minister Airlangga Hartarto added that during the meeting Malaysia also conveyed its commitment to implement B20 in 2020. Meanwhile Thialndhas its commitment to increase B7 program to be B10. The policy is expected to be followed by other palm oil producing countries. It is also hoped the countries can accelerate the use of B30 bio fuel. Minister Airlangga Hartarto added that Palm Oil Producing member countries (CPOPC) will shortly oriented to Indonesia in applying B20 even B30 program// Lip.DP/Trs.AF


At least 300 of 10,900 runners who joined the 2019 Borobudur Marathon in Magelang District, Central Java Province, on Sunday, came from foreign countries, including Malaysia, Kenya, Singapore, Japan, and the United States of America, the organizing committee of this annual event has revealed.

According to Budiman Tanuredjo, the event organizer, the number of runners joining this year's Borobudur Marathon increased to 10,900 from 9,600 runners last year.

Encompassing the scenic beauty of surrounding areas of Borobudur Temple, one of Indonesia's popular tourist destinations, 4,300 runners competed in the half-marathon category while 4,300 others joined the 10K, he said.

Budiman Tanuredjo said the event organizer prepared everything needed to make this Borobodur Marathon successful. "Achievement is important but comfort and safety for the runners are also important," he said.

The Central Java provincial administration warmly welcomed this 2019 Borobudur Marathon, and would support the convening of this annual event, Head of Youth, Sports, and Tourism Office at the Central Java Provincial Administration Sinung Nugroho Rahmadi said.

As revealed in the Borobudur Marathon's official website, this event was a sport tourism which was expected to give positive economic impact on local community members, and provide tourists and runners with new experience of exploring Magelang in a unique way.

Through this event, the tourists and runners were also expected to feel local people's warm hospitality, genuine Javanese culture, and culinary delicacy. The Borobudur Marathon is expected to help create synergy and harmony between people, nature, and culture.

The Borobudur Temple has frequently been used as a place for convening big sport tourism events.

In August this year, the UCI category 2.1 international cycling race of Tour d'Indonesia (TdI) also kicked off from this ancient temple with 18 domestic and foreign participating teams.

The first stage began from Borobudur Temple and concluded in Ngawi, East Java Province.

The 18 teams comprised 90 cyclists from 22 countries, including France, Greek, Spain, and England.

Of the 18 teams, the four Indonesian teams were Indonesia's National Team, PGN Road Cycling Team, Custom Cycling Indonesia (CCI), and KFC Cycling Team. (ANTARA)

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