President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has said that he wants local products to dominate businesses in rest areas along toll roads across the country.

The toll roads` rest areas must not be filled only by foreign brands, he said Boyolali, Central Java, Sunday, while inaugurating the Ngemplak toll gate.

He wanted to see more local food such as soto (soups), salted eggs, grilled tofu, tengkleng, wedang ronde and gudeg in rest areas, to demonstrate that the nation is in favor of local brands.

In addition to food and beverages, other local products must also be offered in the rest areas.

The government will provide subsidies to pay the rent for the stalls.

The President also said that construction of toll roads connecting Jakarta located in western Java , with Banyuwangi in the eastern most part of Java, is a must.

"Development must be implemented in order to face global competition and strengthen our competitiveness. If not, we will be left behind," he said.

At present, Indonesia is trying to catch up with neighboring countries such as Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and Vietnam who have been advanced in their infrastructure development.

"I don`t want Indonesia to be left behind by Laos, Cambodia because we are slow in building fundamental infrastructure," he said.

President Jokowi was flanked by State Enterprise Minister Rini M Soemarno and Public Works and Public Housing Minister Basoeki Hadimoeljono on the occasion. (ANTARA)


Indonesian President Joko Widodo again reminded the importance of maintaining unity among the Indonesian people. The President also warned of the high social costs to be taken if the Indonesian people were divided by simply because of political differences in a democratic party. It was delivered by the President while attending Khataman (Finishing) al-Quran and the Birthday (Haul) of Pesantren An Najah Islamic Boarding School, in Gondang, Sragen regency, Central Java, Saturday, July 14. On the occasion the President said that Indonesia has bigger challenges that need to get attention to such as trade war and radicalism.

“With unity we are not necessarily able to face big challenges, let alone without unity. What’s our big challenge? There are so many trade wars, radicalism, industrial revolution among countries today,. We are united not necessarily winning the competition. Therefore I invite all of us to keep our ukhuwah islamiyah (brotherhood as Muslims), to keep our ukhuwah wathaniyah (brotherhood as a Nation),” said President Joko Widodo.

In the Khataman Al-Quran and Haul of An Najah Islamic Boarding School, the President, who was accompanied by Minister of State Secretary Pratikno and Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo, also reminded the people of the greatness of the Indonesian nation. According to him, steps to maintain the greatness of one of them can be done by husnu tafahum or prejudiced both to fellow community, not with suut tafahum or suspecting each other. (VOI/Ndy/AHM)


President Joko Widodo invites all Indonesian people to cooperate with law enforcement agencies to combat terrorism. This was conveyed after the inauguration of Sragen-Kartosuro toll road, related to the suspected terrorist soothing in Kaliurang, Yogyakarta. The President also said that acts of terrorism still exist in Indonesia. According to him, the government has taken both subversive and persuasive approach to eradicate terrorism.

“We must be aware of everything that terrorism still exists in our country. Therefore I ask the whole community to cooperate with the authorities to solve this problem. I think the government has taken soft and hard approaches. Everything is done but again this is a threat that should be solved well by the law enforcement,” said the President.

President Joko Widodo, on Sunday afternoon, July 15th was to visit Natural Studio at Gamplong Nature Reserve, Sumber Rahayu, Moyudan, Sleman District, Yogyakarta Special Region. The President will inaugurate Studio Alam as a tourist destination. The suspected terrorist shooting incident in Kaliurang did not stop Jokowi's visit agenda to Yogyakarta. (VOI/Ndy/AHM)


Indonesian Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi inaugurated the Diplomacy Bridge connecting Cibunar Village, Tarogong Kidul Subdistrict, and Mangku Rakyat Village, Cilawu Sub-district, Garut, West Java, Friday 13 July. The bridge built on the Cimanuk River was built from donations from ASEAN Charity Golf - Jakarta Ambassador Golf Association led by Deputy Foreign Minister AM Fachir. Diplomacy Bridge is built to replace the damaged bridge hit by flood in 2016. In her speech, Minister Retno Marsudi said, the construction of the Diplomacy Bridge is a manifestation of diplomat awareness to the welfare and safety of Indonesian society.

“This is a humanitarian issue, and this humanitarian issue has no boundaries, or in the sense we help anyone who needs help. Therefore, we must maintain our care and concern even though our profession is being a Diplomat. We prove that we care about the society,” said Retno Marsudi.

Furthermore, Minister of Retno accompanied by Deputy Minister AM Fachir and several high officials from the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and ASEAN explained, the bridge was chosen as a form of donation because it reflects the duties of the diplomat. The Minister mentioned one of the duties of diplomats is to bridge the differences of opinion. He added that the bridge is called a diplomatic bridge with the hope to remind the public to resolve their differences with diplomacy. (VOI/Rezha/AHM)

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