To commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Victory of the Islamic Revolution in Iran, the Iranian Embassy in Indonesia is holding Iranian Culture and Art Festival in Jakarta. In his remarks at the opening of the festival on Saturday (02/16/2019) at Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran Valiollah Mohammadi said that in 2019 Iran and Indonesia would be more active in the field of culture.

“I hope in 2019 we’re trying to be more active in the field of culture and other sectors related to culture, science and technology, education, music, films, and other parts," said Valiollah Mohammadi. 


Ambassador Valiollah added that these days one team from Indonesia, from the Tourism Ministry and also from cultural centers of Indonesia in Tehran, have been active in promoting Indonesian tourism in Iranand organizing Indonesian cultural performances in Iran. In addition, they will also hold a Hijab exhibition in one of the cities in Iran. The Iranian Culture and Art Festival is held at Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta from February 16-19 2019. (VOI / AHM)

As many as 50 thousand Indonesians living in Australia will vote in the upcoming presidential elections said Fakhrido Susilo, Member of the Indonesian Overseas Election Committee in Canberra, Australia. He said most of the Indonesian students, professionals and diplomats currently living in Australia are eligible to vote. The committee has hosted events at university campus’ and advertised within Indonesian communities to encourage as many people as possible to register to vote and exercise their democratic right. 
"We proactively engage with a whole set of different communities. We engage them directly. We initially wanted to make the process online centred by establishing an online platform to register. But, we found it is much more effective to engage with the community directly. Going to the community activities and opening up a booth there. For example, there was student activity during orientation week in which we opened up our booth where we got students to register as voters," said Fakhrido Susilo.
The election in Canberra will be held on Saturday April 13, 2019. Fakhrido Susilo said there are three methods for voting. Votes can be cast through circulating drop box or post office. However, most people have indicated they will vote by going directly to their closest polling station. He also said Indonesians can still register to vote in Australia by contacting the Overseas Elections committee. (VOI/LISA/DP)

Serbia Expects Direct Trade with Indonesia

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Serbian Ambassador to Indonesia Slobodan Marinkovic, encouraged the increase of trade cooperation with Indonesia. During a recent dialogue with the RRI Voice of Indonesia in Jakarta, Ambassador Slobodan Marinkovic, conveyed the importance of direct trade between Indonesia and Serbia. He said trade relations between Indonesia and Serbia still involved third parties. According to him, this is an obstacle to increasing trade value between the two countries.
"Many products from Indonesia who go to the Serbian market they are from Holland, from US, from some other country but originally product from Indonesia. From coffee, cocoa, spices, products to shoes, textile, coming on the name of some multinational company. And its very relatively. We have to work in real cooperation between representatives of companies and without third parties. The profit goes to the third part not divided honesty between two involved companies," said Slobodan Marinkovic.
Ambassador Slobodan Marinkovic also hoped for an increase in relations between communities or people to people contact between Indonesia and Serbia. According to him, the tourism sector is one sector that can contribute to increasing people to people contact between the two countries. He ensures that there is convenience for the Indonesian people who want to visit Serbia. He also called the interest of the Serbian community to visit Indonesia because of their interest in the tourism sector in Indonesia. (VOI/Ndy)

 Indonesia is expected to rank first in terms of global halal tourism and as a Muslim tourist-friendly destination, according to the Global Muslim Travel Index (GMTI) in 2019. Tourism Minister Arief Yahya said on Thursday that Indonesia targeted to take the lead in the world`s halal tourist destinations this year, owing to its halal tourism growth.

"Our halal tourism growth is projected to reach an all-time high of around 42 percent this year," he stated.

For its part, the Tourism Ministry has set the target of halal tourist arrivals in the country for this year at 5 million, up 42 percent from 3.5 million a year earlier, he noted.

"The target of 5 million halal tourist arrivals makes up 25 percent of the target of overall tourist arrivals for this year at 20 million," he added.

To achieve the target, the ministry will use Indonesia Muslim Travel Index (IMTI) as a work standard to develop the country`s halal tourism in pursuit of first place in GMTI 2019 to be announced in April 2019, he remarked.

"We have IMTI 2019, which adopts GMTI standards to emerge as the best halal tourist destination in GMTI 2019," he explained.

Yahya noted that the development of halal tourism in the country has so far referred to GMTI 2019, which applies 14 components in the criteria of ACES (Access, Communications, Environment, and Services) with different scores. Access has a score of 10 percent, Communications 15 percent, Environment 30 percent, and Services 45 percent.

"In total, nearly 90 percent is service components and 10 percent is halal component. We strive to increase all the components through IMTI," he revealed.

He expressed hope that Indonesia will be the best after the country and United Arab Emirates finished second last year, with a score of 72.8 out of 100. Malaysia remains atop as the best halal tourist destination in the world, according to GMTI. (ant)

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