The Indonesian Trade Ministry is preparing a strategy to boost West Nusa Tenggara province`s exports, in the wake of last August`s disastrous earthquake that paralyzed the local economy.

The strategy will allow for the local population to take part in each promotional activity, Trade Minister Enggartiasto Lukita said, while delivering a general lecture at Jayakarta Hotel in West Lombok on Monday.

"In essence, seeing is believing. So we will show them our products to buy. If our products are not known to them, then how could they buy them? We must promote the products abroad to show them to buyers," he said.

One of the events to promote local products is Trade Expo Indonesia, which he said will encourage the market to purchase West Nusa Tenggara`s products.

"We will assist (local businessmen) in preparing promotional facilities, including at the trade expo, which is one of the large exhibitions," he said.

He added that the government`s attention to West Nusa Tenggara has been realized, in accordance with the mandate of President Joko Widodo. In his mandate, the president has ordered all ministries to pay attention to earthquake-stricken areas.

Not only does the infrastructure development support the local population?s activities, but the recovery of the local economy also has become the main target of the government`s program in the wake of the earthquake, he said.

"Based on the president`s instructions, we will surely encourage those disaster-affected areas in West Nusa Tenggara and Palu to be high on the list of priorities to catch up with the market," he said. (ANTARA)


The International Dragon Boat Race which ended on Sunday (21/10) in Carang River, Tanjung Pinang was successfully won by a team from Bekasi named Koarmada. Koarmada has successfully maintained its champion title for two consecutive years. In this year’s championship, Koarmada which is the Indonesian Navy sent two teams. With the time record 2 minutes and 39.18 seconds, the Koarmada team 1 defeated his co-team, Koarmada team 2. The second Koarmada finished with the time record 2 minutes and 40.59 seconds. Meanwhile, the Malaysian MJB team won the third position as it was left one minute behind the Koarmada team 2. Coach of the Koarmada teams, Capt. Rusell Tambunan said that the victory was achieved through hard work of his teams which kept practicing consistently and do not underestimate their rivals.

“All teams are very qualified and from the beginning, we have reminded that there is no one being the most superior or the weakest one. We should not underestimate the other teams or become overconfident. We believe that every team is equal and appropriate to compete with us,” said Russel.

Rusell further said that Carang River as the spot for the International Dragon Boat Race 2018 has strong stream that could be overcomeby his athletes. Held from 19th to 21st of October, the International Dragon Boat Race was participated in by 44 teams. 10 of them were foreign teams. Malaysia was the toughest foreign competitor with 7 teams, while Brunei Darussalam sent 2 teams, lastly Singapore with 1 one team. (Nuke/Trans: AL)


Indonesian government has stated Riau Island Province as tourism hub and Indonesian marine tourism. Riau Island Province is also set as tourism event region to achieve foreign tourist visit as the national target. Tanjung Pinang contributes to achieve the target by revitalizing the lost tradition that is Dragon boat race. In his welcoming speech on the opening ceremony of international dragon boat race on Friday, October 19th 2018 in Carang river, Tanjung Pinang, the First Assistant for Governmental sector of Riau Island Province, Raja Ariza said that international dragon boat race becomes an event to preserve Tanjung Pinang people tradition that has been long been forgotten.

We assess that Tanjung Pinang International dragon boat race is not only to support tourism sector. This event is also an effort to preserve the tradition that cannot be separated with the journey of Tanjung Pinang people as a marine people from time to time since centuries ago. Therefore, we hope that this event can be wrap better to attract more foreign tourist to Riau Island Province especially to Tanjung Pinang, said Raja Ariza.

Raja Ariza added that Tourism is a combination of business strategy that needs good management. Indonesian government plans to promote Riau Island to the special economic zone of Indonesia tourism. Raja Ariza hopes this event can be a place for Riau Island athletes to bring Riau Island name to the national and international level.(VOI/NK/DP)


International Dragon Boat Enlivens Tanjung Pinang

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International dragon boat race re-enlivened the city of Tanjung Pinang, Riau Island. The event that includes in the annual agenda of Riau Island provincial government has entered the 17th year. Met after the opening ceremony on Friday, October 19th 2018 in Tanjung Pinang, Riau Island, Head of Tanjung Pinang Tourism Agency, Raja Kholidin said that the international dragon boat race brings about a remarkable impact on Tanjung Pinang economy.

“The dragon boat race activity has been held for 17 years. This is one of the efforts to re-elevate Chinese culture that the dragon boat is unique and loved by our people. That’s why, we make it as an event which also becomes tools to promote our region. So, foreign tourists want to visit Tanjung Pinang. This activity is held because of our colleagues from the ministry of tourism and provincial and city government also supports us. The event is part of Tanjung Pinang tourism annual agenda. So, every year, we hold this because the impact is remarkable on this event as we can see now. Previously, Tanjung Pinang was very quiet but now is busy. At least, the people crowd the event once a year.” Raja Kholidin said. 

Raja Kholidin added that this event can fulfill the targeted number of 50.000 foreign tourists by the Tourism Ministry for Tanjung Pinang. Held since October 19th to 21st 2018, International dragon boat race is participated by 44 teams; 10 of them are from other countries. Malaysia becomes the biggest participants in this event by delivering seven teams while Brunei Darussalam with two teams and Singapore one team. Meanwhile, there are 10 teams from other regions that join in this race, such as Jakarta with two teams, Riau province three teams and Jambi with five teams. While, the rest is the local people with 24 teams. (VOI/NK/RHM)