Indonesian vocational students brought home 15 medals from the World Skill Competition (WSC) held in Kazan, Russia, held on August 22-27, 2019.

WSC is the highest-level competition to project the skills of youth worldwide, with emphasis on skills required by the business world.

Acting Director General of Elementary and Secondary Education of the Education and Culture Ministry Didik Suhardi, in a press statement released on Thursday, lauded Indonesian students for their achievement.

"Congratulations to the Indonesian delegation (for its performance) at the World Skill Competition 2019 held in Kazan. This is the best achievement we have recorded in this year," he emphasized.

With the 15 medals, Indonesia overlook some advanced nations, ranking 15th out of the 62 countries participating in the WSC 2019.

Indonesia, bagging 20 points, is a notch ahead of Australia, with 18 points and 13 medals comprising a silver medal, three bronze medals, and nine medallions for excellence.

Canada stood 17th on the medals table, with 17 points and 15 medals constituting a silver medal and 14 medallions for excellence, while Norway ranked 31th, with six points and six medallions for excellence.

The Netherlands came in at 22nd position, with 11 points and 11 medallions for excellence.

"The vocational school students' achievement in the WSC will surely encourage the spirit and motivation of other vocational school students to make another achievement in an international event," he added. (ANTARA)


Governor of Jakarta Anies Baswedan, said the relocation of the capital city to East Kalimantan would bring about a positive impact to the improvement of the welfare and health of the Jakartans, as the city will grow as the center of business.

"A city will grow as an economic center through the market mechanism. This has happened (in Jakarta). Hence, business networking will grow here," Baswedan said in Jakarta on Thursday.

The development of business networking, he continued, will surely encourage development, which in the end, will provide more jobs for people.

As a result, Jakartans can improve their welfare and enjoy better health services, Baswedan remarked.

According to Baswedan, as the center of economic activity, Jakarta will continue its urban regeneration program worth Rp571 trillion.

"Transportation, infrastructure, city management and human resources have become our focus, including the restoration of areas undergoing a slump," he said.

President Joko Widodo announced that the new capital city would be located in East Kalimantan, with parts in North Penajam Paser District and parts in Kutai Kertanegara District.

The government has allocated Rp466 trillion for the relocation of the capital city, of which some 19 percent will be sourced from the state budget under the asset management partnership scheme.

The remaining 81 percent of the fund will be provided under the Public Private Partnership scheme and the direct investment of state and private firms. (ANTARA)


Radio in Asia Faces Various Era Challenges

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Along with the technological advancement, radio as a media has more difficult challenges. Broadcasting technology which also develops, does not guarentee the sustainability of radio, especially in Asia. 

“We have observed that there are many fast-paced technological advancements in broadcasting industries and countries already created groundbreaking strategies which will change the whole face of this industry. However, many Asian countries are still practicing traditional broadcasting. So exploiting before benefits of technological advancements demands effective collaborations with organizations,” said Acting Director of Asia-Pacific Institute for Broadcasting Development, Philomena Gnanapragasm in her speech at an opening Radiodays Asia 2019 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on Tuesday morning (August 27).

On the same occasion, Futurology Radio expert from Australia, James Cridland to Voice of Indonesia said that although it must compete with podcast and streaming services, radio is still a leading media which continuously connect with its listeners.

“A lot of challenges of course, you know obviously access to mobile phones, access to Sportify, and podcasting, and all of that. It's a clear part of where radio is going. But I also think that actually we shouldn't forget the benefit that radio has. It's being a shared experience, with human connection, that human being at the other end, who is helping you understand what's going on in the world, is a very important part of what radio is all about. I think we should bear that in mind and focused on helping our audiences,” saidJames Cridland.

James Cridland further explained that he ensures that radio has a good future and strong. While, listeners will definitely enjoy it until the next 10 years. (VOI/STEVE/AHM)


The Mayor of Padang Mahyeldi is one of speakers at the 5th ASEAN Mayors Forum with the theme Driving Local Action for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth at the United Nations Conference Center (UNCC) in Bangkok, Thailand, Monday. During the forum he explained how to anticipate and overcome the disasters that have been implemented in Padang and what have not been done to the cities attending the forum. In a special interview with Voice of Indonesia in Jakarta, Tuesday (27 / 08) Mayor Mahyeldi said that radio, especially Radio Republik Indonesia, was an important information tool during the disaster.


"In connection with information coordination, we are using Radio Republik Indonesia. It's true that in Padang when there was an earthquake, when there was a flood and when there was a tsunami potential, we would immediately operate with Radio Republik Indonesia in Padang," said Mahyeldi

Mahyeldi further said that compared to other countries, Indonesia is superior in handling disasters, for example by preparing shelter and local regulations on development. He also added that in terms of disaster management, Indonesia had also collaborated with several countries, such as Chengdu in China and Wellington, New Zealand. (VOI / RIZKI/AHM)

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