Minister of Public Works and People's Housing, Basuki Hadimoeljono said at the Presidential Office in Jakarta more recently that the government has set up road infrastructure to be passed by the travelers at the upcoming Idul Fitri celebration. He saidthat in Java, the government has set up three national road lanes that have been ready to be used. In addition, the government has also prepared a toll road to smoothen the flow of forthcoming Lebaran or Eid ul Fitri festivity.

“In Java, there are 3 lanes of national road: Pantura (the east coast), the central and Pansela (southern coast) lanes consisting of 1,341 km long in the eastern coast (Pantura), 1,197 km long in the central lane, and 1,405 km long in the south from Bayah to Pacitan. Banyuwangi is still being done this year. So, the total is 3,943 km, 90 percent is in good condition, better from last 2017. In addition to the national road, there are also 760 km long highways from Jakarta to Surabaya, 525 kilometers of them are fully operational. Meanwhile, the functional toll road is 235 km. This is in progress and should be ready by 30 of May. Why functional? Because there is no marker yet, no limits, it is functional, not emergency roads,” said Basuki.

Furthermore, Minister Basuki Hadimoeljono mentioned that to provide comfort for travelers, the government will provide type A rest areas in every 20 kilometers of toll roads. He also remarked that at each rest area, there will be public toilet, restaurants, gas stations, health facility, police station and parking lot. (VOI/Ndy/RHM)


President Joko Widodo held a Limited Cabinet Meeting to discuss preparations for the celebration of Idul Fitri 1439 Hijriah. The meeting was held at the Presidential Office, in Jakarta on Wednesday afternoon. The Limited Cabinet Meeting is the follow-up of a similar meeting held last April. At that time, President Joko Widodo ordered his staff to start doing calculations so that the stability of food prices ahead of Idul Fitri can be maintained. In his direction, the President made sure that preparation before Idul Fitri is implemented well. Some of the things that concern the government regarding the preparation ahead of Idul Fitri include the readiness of transportation routes, the availability of fuels, and the adequacy of stock and stability of food prices.

“And this afternoon I am requesting update in relation to the readiness of infrastructure in the homecoming routes, the readiness of transportation mode, then the sufficiency of fuel stock during Ramadhan and before Idul Fitri Day, and last but least, there must be availability and stability of the prices of staple goods needed by the people,” President Joko Widodo said.

Furthermore, President Joko Widodo also mentioned the readiness of the police in maintaining security stability ahead of Idul Fitri. He ordered Police Chief General Tito Karnavian to report the measures taken by the police to ensure security for the community both ahead and during the celebration of Idul Fitri. President Joko Widodo is optimistic that with strong synergy among the police, the TNI and the State Intelligence Agency, the government can take precautions against any potential disturbances of security and order. He hoped that with the security anticipation made by the relevant apparatus, this can provide peace for the people who implement Idul Fitri prayer 1439H. (VOI/Ndy/RHM)


Indonesian Police Chief General, Tito Karnavian reminded the market participants not to ‘play’ food prices ahead of the celebration of Idul Fitri 1439H. This was delivered after attending a Limited Cabinet Meeting at the Presidential Office in Jakarta. He said that currently, the Food Security Task Force has already begun to perform its duties in the form of market operations. According to Gen. Tito, the Task Force has taken action against a number of violations. He reminded the market player not to play with the prices of food that will lead into instability.

“We have carried out law enforcement operations as many as 421 cases with 397 suspects; hoarding is not allowed, because monopoly act of food mafia has been proposed to give deterrent effect to naughty mafia players who will continue to practice hoarding. This mafia can make the price increase and it poses burden to the community. We affirmed that the supply is enough and we remind to the market participants to please do business according to the rules. Those who violate the rules will be dealt with firmly,” Tito Karnavian said.

Gen. Tito Karnavian further explained that the police also make preparations for security ahead of Idul Fitri from traditional and conventional crimes. He added that the police had deployed personnel at all crowded points to be traversed by travelers at terminals, seaports and airports. At these crowded points, the police run Cipta Conditions operation which will ensure the safety and comfort of the travelers to visit their hometown. (VOI/Ndy/RHM)


Vice President Jusuf Kalla urged the Criminal Law -KUHP re-discussed by the House of Representatives–DPR, especially article of insult on president to be revised. To reporters in Jakarta on Wednesday (30/5), VP Jusuf Kalla pointed out that the article of insult in the Criminal Law allows the public to criticize the President, but if criticism sounds to insult the President, this can be criminalized. Previously, the Constitutional Court has canceled the article on insult to the President, but the DPR re-insert it in Revision of the Criminal Law. Vice President Jusuf Kalla assessed that the revision of the Criminal Law is very important to be discussed in the current conditions.

“Respect the President, Vice President makes something wrong….yes; if someone criticizes correctly, there is no problem. But if he or she is insulting and so forth, yes, everywhere the country has such a rule. Apologizing is the same,” Jusuf Kalla said.

Vice President Jusuf Kalla further remarked that revision of the Criminal Law which mentions an insult article to the president is reasonable. (KBRN/Rizki S/Trans by Rhm)