Towards the Fiscal Year 2020, the Government of Indonesia set macroeconomic assumptions delivered by President Joko Widodo, when delivering the Government's Statement on the Draft Law on State Budget for the 2020 Budget Year, along with its Financial Note in the Parliament Building, Jakarta on Friday (16 / 8). In his presentation, President Joko Widodo said that the macro assumptions for 2020 are prepared with the assumption of economic growth of 5.3 percent. Consumption and investment are the main drivers of the economy. In addition, according to him, inflation will be kept low at the level of 3.1% to support people's purchasing power.

Furthermore, President Joko Widodo said that the macroeconomic assumptions for 2020 are also formulated to deal with external conditions that are still overshadowed by uncertainty. However, the government is optimistic that investment flows will continue to flow into the country because of the positive perceptions of Indonesia.

"In the midst of external conditions that are still overshadowed by uncertainty, the Rupiah exchange rate is estimated to be in the range of Rp14, 400 per US dollar. The government believes that investment continues to flow into the country, due to positive perceptions of Indonesia and improvement in the investment climate. Thus, the 3-month SPN (Treasury Bills) interest rate is estimated at 5.4%,” said President Jokowi.

Furthermore, President Joko Widodo also said that the government set up macroeconomic assumptions in 2020 by continuing to monitor global dynamics, especially related to world oil price movements. By optimizing the use of natural resources, including oil and natural gas, President Joko Widodo also pointed out that the government prepares a macroeconomic assumption in 2020 with the target of lifting oil and gas in 2020 assumed to be 734 thousand barrels and 1.19 million barrels respectively oil equivalent per day. The President also explained that the whole outlooks of the estimated macroeconomic indicators above become the basis for the preparation of the 2020 Draft on State Budget. (VOI / Ndy / AHM)


President Joko Widodo delivered a State Address in connection with Indonesia’s 74th Independence Day at the Indonesian Parliament Building in Jakarta on Friday (16/8). In his speech, President Joko Widodo conveyed Indonesia's readiness at the age of 74 to face the era of global openness. However, according to him, the readiness is accompanied with vigilance, both against foreign ideologies that threaten the state ideology as well as against foreign cultures that are not in line with local wisdom. In addition, President Joko Widodo also stated that Indonesia is ready to face global competition with creativity, innovation and speed of the Indonesian nation.

“Indonesia is not afraid of competition. We face competition with the creativity, innovation, and the pace we have. Because there is no other choice, we must change. The old ways that are not competitive cannot be continued. New strategies must be created. New ways must be done. We don’t just say that we are better than before. But we must be better than the others. Once again, it is not enough to be better than before. But we must be better than the others,” said Presiden Jokowi.

Furthermore, in his second speech before the House of Representatives (DPR), People’s Consultative Assembly (MPR) and Regional Representative Council (DPD) Session, President Joko Widodo, who was wearing Sasak traditional outfit from West Nusa Tenggara Province, conveyed the importance of encouraging investment into Indonesia. In the midst of global competition where the whole world is fighting over market and investment influences, President Joko Widodo also underlined the importance of investment to create jobs that will benefit the nation.

“In a tight global competition fighting over the influence of the market scrambling for investment, we have to be faster and better than other countries. We must be faster and better than neighboring countries. Investment must open new jobs, and must benefit our nation,” said President Joko Widodo.

To be able to reach all of that, President Joko Widodo encouraged all parties to move quickly, not just stepping up and jumping, but also seizing all the available opportunities. (VOI/NDY/AHM)


The Government of Indonesia through the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) cracked down the burners of land and forest fire in Indonesia. This was stated by Director General of Law Enforcement at the Environmental and Forestry, Rasio Ridho Sani in a press conference at the Manggala Wanabakti Building in Jakarta on Friday (August 16, 2019). He said that his side collaborates with relevant government agencies to impose a criminal sanction, civil and administrative sanctions for companies that do not obey the regulation on forest land use in Indonesia.

“We can see how these companies are not compliant. If the company is not compliant, we will impose sanctions, and we will talk to the regent, mayor, and governor to revoke environmental permits from companies that indicate to be incompliant if the land fires occur in their location. Besides, we are also preparing civil lawsuits for these companies. So, we are all out; we use a variety of instruments as our authority. We also cooperate with the police because the police also have other broader authority than us,” said Rasio Ridho Sani.

Rasio Ridho Sani added that currently, there are 18 locations of forest and land fire. The locations belong to the companies that have been given a warning letter; 19 locations of forest and land fire that have been sealed; 14 locations that are under investigation and 1 location which is being examined. (VOI/NK/AHM)



The Ministry of Environment and Forestry launches new research, development and innovation milestones, launched 4 new agendas for the Research, Development and Innovation Agency paradigm at the Tropical Forestry and Environmental Research Festival in the area of the Serpong Science and Technology Research Center, Tangerang Selatan, August 13th. Minister of Environment and Forestry Siti Nurbaya in a speech read by the Head of the Research, Development and Innovation Agency, Agus Justianto, said that event was held to answer the challenges of implementing the results of science, technology, and innovation for environmental and forestry management. The Minister hopes, with these new paradigms agenda, this agency can increase the use of technology for the results of forestry product innovation.

"The Research, Development and Innovation Agency with its 4 new paradigms are expected to be able to commit to raising awareness of the importance of technology. Seeing the global movement that is very fast with the momentum of the rise of our national technology, we must also move quickly so that we do not lag behind. I hope with the innovations produced by The Research, Development and Innovation Agency, we can overtake those changes and movements in order to anticipate and adapt to existing changes" Agus said. 

Minister Siti Nurbaya mentioned the four new paradigm agendas, there are the production or reproduction of knowledge, exchange, and debate on knowledge and branding; promotion, campaign and advocacy; network development and expanding outreach; and enter the virtual era and society area as well as pioneering commercialization, business, marketing, and entrepreneurship. At this festival, a media dialogue is also held to encourage the mass media to introduce and promote the results of science and technology and innovation. (VOI/NUKE)

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