Biomass is a potential renewable resource to produce energy and bio-products in Indonesia. Through appropriate conversion technology,  biomass can be converted into bio-ethanol products that can replace gasoline. It was stated by Researcher  of Research Center for Biomaterials, Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Euis Hermiati during the Inauguration of Research Professors at the LIPI Auditorium in Jakarta on Wednesday (4/11).

“The major challenges faced in the application  of biomass conversion technology to produce bioethanol and bio-products are readiness of technology  at the commercial and economic scale of the products produced. Therefore, the development of biomass conversion technology  to be  bioethanol and bio-products needs to be done continuously  in order to obtain technology that can produce economic products and it  can compete with commercial products from fossil / Synergy between research institutions / universities and related ministries and industries in research and development activities of biomass conversion that needs to be strengthened.” Euis said. 

Moreover, Euis Hermiati also explained that the technology also contributes to the effort of applying the concept of biological refineries to produce more economical bioethanol and bio-products as a substitute for refine fuel oil (BBM) and product from fossil. The successful development of the technology also supports the Indonesian government's efforts to meet the target of 23 percent use of renewable energy by 2025. (VOI/AF)




Hannover Messe is a place where  industry 4.0 was established  and a home to industry pioneers, which has succeeded in being a forum for 500 world industrial markets in 2019. Every year, Hannover Messe chooses one country to become a partner country.  Indonesia has been chosen to be  a partner country in 2020. After attending a press conference at the JIExpo Kemayoran Commercial Building in Jakarta on Wednesday (4/11), Hannover Messe's Senior Vice President, Arno Reich explained the reasons why  Indonesia becomes a partner country in 2020.

“Well… the main reason is that we believe Indonesia has strong potential not only because most people in the world in this country, but we can see "Making Indonesia 4.0" that's a strong word, strong effort to be one of the top ten economic in the world and with growing industry, growing market that's a perfect fit for Hannover Messe as important industrial fair to have a growing market who's is willing to join new technology, who's willing to invest in market, who's willing to invest in people, which is very important for all the industry worldwide. And Indonesia that's why we think that makes it perfect as a partner country for Hannover Messe.” Arno said. 

Moreover, Arno Reich also explained that Hannover Messe is a forum for world industry and business contacts, which provides 6,000 companies that exhibit the latest technology and solutions to digitalize markets, logistics, and energy systems. Hannover Messe appreciated Indonesia that takes the opportunity to inform the industrial sector of what Indonesia has. (VOI/Nuke/AHM)




Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry held a reception agenda to celebrate the U.S.  10th Peace Corps program in Jakarta on Wednesday (4/12). It was attended by Director of Peace Corps Program,  Jody Olsen. On the sidelines of the agenda, Jody Olsen to Voice of Indonesia hopes that besides education sector, she understands the other fields to cooperate with Indonesia, which has been done for 10 years.


“It's very important to continue the really strong English program and then second as we work with the working groups that have worked so hard we will discuss what other possibilities might be. Right now we are not sure but it might be agriculture, might be an economic development but what I'm excited about as Peace Corp expand here and the working group has expand we get to work with hand in glove and looking at what is the best way to go and so we should know very soon. The important message that I take back is that one of friendship, that one of being an extended family and message that the government is so strong in supporting the Peace Corps and so part of our messages we want to be so strong in support of the programs in Indonesia. And that we want to take back the gift of friendship understanding that you are here that I want more Americans to feel.” Jody said. 


Meanwhile, Director of America I of Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry, Zelda W. Kartika mentioned that the ministry will explore well the expansion of   Peace Corps program in a bid to improve human resources not only through English lesson, but also other fields in Indonesia. (NK-TRANS:AF)



Nusa Penida in Klungkung regency, Bali, has topped the list of 20 best destinations for backpackers to visit in 2020 released by Dublin-based online hostel reservation platform Hostelworld.

In the past 12 months, the number of bookings made by British tourists for accommodation in Nusa Penida increased by up to 610 percent, according to the company, confirming the region as the most popular destination among UK citizens during the period.

Located in the southeast part of Bali, Nusa Penida's Banjar Nyuh Port is reachable by speed boat from Sanur Port in Bali. Domestic and foreign tourists can be found enjoying a day trip there or spending at least one night on the island, which is especially famous for its Kelingking Beach, which boasts a Tyrannosaurus Rex-shaped cliff and is home to manta rays and Bali starlings, locally known as jalak Bali. 

Regarding accommodation, Hostelworld said the island does not disappoint. "It’s a boutique hostel with gorgeous bungalows, a beautiful Bali-esque pool and outdoor social spaces where you can enjoy your free daily breakfast," reads the description on its website.


During their stay, holidaymakers can rent motorcycles or cars to explore the island

Following behind Nusa Penida on the best backpacker destination list based on the biggest growth in bookings were Surat Thani in Thailand and Maribor in Slovenia. 

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