The Open Plenary Session of General Election Commission -KPU on Friday night decided presidential candidate Joko Widodo and vice-presidential candidate Ma'ruf Amin as presidential and vice presidential candidates with the serial number 01. While presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto and vice presidential candidate Sandiaga Sholahudin Uno as presidential and vice presidential candidates with serial number 02.

In his welcoming speech, Presidential candidate number 01, Joko Widodo called for all Indonesian people to make the momentum of the 2019 Presidential and Vice Presidential Election as a political learning and education. He hopes that the momentum of the 2019 Presidential Election can enhance the maturity of the people in politics and democracy. In addition, he also asked for the whole community to free the politics from defamation and contempt of each other which is contrary to the values of Indonesia.

“On this good occasion, I want to call for all of us to be in the framework of the presidential election. The presidential election is a democratic party. Therefore, on this happy night, I call for all of us to fill this Presidential Election for good political education to the people, for the maturity of the people's democracy and for the maturity of the people in democracy. Therefore, let our political contestation compete with the programs, ideas and track record. In the political contestation, I call for all of us: let’s keep away from mutual slander, insult each other, mock each other, disparage each other because it is not the ethics and values that we embrace, namely Indonesian values. Do not let because of this political contestation in the framework of the Presidential Election; the friendship between us is inhospitable,” asid Joko Widodo.

Meanwhile, presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto in his remarks also called for the implementation of the 2019 Presidential Election to be carried out safely and peacefully. This means that the democratic activity for presidential elections can produce the best leaders for the Indonesian people. He views that the Indonesian nation is a huge family. So, it takes mutual cooperation among the nation's children in addressing the existing problems.

“As the same as what Mr. Pak Joko Widodo said, I hope; I wish and I urge all Indonesian people, let us carry out elections with coolness in peace with a spirit of kinship to find the best for the nation, instead of looking for mistakes or shortcomings of one another. We must feel that we are all one in the big family of the Republic of Indonesia. Thus, we must address all the problems of the nation as a matter of our extended family. I hope all parties are always calm, unemotional, and self-refrained. Let’s welcome this process of democracy calmly. We hope all parties to be able to carry out their duties as well as possible for the benefit of the people, the future of our children and grandchildren,” said Prabowo.

The draw and determination of the serial number of the pairs of Presidential and vice presidential candidates in the 2019 General Election were witnessed by all candidate pairs and support teams. In addition, the KPU also invited the Election Administrators Honorary Council -DKPP, the Election Supervisory Body -Bawaslu, the Commission II of the Indonesian House of Representatives, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Home Affairs and a number of related parties at KPU Building in Jakarta. (VOI/Ndy/Trans by Rhm)


Deputy Ambassador of Malaysia to Indonesia, Zamshari Shaharan, said that Indonesia and Malaysia are neighboring relatives who are destined to be continuously together. Zamshari Shaharan in a celebration of Malaysia's National Day in Jakarta on Wednesday (September 19) hoped that the bilateral relations between Indonesia and Malaysia which had been established since 1957 would continue based on the principle of historical and cultural similarity. He believes that the relations between the two countries will be better and develop far beyond the expectations of Indonesia and Malaysia. This can be seen from the good relations between the leaders of the two countries.


"The relationship that has been very close and strong is expected to continue to move forward based on the historical and cultural similarities that we have long shared. I am sure, this brotherhood relationship is not only more stable, but will continue to grow beyond our expectations. The closeness of Indonesia and Malaysia is truly extraordinary and quite harmonious. Our two countries are destined to be neighbors and brothers throughout their lives. The relationship between our leaders is very good," Zamshari said.

Zamshari further explained that good relations between leaders in the two countries have been shown by Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who has chosen Indonesia as the destination country of his first bilateral tour after being sworn in as the 7th Prime Minister of Malaysia in June. The same thing was done by Malaysian Foreign Minister Dato 'Saifuddin Abdullah, who also chose Indonesia as the first destination for foreign visits. According to Zamshari Shaharan, what has been done by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad and Foreign Minister Dato 'Saifuddin Abdullah reflects how important Indonesia is as a strategic partner of Malaysia. He added, at this time it was the duty of the two countries to look for the points of similarity. (VOI/Rezha/AHM)


Pantun is a Malay cultural heritage that is familiar to the people of Indonesia and Malaysia. Pantun or Malay poetic form is one proof that these two allied countries have a very close history and culture. Therefore, Deputy Ambassador of Malaysia to Indonesia, Zamshari Shaharan, in his remarks at the Commemoration of Malaysia's National Day in Jakarta, Wednesday (September 19) invited the Indonesian Government to jointly register the pantun as intangible world heritage in United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization-UNESCO.

One of these points is the social and cultural factors that bring our citizens closer together as a allied nation. 2018 is also unique, if Malaysia and Indonesia jointly register the pantun as a non-tangible world heritage at UNESCO. We both should increase and expand businesses like this in other fields,” Zamshari Shaharan said.

Furthermore Zamshari Shaharan said, the cultural and historical similarity between Indonesia and Malaysia must be the basis and the main foundation of the intimacy of the two countries to create a world-renowned and respected allied nation. Previously Zamshari also invited Indonesia to join hands and combine energy so that Malaysia and Indonesia could become developed, peaceful and respected countries throughout the world. (VOI/Rezha/AHM)


Land Distribution for Justice

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As a large country, Indonesia is actually blessed with vast land wealth, but its distribution is uneven. This phenomenon has become a special concern for President Joko Widodo.

"We have land in 17 thousand islands. But indeed the distribution process is often complained by the community," he said when opening the National Consultation on the Implementation of Agrarian Reform and Social Forestry for Social Justice and the 2018 Global Land Forum at the State Palace on Thursday , September 20, 2018.

Inequitable land management and distribution was asked and addressed to President Joko Widodo. However, once again he confirmed that the distribution was not carried out by him.

"Many protested to me, 'How come you can get the big ones?' "I answer, for whom? I am not the one who distributed' he said. 

However, the government is committed to structuring the distribution of land in the country through its policies. The policies include agaria reform, acceleration of the issuance of community land title certificates, and social forestry.

"This is what we want to conclude so that the name agrarian reform, certificate sharing, and social forestry can really work well so that the land tenure structure in the country is truly fair," said the President.

Especially for the issuance of certificates for the people, in the last two years the government has tried to accelerate the issuance of certificates for millions of of land whose ownership has not been recognized. For this year, 7 million land field certificates are targeted to be issued from the usual one which is only around 500 thousand certificates per year. (biro pers)