The Federal Republic of Germany, through the KfW Development Bank, has allocated 25 million Euros or around Rp413 billion to rebuild important infrastructures and facilities in Central Sulawesi and West Nusa Tenggara which were hit by earthquakes and tsunami some time ago.

The grant will be managed by the United Nations Development Programs Agency (UNDP) within the period of 2019-2020 in collaboration with the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas), the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), and the provincial administrations.

"I was shocked by the level of damage that I witnessed on my last visit to Sulawesi. Therefore I am very proud of this important project which is also an example of our interstate solidarity," Germany Ambassador to Indonesia, ASEAN and Timor Leste Peter Schoof said in a statement received by Antara in Jakarta, Wednesday (Dec 12).

In August 2018, Lombok Island in West Nusa Tenggara Province was hit by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake and killed 564 people while left 400,000 people homeless. The earthquake also damaged more than 70 thousand houses.

The following month, a 7.4 magnitude earthquake and tsunami struck Palu City and its surroundings in Central Sulawesi, killed more than 2,000 people, and caused more than 173 thousand people homeless.

The disaster also damaged 68 thousand houses, 176 health facilities including two large hospitals and more than 1,500 schools.

The Director of UNDP Indonesia, Christophe Bahuet, appreciated the financial contribution provided by the German government. The funds will help rebuild infrastructure and support people in disaster-stricken areas.

"When entering the recovery and reconstruction phase, funding from the KfW Development Bank will provide resources. Reconstruction and recovery public infrastructure include health, education and solid waste management facilities," Bahuet noted.

The funding will also help people restart their economic activities and build strength to future shocks, he continued.

The Indonesian government is preparing Master Plan and Reconstruction Action Plan that will guide the implementation of infrastructure recovery projects in Central Sulawesi and West Nusa Tenggara.

Together with other UN agencies, UNDP has implemented disaster relief programs to support post-disaster recovery efforts in 2018, with some funding coming from UNDP and the UN Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF).

An important part of the program is the UNDP cash-for-work initiative to clean up the debris of buildings that were hit by an earthquake involving hundreds of people who survived the earthquake in Palu. (ANTARA)


Team of Indonesian permanent representative for ASEAN conduct a visit to Timor Leste to view the readiness of the youngest country in South-East Asia to be the 11th member. Director General of Cooperation for ASEAN of the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry, Jose Antonio Morato Tavares to RRI World Service in Jakarta on Tuesday said that the membership of Timor Leste in ASEAN has to based on consensus of all members of ASEAN. Therefore, Indonesian government continously makes an effort to support Timor Leste’s membership in ASEAN by asking the former youngest province in Indonesia to attanded several occassion that related to ASEAN.

“Timor Leste membership offcourse have to be based on the consensus. Recently, the committee permanent representative, Pak Ade Padmo with his team made a visit there to see Timor Leste readiness to be member of ASEAN, and in the future we also engage Timor Leste in several non- decision making meetings. Timor Leste is also invited to attand Expanded ASEAN Maritime Forum in Manila and they were there, they begin to observed. We hope other ASEAN member countries know and it soon can be member of ASEAN,” said Director General of Cooperation for ASEAN of the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry, Jose Antonio Morato Tavares.

Timor Leste’s will to be member of ASEAN has been struck by one country that caused the delaye of its membership in ASEAN. The decision to make Timor Leste as the member of ASEAN is a political decision of head of state. Timor Leste’s proposal to ASEAN has been submitted since 2011 when Indonesia was Chairman of ASEAN and Indonesia supports the proposal. (VOI/Viqran/trans : NK/AHM) 


National examination to improve learning process

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Head of Research and Development Agency (Balitbang) of the Education and Culture Ministry (Kemendikbud) Totok Suprayitno said that the National Examination (UN) was used to improve the learning process.

"In addition to being used to measure graduates` competency level, the National Exam is also used to improve the learning process in the classroom," Suprayitno noted in Jakarta on Tuesday.

He stated that the most effective and efficient way to improve student competence is to provide feedback to students.

"To improve the learning process, there needs to be feedback. Feedback has the greatest influence, with the lowest costs, to improve student achievement, "he stated.

Head of Research and Development Agency added that to provide assessment feedback, the Education Assessment Center, Balitbang, Ministry of Education and Culture, compiles a National Examination Results Report each year that contains all UN results data from the provincial level to the education unit level.

In 2018, the UN results report was completed with provincial / regency / city level national report cards and UN results executive summary. The National Examination Report and question release are Puspendik`s efforts to assist the education office in following up on the UN results. (ant)


 President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said that the One-map Policy program can eliminate the requirement for a business license when effective.

"In future, with the presence of a digital map, there is no need to issue a location permit. The location permit is not needed as everything would become clear," the president stated, when launching a One-Map Policy Geoportal and 2018 National Infrastructure Development Progress Book at Bidakara Hotel in Jakarta, on Tuesday.

According to Jokowi, licensing procedures, in fact, complicate the efforts to encourage the development of the business world.

"The One-Map Policy will have an impact on many sectors, and we already have the commitment that this must be carried out," he noted.

Jokowi, who was also the former governor of Jakarta, revealed that his visits to various regions to monitor infrastructure development had led him to become aware of the fact that there were many overlapping land use problems in Indonesia.

"The more the visits (I) made, the more I knew of cases that are overlapping everywhere," Jokowi revealed.

The president added that he was happy because one map could currently integrated 83 of 85 thematic maps in Indonesia. "Therefore, I really appreciate it. We have been preparing this for a long time," he explained. In addition to overcoming overlapping land use, the policy will also make development planning more accurate, because it is not only based on data but also on detailed maps.

"With this map, everything will be clear as to where to build irrigation, the dam, and to where the irrigation network would pass," he noted.

Jokowi stated that work related to the one-map policy had just begun. He asked ministries and state institutions to pay attention to and implement a number of things, namely the first is to immediately add the thematic maps that are needed to clarify the problem of overlapping land use. The second is to immediately utilize the overlapping indicative map to resolve overlapping land use. The third is to immediately utilize the one-map policy in the spatial-based development planning.

"Fourthly, each ministry and state institution needs to work together and collaborate to resolve the issue of overlapping issues and eliminate sectoral egos," he added.

The president also asked the regional government heads to accelerate the establishment of village and urban village boundaries as there are still many that are not yet finished.

" I also instructed the Geospatial Information Agency to formulate an effective data updating mechanism and prepare a base map on a larger scale," Jokowi pointed out. (ant) 

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