Director of Cultural Heritage and Diplomacy, Indonesian Ministry of Education and Culture, Nazaruddin Ramli, at a press conference ahead of the Decade of the National Batik Day Celebration, at the Library of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Tuesday (1 Oct) said, Batik was a masterpiece of Indonesian civilization which had been an honored guest abroad. So that it is natural for Indonesia to host Batik itself and this wealth needs to be passed on to the Indonesian young generations. The same thing was expressed by Aditya Yusma, activist of Central Javanese batik art and culture. He said that currently the number of batik makers who use canting to make batik is very small. Therefore, Aditya Yusma along with batik conservation community facilitated by the Ministry of Education and Culture, will continue to increase the interest in making batik among millennials by holding trainings, even for people abroad.

We have conducted batik training in more than 147 countries in 5 activities. And I am the third generation of batik. I left my business in film industry a few years ago then I returned to Pekalongan. I began to learn batik until finally given the opportunity by the Ministry of Education and Culture to provide the first training in the World Jamboree. The training is in line with our vision to re-generatbatik, especially batik craftsmen, because canting maker is the most important 'tool' in batik,” said Aditya Yusma.

The National Batik Day Celebration is intended to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Batik included into the Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) list of UNESCO, precisely on October 2, 2009. This year's commemoration carries the theme: Batik, Khazanah Peradaban or ‘Batik, the Treasury of Civilization’. The highlight of the National Batik Day Celebration is centered on the courtyard of the Ministry of Education and Culture Building, in Jakarta, Wednesday (2 Oct) night. The event attended by 400 invitations including representatives of the Ambassador in Jakarta, relevant ministries and various batik communities. The whole series of activities is packaged in a musical drama featuring world batik figures. This musical show was directed by Aditya Yusma and Dwiki Dharmawan as Music Director // Agus/Trs.YT


The Indonesian Ministry of Tourism fully supports the implementation of the world motor racing competition, Moto GP 2021 in Mandalika, West Nusa Tenggara -NTB, by preparing one million Euros to get a Moto GP License. In his remarks at the 2019 Indonesia Tourism News Award in Jakarta, Wednesday (October 2), Minister of Tourism, Arif Yahya stated that his side prepares the funds because this world championship has a high media value.

There will be a Moto GP in 2021. The Ministry of Tourism will support one million Euros from around 10 million needed to pay for the Moto GP license. Why does Ministry of Tourism want to? Once again it is because of high media value. So, the direct is large, the media value is much higher. We will attract around one hundred thousand people; if one hundred thousand people, it’s around one hundred million US dollars, let's say the exchange rate is Rp10,000, this means Rp1 trillion. But the Moto GP media value is doubled: Rp2 trillion. This is broadcast by around 60 broadcasters of 200 countries, said Arief Yahya.

Minister Yahya added that media value is the key to the successful promotion of Indonesia's Tourism destinations. Mandalika, which is included in the 10-priority destination of the Ministry of tourism, is an appropriate place to build the Moto GP circuit. (VOI/NK)


The provincial government of Papua has made assurance of providing security to all Indonesian residents in Papua, including those in Wamena, Jayawijaya District, following the recent riots.

In Jayapura on Monday, Papua Governor Lukas Enembe, expressed the local government’s readiness to conduct reconstruction and repair of all government and public assets, including offices, shops, and kiosks, that had borne the brunt of the rioting.

"Evacuation of victims of the riots, both the dead and injured, is the urgent response necessitated right now," Enembe stated.

Furthermore, the Papuan local government has offered food assistance and other basic daily essentials for people seeking refuge at military district command offices, police offices, churches, and mosques.

"I would like to apologize profusely and express my deepest condolences to all the victims, who had suffered owing to the riots in Wamena on September 23, 2019," Enembe emphasized.

Some provincial governments in Indonesia had earlier issued instructions to their representatives to facilitate the evacuation of their citizens living in Wamena, Jayawijaya District, to a safer place after the recent riots that killed 33 non-native residents of Papua. (ANTARA)


The National Energy Council (DEN) has called on offices to set up charging stations for electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles can lower air pollution, fossil fuel consumption, and oil imports, Djoko Siswanto, DEN Secretary General noted in a statement in Jakarta on Sunday.

"The rationale behind using electric vehicles is to realize a cleaner environment, curb air pollution, curtail fossil oil consumption, and lessen imports. DEN urges all electric car producers to begin production of the vehicles now," he remarked.

To support the initiative to use electric vehicles, every office should provide electric sockets or public electric vehicle charging stations (SPKLUs) at parking lots for charging batteries.

"Every office is advised to build electric sockets at motorcycle parking lots. For motorbikes, charging a vehicle battery at home or office is sufficient. Each takes around four hours to charge and can suffice for five day trips from home to office and vice versa," he explained.

The government issued Presidential Regulation No. 55 of 2019 on the Acceleration of Battery Electric Vehicle Program for Road Transportation that had come into effect since August 12, 2019.

Development of the domestic electric vehicle industry will be expedited in accordance with the regulation. Furthermore, it encourages incentives, charging station infrastructure development, and special electricity tariffs for battery charging, as well as environmental preservation.

The regulation also pushes for energy efficiency, security, and conservation in the transportation sector, clean energy usage, air quality improvement, and the realization of Indonesia’s commitment to lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

In the meantime, the Agency for Technology Assessment and Application (BPPT) had earlier echoed that electric vehicles would pick up steam in Indonesia, with more charging stations being set up nationwide.

The agency had held the Indonesia Electric Motor Show (IEMS) 2019 on Sept 4-7 in Jakarta to promote the use of electric vehicles in the country.

"The IEMS 2019 is initiated by BPPT to offer a broader understanding to the public in Indonesia on electric vehicles as a new form of disruptive technology," BPPT Head Hammam Riza remarked at the opening of the exhibition in Jakarta. (ANTARA)

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