Indonesian Foreign Election Committee (PPLN) in Kuala Lumpur is intensively conducting socialization to guarantee Indonesian citizens in Malaysia to participate in 2019 election. According to the committee chairman, Agung Cahaya Sumirat, in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday (24/6), the committee and  Indonesian Embassy Kuala Lumpur  have synergized to record as many Indonesian citizens as possible to vote in the 2019 election. The committee wants to make sure that Indonesian citizens in Malaysia use their political rights on April 17, 2019. Therefore, the Indonesian Embassy and the committee have made various efforts to achieve the targets.

“We are already intensively making the socialization. We have visited hundreds of refineries that become a concentration of Indonesian citizens. The Ambassador has also written letters to some refineries and asked for support in order to encourage Indonesians to use their votes,” Agung said.

Agung Cahaya Sumirat reminded Indonesian citizens in Malaysia whose names have not been listed yet in Temporary Voters List  to immediately report to the committee which is located at the Indonesian Embassy in Kuala Lumpur. Currently, the committee has recorded 274 thousands 26 prospective voters from six regions in Malaysia, namely Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, Perak, Trengganu, Kelantan and Selangor. (KBRN/Tomo Hakim/NT)


With its New Southbound Policy, the government of Taiwan is exploring technical cooperation in health with Indonesia, according to Taipei Economic and Trade Office (TETO) Chief John Chen.

In general, there are many areas that can be developed for cooperation with Indonesia, but the most important is how Taiwan also wants to share experiences on national issues, Chen remarked on an occasion in Jakarta recently.

Seeing Indonesia`s big population of more than 250 million, he said Taiwan is optimistic to provide assistance to Indonesia and become a right partner to overcome health problem in this country.

Chen noted that Taiwan is a country with the best health related technology in the world.

In addition, Indonesia is a country with an emerging economy, so health issues are also a concern as the economy increases.

According to Chen, economic improvements are also in tandem with rising risks faced with illness, therefore both countries can share experiences and work together in this area.

The TETO chief added that the two countries can cooperate in efforts to prevent endemic diseases, or training health care workers to national health insurance.

He said health cooperation between Taiwan and Indonesia has enormous potential, in which Taiwan`s political policy is considered to be in harmony with Indonesian policies that are realizing the ASEAN Healthy Community.

According to the constitution of the World Health Organization (WHO), health is the human right of every human being who basically sees no national borders, and does not distinguish race, religion, political beliefs or social economic conditions.

Referring to the guidelines, Taiwan continues to work on research and prevention of infectious diseases and epidemics.

Taiwan is an important part of the world in disease prevention, Chen said proudly.

Therefore, Taiwan has a great hope to be able to work with Indonesia and other ASEAN countries, through sharing experiences and contributing to the medical world. (ANTARA)


Women Empowerment and Child Protection Minister Yohana Yembise has attended the 2018 Fijian Women’s National Exhibition during her visit to the Fijian Republic.

Yembise’s visit to Fiji was in the framework of strengthening cooperation relations between the two countries in the field of women`s empowerment and child protection.

"I am proud and happy to be in Fiji to new relations, and to attend the exhibition that has managed to bring together hundreds of Fijian women to showcase their products and demonstrate their expertise," the minister remarked in a press statement made available to Antara in Jakarta on Saturday.

As a follow up of the cooperation between the two countries, Yembise said she would invite Fijian delegation to attend a gender workshop and climate change.

During the workshop, there will be a group discussion, focused on on the making of module material for activator of gender responsive planning and budgeting in Indonesia.

The women empowerment and child protection minister remarked that women are still often hampered in fulfilling their potential in various sectors including in the economic field. In addition, there are many discriminatory and gender inequalities experienced by women.

"Therefore, there needs to be encouragement of support from many parties for women, that is by realizing gender equality and women empowerment, as one of the 17 goals of Sustainable Development Objectives to achieve the development target by 2030," she said.

Fijian Women`s National Exhibition 2018 presented 340 women craftsmen from Fiji and surrounding areas to exhibit handicrafts such as webbing, accessories, and coconut oil.

In addition to attending the exhibition, Yembise also visited training centers for women from vulnerable groups, such as female headed households, as well as women with low economic and education. (ANTARA)


The 23 kilometer track of Light Rail Transit (LRT) of South Sumatra will be operational next month to be ready to facilitate transport of athletes in Asian games to be held in Palembang, the capital city of the province of South Sumatra.

The elevated track with 13 stations extends between the International Airport of Mahmud Badaruddin and the sport city of Jakabaring.

The completion of the project, built by state construction company PT Waskita Karya, is timed to be ready to support the Asian games.

Palembang and Jakarta will co-host the Games opening in August, 2018.

The LRT, to be operated by state railway company PT Kereta Api Indonesia (KAI), will facilitate transport of people from the airport to the city including the athletes to the Jakabaring sports city.

It will reduce the need for the use of private cars in the city of provincial city which is already faces problem of traffic jams almost everyday.

The project is estimated to cost Rp10.9 trillion must cheaper than Rp817 billion per kilometer for Malaysian LRT and Rp907 billion for the Philippinen LRT.

President Joko Widodo is expected to officially commissioning the operation of the LRT. (ANTARA)