Two Indonesian state-owned companies, PT Dirgantara Indonesia (PT DI) and Indonesian Export Financing Institution-Indonesia Eximbank signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in Nusa Dua Bali, on Tuesday (20/8). The sigining of the MoU was witnessed by Indonesian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, AM, Fachir. The memorandum of understanding (MoU) was signed on the sidelines of the Indonesia and Africa Infrastructure Dialogue. AM Fachir after signing the memorandum of understanding to the media appreciated the cooperation between the two companies. AM Fachir said the cooperation was a good collaboration in investing in African countries.


“This is a very good combination and synergy among stakeholders in Indonesia, including for state-owned enterprises. And we actually encourage private sector to do the same things," said AM, Fachir.

AM Fachir added that the cooperation between Indonesian Export Financing Institution-Indonesia Eximbank and PT Dirgantara Indonesia has been carried out for a long time. Indonesia Eximbank also has conducted cooperation with PT Wika to work on infrastructure project in African countries.


“PT DI and bank Exim agreed to develop their existing cooperation, because the companies have existed in some African countries and they want to develop it in the future. What they do today is to ensure that both the plan and its guarantee can run well,” said AM, Fachir.

AM Fachir further said that Indonesian government hopes privates sectors in Indonesia are also involved in cooperation to work on projects in African countries.// (VOI/BORGIAS/trans-yati/EDT/AHM)


Tanzania wants to explore cooperation with Indonesia to develop infrastructure for seaport and factory in Tanzania. This was stated by Tanzanian Minister of Trade and Industry, Amina Salum Ali  after signing an agreement with an Indonesian company, Indesso Aroma, in Nusa Dua Bali Convention  Centre, Bali, on Tuesday (20/08).  According to Minister Amina Salum Ali, besides cooperating in developing infrastructure of seaport and factory, Tanzania also wants to cooperate with Indonesia’s state-owned enterprise, WIKA, to develop Convention Center.


"We have already designed an agreement to build two ports. One for oil and gas terminal, with Wika. And then we push building of convention center like this, if Wika agree. And then another program because we want to build more industrial base. Today we have this one for clove oil, but we can look for other product like olive oil to be able to do to export Indonesia," said Minister Amina Salum Ali.

Business agreement between Tanzania with Indonesian company, Indeso Aroma reaches  2.5 million US Dollars. (VOI/BORGIAS/trans-yati/EDT/AHM)


Indonesia-Africa Infrastructure Dialog has reached a business agreement worth 822 million US Dollars. According to Indonesian Foreign Affairs Minister, Retno Marsudi, the business agreement exceeded last year's achievement whih was 586 US Dollars. The minister added that delegations of  Indonesia and Africa will extend what have been reached in Indonesia Africa Forum (IAF) 2018.


“This forum, this dialog has resulted Business deal with a value of 822 Million US dollars, compared to last year Indonesia Africa Forum Business Deal of 586 million US dollars. So in short, we have come along way but still we need to do more. In two days event we will deepen all progress that we have achieved in Indonesia Africa Forum," said Retno Marsudi.

Minister Retno Marsudi in her short report to President Joko Widodo  conveyed that panel discussion, in series events of the Dialog also conduct exhibition which displays various Indonesian potential, especially in infrastructure sectors. According to the minister, there are 33 participants and 15 small medium companies from Bali participating in the exhibition.// (VOI/BORGIAS/trans-yati/EDT/AHM)


Indonesian Batik is Exhibited in Thailand

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Indonesian Ambassador to Thailand, Ahmad Rusdi said bilateral relations between Indonesia and Thailand have been filled with many activities both in Bangkok and at the Thai Embassy in Indonesia. One of the activities that has been carried out is the ongoing batik exhibition at the Sirikit Museum in Bangkok, Thailand. It was said by Indonesian Ambassador to Thailand Ahmad Rusdi in an interview with Voice of Indonesia recently.

“I also feel grateful because in Thailand, the Indonesian batik exhibition is also ongoing displaying 307 batik pieces, collections of the 7th to 9th Rama kings at the Sirikit Museum which is in the compound or even in the Royal Palace of Thailand,” said Ahmad Rusdi.

This batik exhibition has been going on for two and a half years. The exhibition was inaugurated by Princess Sirinton of Thailand and attended by Ratu Hemas, the wife of Sultan Hamengku Buwono the tenth from Yogyakarta. According to Ahmad Rusdi, it shows that bilateral relations between Indonesia and Thailand has increased quite intensively.// (risky / edit r)

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