Indonesian athletes, who would compete in the 18th Asian Games, received influenza vaccine in an effort to boost their immunity.

A young Indonesian racer at the Asian Games 2018, Terry Yuda Kusuma, was one of athletes who received the influenza vaccine.

"Vaccination is very important in an effort to boost their immunity during the training and competition" Kusuma stated in Jakarta on Monday.

Athletes will be physically protected by the vaccine, because influenza may lower their performance during training and competition.

Youth and Sports Ministry, in cooperation with the Center for Development of Science and Technology of National Sports (PP-ITKON), conducted influenza vaccine campaign for athletes.

"Athletes and coaches are vaccinated against influenza as they may involve in many activities during the Asian Games 2018," Deputy of Sport Achievement Improvement, Youth and Sports Ministry Mulyana remarked.

Mulyana stated that the vaccine was very important. Influenza will affect the preparation of the athletes.

A flu vaccine will prevent athletes from getting sick for a year. Hence, their health conditions would be protected.

The process of influenza vaccination is done gradually.

In first stage, 100 athletes, who have undergone training to face the Asian Games, received the influenza vaccine. (ANTARA)


Indonesian President Joko Widodo hopes, Studio Alam located at Gamplong Village, Moyudan District, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta, can revive the village economy. Studio Alam or literally means Natural Studio is a donation of one of Indonesian businesswomen, Mooryati Soedibyo, to Sleman regency government. Speaking while attending the handing over of the studio on Sunday afternoon July 16th, the President said that Studio Alam can be used to encourage tourism sector. According to him, nowadays, many people want to have experience in traveling, not just shopping.

"So, we hope this studio can be utilized for tourism. Because, nowadays, a lot of people want experiences, not just see something or buy some souvenirs. They  are seeking experiences. So, if you look at this studio, here, I think Gamplong village will become famous. The economy is also alive. We hope for that," the President said.

Studio Alam is the location of a colossal film shooting titled Sultan Agung: The Untold Love Story. Sultan Agung who led the Sultanate of Mataram in the year 1613-1645 has the full name of Sultan Agung Adi Prabu Hanyakrakusuma. During his tenure, Mataram grew into the largest empire in Java and the archipelago at the time. Studio Alam is built on 2 hectares of land consisting of Pendopo Palace Mataram, Songgo Mataram, Fort Dutch East India Company or VOC, Ungkit Bridge, Kampung Mataram, and Chinatown. (VOI/Ndy/AHM)


Businessmen of some 50 Indian companies were scheduled to visit Jakarta at the end of October to explore trade opportunities with Indonesian partners, an official said in Kolkata on Saturday.

"At the end of October we are going to visit Indonesia," Additional Director of Indian Chamber of Commerce Bodhisattwa Mukherjee said during a briefing with a group of ASEAN journalists in Kolkata, Saturday.

The businessmen of the Indian companies that will attend a business forum in Jakarta would be mainly form textile sector, specifically in furnishing, home decor, machinery, and finished products.

Indonesia is also a potential market for Indian construction companies, Mukherjee added.

Besides Indonesia, the delegation of Indian companies will also tour to several Southeast Asian countries.

It would be one of India’s efforts in achieving balanced and fast-paced growth of its Northeastern region as Prime Minister Narendra Modi initiated in the Act East Policy.

The Act East Policy requires increased people to people contact, trade ties and other relations with countries on India`s east, particularly ASEAN countries.

"The idea is not only to exhibit products, but also to interact with other countries as well," Mukherjee said.

Indonesia holds significance for the Indian economy, as it is the biggest trading partner in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. India has become an export destination country for Indonesian palm oil and the second-largest coal importer for India.

With regard to investment, India is also important for Indonesia. India`s investments rose significantly in 2017, more than five folds from $55 million a year earlier to $286.6 million.

Based on data from the Central Bureau of Statistics, in 2017, the Indonesia-India trade balance increased 28.7 percent, with total exports of $14.08 billion and imports at $4.05 billion. (ANTARA)


Kenyan Runners Win Jakarta International 10K

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Kenyan runners David Kibet and Peninah Kigen won the men’s and women’s 10 K categories respectively at the MILO Jakarta International championship in the Rasuna Epicentrum area in Jakarta on Sunday. 

David Kibet emerged as the best after entering the fastest finish in 29 minutes 51 seconds, while Peninah recorded a time of 35 minutes 11 seconds.

Meanwhile, the Indonesian men’s runner, Ridwan finished in 31 minutes 37 seconds and the women`s runner, Odekta Elvina Naibaho in 37 minutes 03 seconds.

"The result here is in accordance with my target of finishing in 29 minutes. It took three months to reach this result because in last year`s championship I only finished sixth, Hopefully next year I would be able to win again here (Jakarta)," David Kibet said in a statement.

According to Odekta Elvina Naibaho what she achieved was the result of hard work.

"I dedicate this victory to the 491th anniversary of Jakarta city. Hopefully this activity will further encourage the citizens to keep moving actively through running sport," Odekta said.

In addition to the 10K, the MILO Jakarta International championship, also contested 5K students and family category. The total participants of this annual championship reached 16,000 people.

Apart from that, Vice Governor of Jakarta, Sandiaga Uno on the sidelines of the opening of the championship believed the implementation of the sport activity moved better. He also expressed appreciation to the sponsors who have supported the international championship.

The following are winners of the MILO Jakarta International 10K  2018.

Men’s 10K of Open International category:

1. David Kibet (Kenya) 29.51

2. Tariku Abera (Ethiopia) 29.57

3. Gilbert Ngenoh (Kenya) 29.59

Women’s 10K of Open International category:

1. Peninah Kigen (Kenya) 35.11

2. Rosemary Mumo (Kenya) 35.11

3. Monica Watetu Ndiritu (Kenya) 35.13

10K of Indonesian men’s category:

1. Ridwan 31.37

2. Nurshodiq 32.05

3. Wiryawan Jaya S 32.19

4. Jauhari Johan 32.32

5. Reza Pradipta 33.04

10K of Indonesian women’s category:

1. Odekta Elvina Naibaho 37.03

2. Afriana Paijo 37.34

3. Yulianingsih 38.19

4. Meri Paijo 38.33

5. Irma Handayani 38.50

10K of Indonesian men’s students category:

1. Rezcan Mass 34.14

2. Yusman Sandhy 35.47

3. Agung Januar 36.22

4. Junipai 36.49

5. Pajar Hambali 37.01

6. Khansa Abhista 38.38

7. Adam Putra V 39.10

8. Finto Adiq Junianto 39.18

9. Sugian Maulana 39.20

10. Taji Ahmad Dani

10K of Indonesian women’s students category:

1. Rieke Febrianti 41.24

2. Nani Dwi Purwati 42.46

3. Melly Milenia Halfsari 43.22

4. Veronica Aileen 44.14

5. Theresia Nabunome 45.06

6. Yvonne Hillery Beti 48.14

7. Nurul Fitriani 48.14

8. Judith Anastasya 49.10

9. Reka Aprilianti 49.57

10. Gabriela Melina Widiasih 53.02

5K men’s category:

1. Febtri Putrazega 17.06

2. Sugeng Sutresno 17.18

3. Sobari Herdiana 19.11

4. Wahyu Satoto 19.26

5. Amran Sitinjak 19.43

5K women’s category:

1. Anjasari Dewi 20.05

2. Vera Febrianti 20.35

3. Carla Felany 24.08

4. Sulastri 27.18

5. Cathrine Susilowati Prajitno 27.32.  (ANTARA)