Manado Fiesta, the most vibrant and lively tourism event, scheduled from August 31 to September 9, 2018, in Manado, North Sulawesi, is expected to achieve huge success owing to support of several parties and companies.

This year`s Manado Fiesta is planned to be different from that of 2017, as it will be held on land, at sea, and in air.

For activities of Manado Fiesta at sea, competitions not held in the previous year comprise water skiing, jet skiing, dragon boat, and ornamental boat races along the Gulf of Manado.

So far, at least eight companies have expressed their commitment to support and sponsor the Manado Fiesta 2018 for the success of the tourism event in North Sulawesi Province.

In addition, third parties that have confirmed their willingness to support and sponsor the event are Aston Hotel, Swiss-Bell Hotel, Bank Lippo, Grab, Gojek, BNI, BRI and Bank SulutGo, according to Manado Tourism Office Chief Lenda Pelealu.

With the support of third parties that has been officially confirmed to the government through the Manado Tourism Office, Pelealu believes that financing costs for the event can be reduced.

In other words, she noted that the government can also contribute to reducing the budget for the implementation of the annual event of Manado Fiesta that will be held for an entire week in Manado.

Pelealu also remarked that the support of third parties demonstrates that business players, including state-owned enterprises and local enterprises in Manado, are willing to make the event a grand success and bring in several tourists.

The Manado Tourism Office chief also praised third parties that are eager to support the implementation of the event, as it is a sign of commitment to advancing the world of tourism in Manado.

"We certainly would like to express our gratitude to the parties, which support the implementation of the Manado Feiesta," Pelealu noted.

Expected to attract as many local and foreign tourists as possible to Manado and North Sulawesi, in general, the Manado Fiesta is being intensively promoted across the country and abroad.

Mayor of Manado Vicky Lumentut has undertaken a tour of Indonesia to familiarize the public with the implementation of this international event.

During the promotion of Manado Fiesta as part of the Indonesian tourism brand campaign of Wonderful Indonesia later at the Kelapa Gading Area in Jakarta, the Manado city government will invite Jakarta`s citizens of Manado origin, more popularly known as the Kawanua community, to gain a clear understanding of the details of the international event.

The Kawanua community in Jakarta has also shown high enthusiasm for promoting and enlivening the Manado Fiesta, which will last from August 31 to September 9, 2018, in the city of Manado, the center of the North Sulawesi provincial administration.

Manado Fiesta is also expected to be enlivened by the presence of US Ambassador to Indonesia Joseph Donovan Jr, who has been invited by Lumentut, the mayor of Manado.

Lumentut conveyed the invitation directly to Donovan while attending the celebration of American Independence Day at the official residence of the ambassador in Jakarta this week.

The US envoy had visited Manado for the first time early this year, and mesmerized by the panoramic beauty of the city, Donovan promised to visit the North Sulawesi provincial capital again.

Hence, the mayor of Manado finds the Manado Fiesta as the most appropriate time to invite the US ambassador to Indonesia.

"While visiting Manado for the first time, the ambassador was amazed by its diversity, as it is a heterogeneous city, but in fact the people here are very tolerant of one another. Hence, he was interested in coming again, so we invited him to attend the Manado Fiesta 2018," Lumentut remarked in Manado.

According to Lumentut, Donovan responded positively to the invitation, although he has not officially confirmed his arrival to the Government of Manado City.

The local government and people of Manado City are optimistic that the US ambassador would attend the international event of the Manado Fiesta 2018.

Intensive promotions of Manado Fiesta 2018 were conducted by the local government, led directly by the mayor of Manado, in various cities in Indonesia and also in Singapore to attract as many tourists as possible from the country to the event.

Hence, the Kawanua community across Indonesia is expected to return to Manado to enliven the Manado Fiesta 2018 to make it a success.

To be held in the provincial capital of Manado, the fiesta will feature various forms entertainment in the city known for its spectacular marine beauty.

In addition to the global promotion efforts of the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism, the local Tourism Office Chief Lenda Pelealu has invited the local and national media to maximize publicity.

The Manado Fiesta features seven main events: fish and coral, food, fashion, flying, fair, fun-music, and faith. This year, given the preparations, the fiesta is expected to be bigger and better than that in the previous year. It will be enlivened by collaborative land, sea, and air attractions.

Aimed at promoting the city and its several scenic diving spots, the Fiesta will involve all of Manado`s residents. Fashion shows and flying events will follow. The Tumpa area will offer paragliding to visitors.

Music and food shows showcasing local seafood delicacies are being organized -- jazz music by the Manado Bay.

In recent years, the tropical destination has become increasingly popular among foreign visitors, particularly from China.

The Manado Fiesta 2018 will be held about a month after the Enchantment Bunaken Festival to preserve nature and cultural arts in Bunaken Island, North Sulawesi Province.

This festival, being organized from July 19 to 22 by the Ministry of Tourism and the North Sulawesi provincial government, aims to promote sustainable tourism on the island of Bunaken.(ANTARA)


President Joko Widodo handed out thousands of land certificates to farmers and communities in South Sumatra in a bid to offer legal certainty.

Some 600 thousand certificates were received by representatives of farmers and residents at the Plaza Benteng Kuto Besak, Palembang, South Sumatra Province, on Friday.

The president stated that the certificate provides legal certainty to the local community on the right of ownership.

Hence, if there is a certificate, then the right of ownership becomes safe, he added.

In addition, if the need arises, the certificates can be used as collateral in banks.

President Widodo emphasized that the certificates should be used to meet the main interests, so it should be considered first.

"Do not borrow money from the bank if you cannot return it. Hence, be careful," he stated.

The most important aspect is that the certificate ensures the right to property will be safe, so it provides convenience, he remarked.

In 2018, it targets to distribute nine million certificates, he added.

Meanwhile, South Sumatra Governor Alex Noerdin revealed that for this year, it targets to distribute 175 thousand certificates.

Next year, South Sumatra Province has set a target to distribute 250 thousand certificates, he added.(ANTARA)


The Government of East Sumba District in East Nusa Tenggara Province remains committed to continue to conserve sandalwood horses in Sumba Island.

Sandalwood horses are part of the local cultural treasure, with high value, to support the tourism sector in the area, so its conservation is necessary, according to East Sumba District Head Gidion Mbilijora.

"The sandalwood horse holds huge potential and has a high socio-economic value and has contributed to the tourist visits to our area," Mbilijora stated in Waingapu, the capital of East Sumba District, Friday.

Hence, Mbilijora said he was committed to continually conserving sandalwood horses, as it is one of the potential assets and valuable for the life of the local community.

This particular breed of horse in Sumba Island is closely related to various areas of local life, such as customary marriage, death, self-esteem, and social and economic aspects.

According to Mbilijora, the presence of sandalwood horses has strengthened the tourism sector in the local area in the midst of competition with various other leading tourist destinations in the country and abroad.

He said the region of East Sumba has abundant attractions, such as nature tourism dominated by savannah fields with oases and rivers in the valley area, as well as cultural and maritime wealth that is interesting for tourists to enjoy.

"The tourism sector is boosted by the presence of sandalwod horses in the savannas and also the result of hand-woven ikat, with natural dyes," he added.

Hence, Mbilijora has lauded the efforts to conserve the tourism wealth through the 1001 sandalwood horse parade combined with the ikat weaving festival that has been held in the area.

"We highly praise this activity as a form of common concern towards the preservation of arts and culture of Sumba," he noted.

Mbilijora expressed hope that the central and provincial governments, observers of art and culture, tourism players, and the community would support the ikat weaving festival in combination with the sandalwood horse parade, so that this activity continues to be held regularly every year.(ANTARA)


Kalla Receives Iranian Counterpart

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Indonesian Vice President, Jusuf Kalla, received his counterpart, Iranian vice president for Women and Family Affairs, Masoumeh Ebtekar, at the Vice President`s in Jakarta on Wednesday, July 11.

The two vice presidents, in general, discussed the strengthening of bilateral cooperation between Indonesia and Iran, especially with regard to Iran`s request to Indonesia for support over the development of Iran`s nuclear agreement or Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA).

"I come to Indonesia, as President Hassan Rouhani`s envoy to President Joko Widodo, to discuss the latest developments in the world nuclear deal, especially regarding US withdrawal," Ebtekar stated, after meeting Kalla at the Vice President`s Office, Jakarta, on Wednesday.

During the meeting, Ebtekar conveyed a long history of cooperation between Indonesia and Iran in various ways and expressed hope that Indonesia would remain in a position to support Iran's nuclear deal.

"Various efforts should be made to defend this nuclear non-proliferation treaty, where the international agreement is based on the UN Human Rights Council to protect the peace and security of the world today," he explained.

In addition, Ebtekar`s visit to Indonesia is also intended to improve bilateral ties between Iran and Indonesia, among others, in the fields of women`s empowerment, trade, economy, and oil and gas.

Earlier, Rouhani had threatened to reduce cooperation with the UN nuclear watchdog, following the withdrawal of US President Donald Trump from Iran`s nuclear deal JCPOA.

"Iran's nuclear activities are always aimed at peaceful purposes, but it is Iran who will decide on the level of cooperation that it will provide with the IAEA," IRNA quoted Rouhani as saying.

Rouhani blamed Trump for the US withdrawal from the nuclear deal, leading to the complicated situation. If Iran would not benefit from a nuclear deal after the US withdraws from the deal, then Rouhani will make a new decision. (ANTARA)