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PLN Gradually Recovers Electricity Supply

PLN Gradually Recovers Electricity Supply (0)

State-owned electricity firm PT PLN has recovered electric power to Balaraja Extra High Voltage substation in Banten Province, and furthermore it will be channeled to Suralaya steam-fueled power plant (PLTU) to gradually recover its operation to reach its capacity of 2800 MW of electricity.

In addition, power supply from Gandul Extra High Voltage substations in Depok, West Java Province, will be channeled to Muara Karang gas and steam power plant (PLTGU) to supply electricity to the Indonesian capital city, Jakarta.

Acting President Director of PLN Sripeni Inten Cahyani said here on Sunday that the power supply to Jakarta was expected to recover within three hours.

"We apologize for the inconvenience today, and currently all efforts have been made to recover the Java-Bali power system, especially in the area of West Java, Banten, and Jakarta," Cahyani said.

The company has focused on power supply to PLTGU Muara Karang and PLTGU Priok to recover the system in the capital city.

Previously, PLN has recovered the operation of hydro-generated power plant (PLTA) Saguling and PLTA Cirata which are functioned as power stabilizer, and, at the same time, supply the electricity to PLTU Suralaya through Cibinong, Depok, Gandul, Lengkok, Balaraja and Suralaya extra high voltage substations.

PLTU Suralaya is expected to return to its normal operation within six hours to normalize power system in West Java and Banten.

Blackout that affected thousands of homes and public facilities in West Java, Jakarta, and Banten was caused by several troubles in the extra high voltage 500 kV transmission of Ungaran - Pemalang.

"PLN has taken its best efforts and will have evaluation to prevent recurrence of today's incident," Cahyani said.

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President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) asserted that he opened himself to anyone to work together to build this country, to advance this country. But he stressed that it would not tolerate anyone who would disturb security, especially rioters.

"We will not make room for rioters who will damage our country, will damage the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. There is no choice, there is no choice, the TNI and Polri will take firm action in accordance with applicable law, "President Jokowi said at a press statement at Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, Wednesday (22/5) afternoon.

Previously, the Head of State emphasized that as head of state and head of government, he had an obligation to maintain political stability and security stability.

While related to the election as an event from the long journey of the Indonesian state, President Jokowi reminded, that the constitution provided that all disputes, the dispute was resolved through the Constitutional Court (MK).

"I appreciate Mr. Prabowo-Sandi who brought the dispute to yesterday's Presidential Election to the Constitutional Court. I also believe that the judges in the Constitutional Court will decide according to the facts, based on the facts, "said President Jokowi.

The Head of State also reminded that at this time is the month of Ramadan, a month full of blessings, a month full of forgiveness, a month full of love for us all of mutual respect, mutual respect, and obligation as Muslims to multiply good deeds, do good. According to the Head of State, the situation is still under control. For that, he asked the public not to worry.

"I invite to knit back unity, knit back the brotherhood, knit back our harmony because Indonesia is our home together," concluded the Head of State.

Accompanying President Jokowi when delivering the press conference Vice President Jusuf Kalla, Coordinating Minister for Politics and Security Wiranto, Secretary of State Pratikno, Secretary of State Pramono Anung, Presidential Chief of Staff Moeldoko, TNI Commander Marshal Hadi Tjahjanto, and National Police Chief General Tito Karnavian.

Meanwhile, presidential candidate number 02 Prabowo Subianto is called on all public officials, police, community leaders, religious leaders, and citizens to avoid all forms of violence that can be inflated during the month of Ramadan.

"We will not be able to occur again," said Prabowo Subianto said at a press conference in Jakarta on Wednesday.

Also, Prabowo Subianto asked the security forces to protect the people and not to harm or shoot protesters. (kemensetkab-ant)


Vladimir Putin sent a message congratulating President of the Republic of Indonesia Joko Widodo on his re-election as head of state.

Vladimir Putin noted that in Russia Joko Widodo is known as a principled advocate of the development of friendly relations between the two countries and expressed confidence that his activities as head of state would help further expand Russian-Indonesian cooperation in various areas, as well as partner-like cooperation in addressing topical matters in the Asia-Pacific Region.
The President of Russia reaffirmed his readiness for continued constructive dialogue and joint work for the benefit of the peoples of Russia and Indonesia. (source :


Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud sent a telegram congratulating President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) on his re-election as President of the Republic of Indonesia.

"On behalf of the people and government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I congratulate Joko Widodo on his re-election as President of the Republic of Indonesia. May the people of Indonesia progress and prosper," said the Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, in a statement released on the website of the Saudi Press Agency on Wednesday. 

King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud also praised the brotherly relations between the two nations and countries.

King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud noted that he is ready to promote and improve relations between Saudi Arabia and Indonesia in various fields.

The General Election Commission (KPU) has completed the recounting of ballots of simultaneous elections in 2019 on Tuesday (5/21), which was one day earlier than called for on the original schedule, which was May 22.

The Indonesian Election Commission (KPU) announced the results of all 34 provincial recounts and 130 Overseas Election Committees (PPLN).

The vote count shows that the Jokowi-Ma'ruf pair won 85,607,362 votes, or 55.50 percent of the total national vote, while the challenger, the Prabowo Subianto-Sandiaga Uno pair earned 68,650,239 votes, or 44.50 percent of the total national votes.

National voter turnout for the 2019 Presidential Election was 199,987,870 voters. While the number of valid votes for the presidential election amounted to 154,257,601 votes.


President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said that the commemoration of Nuzulul Quran (the revelation of the Quran) had multiple meanings not only religious meaning but also had a great national meaning, for the Indonesian people.

"It does not only increase understanding but also practices national unity as part of our faith," President Jokowi said in his speech at the Nuzulul Quran Commemoration 1440 H / 2019, at the State Palace, Jakarta, Tuesday (21/5) night.

Through this Nuzulul Quran Commemoration, the Head of State continued, the Indonesians are asked to explore a lot of inspiration, inspiration to strengthen national unity, inspiration to hold back the ego, group ego, and strengthen the national spirit.

The Head of State stressed,  all Indonesians want to strengthen their commitment to carry out their duties as human beings. That human duty, according to the President, on the face of the earth is to create goodness and not cause damage.

"Our task is to build a harmonious social order, a peaceful social order, and one that enhances welfare and justice," said the Head of State.

The Head of State exemplifies the prophethood of Muhammad PBUH which, among others, is evidenced by the ability to build a social order. According to the Head of State, the Prophet succeeded in establishing a new social order, which united the Arab tribes to become a great nation and also united all Muslims in the same bond of faith.

When the founders of the Indonesian state pioneered the Nuzulul Quran Commemoration, the Head of State continued, it was to harmonize the religious spirit and the national spirit. He added that Bung Karno had traditionalized the Nuzulul Quran Celebration at the Palace.

"This is advice from our scholars, as gratitude for the gift of independence that Allah the Almighty has given to the Indonesian people. So the tradition of commemorating Nuzulul Quran in this Palace is once again on the advice of our scholars, "explained President Jokowi.

Therefore, when commemorating Nuzulul Quran, according to the Head of State, the Indonesians are actually commemorating the prophethood of the Prophet who succeeded in building a social order that united different ethnic groups. He added that the Messenger of Allah was able to build a social order that united different ethnic groups, who succeeded in elevating the degree of humanity from the era of ignorance to an era full of civilization.

"In addition, today we commemorate Nuzulul Quran. In fact we also commemorate the legacy of the founders of our country that harmonizes diversity in the nationality frame, as (where) contained in the Pancasila," said the Head of State.

The Head of State believes, by undergoing the guidance of the Qur'an and Prophethood of the Prophet, and by taking inspiration from the nation's predecessors, God willing, Indonesia will continue to unite, continue to get along, and continue to be peaceful.

"Indonesia is better, fairer and more prosperous. And Indonesia will be a country that is baldatun thayyibatun wa rabbun ghafur.

Attending the Nuzulul Quran Commemoration included Vice President Jusuf Kalla, Secretary of State Pratikno, Minister of Religious Affairs Lukman Hakim Saifuddin, Minister of Agrarian and Spatial Planning/Head of the National Land Agency Sofyan Jalil, Minister of Education and Culture Muhadjir Effendy, Minister of Tourism Arief Yahya, Heads of State institutions, and ambassadors of friendly countries. (Release: Secretary Cabinet Minister)


Under Indonesia’s Presidency, UNSC hold a meeting on May 21, on the situation in Libya. Indonesia calls for humanitarian pause during Ramadan to protect civilians and reiterate UNSC calls on 10 May for ceasefire and return to a political solution. In another session Indonesia welcomes the adoption of Resolution 2470 on UNAMI mandate renewal. A strong UNAMI with the capacity to assist the people and the Government of Iraq to address the complex challenges is more relevant than ever. (kemenlu)


Bekraf head Triawan Munaf signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) or memorandum of understanding with the Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Francis Gurry in Geneva, Switzerland, Monday (05/20/2019). The signing was witnessed by the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Nations, WTO, and international organizations in Geneva, Ambassador Hasan Kleib.

This cooperation was carried out on the sidelines of the International Conference on Intellectual Property and Development to create systems and policies that support brand development and design in Indonesia. The long-term goal of such cooperation is to create value-added products and services, through intellectual property to brands and designs.

The focus of this collaboration is to develop facilitation of intellectual property through training and creation of Hub and Spokes structures which in turn will enhance the reputation of products and services through brands & designs on a wider market.

In addition to discussing the implementation of cooperation, it is also discussed the possibility of further cooperation between Bekraf and WIPO, including support for Collective Management Institutions (CMOs) for creative and copyright industry players in Indonesia.

Triawan also discussed cooperation opportunities related to the application of digital technology for the management of intellectual property assets for creative industries. One of them includes the possibility of collaboration between the Portamento digital music management platform initiated by Bekraf with the WIPO digital time-stamping service.

Head of Bekraf emphasized that in this era of digital revolution, one of the main keys to increasing competitiveness at the global level is to integrate creative and innovative processes with intellectual property management.

"Cooperation between Bekraf and WIPO will continue to be improved, to support creative industries in Indonesia to take advantage of and also benefit from their creativity and intellectual assets," Triawan said on the occasion.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Hasan Kleib also said that the development of innovation and creativity is one of the priorities of the Indonesian government that continues to be escorted at WIPO, both through bilateral cooperation and through multilateral negotiations for a global intellectual property system that supports Indonesia's national interests. (bekraf)



President Joko Widodo on his working visit to the Province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) on, Monday (20/5), inaugurated the Rotiklot Dam located in Fatuketi Village, Kakuluk Mesak District, Belu Regency. The Rotiklot Dam is one of 49 new dams built by the government in the 2015-2019 period.

In his remarks, the President reiterated that water is the key to achieving prosperity and prosperity in NTT. Therefore, if only one dam is built in another province, the government will build seven dams in NTT.

The seven dams are Raknamo, Rotiklot, Napun Gete, Temef, Manikin, Mbay, and Welekis.

"What Raknamo has done. Now Rotiklot the water has gone up like this, very good water. Then there will be another Gete. There are others, there are seven of them. That was also the Governor, the Deputy Governor still wanted to ask for more. Meet the regent, he added, now all reservoirs and dams. Because the formula is there, the method must indeed start from water, "said the President.

After the water is available, the President said, the community can plant a variety of commodities, be it rice, corn, shallots, papaya, bananas, watermelons or melons in the dry season. With the availability of water, he continued, farmers can harvest more than once a year.

"Only the next step, if the water is there, we think what we will plant. "Step by step, indeed, we have to find a way out for prosperity, prosperity can really be achieved together," he said.

Rotiklot Dam itself can irrigate 139 hectares of land. In addition, this dam can also be used for hydroelectric power plants, tourist attractions, and for raw water for all residents in Belu District,

"We hope that later the other dams will also be immediately resolved by the Minister of Public Works and then the demand for dams that are still under discussion and calculation," he continued.

The total capacity of this dam is 3.30 million cubic meters with a pool area of ​​29.91 hectares and an effective reservoir of 2.33 million cubic meters. The dam is a side-type type with a 12 meter spacing width, a channel length of 255.59 meters, a dam height of 42.50 meters, a peak width of 10 meters, and a peak length of 415.82 meters.

The dam has been worked on since the end of 2015 with a target time of 1,110 days in line with the state budget funds for the 2015-2018 budget year with a construction contract value of IDR 497 billion. He hopes that the people of Belu Regency can feel the benefits of the Rotiklot Dam.


Indonesia and Suriname agreed to strengthen economic cooperation. This statement was conveyed by the Indonesian Foreign Minister, Retno L.P. Marsudi after a bilateral meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Suriname, Yldiz Deborah Pollack-Beighle, in Paramaribo, Suriname (20/05).

The visit of the Indonesian Foreign Minister to Suriname, was the first full-fledge visit of the Indonesian Foreign Minister to Suriname in the last 26 years. During the visit the Indonesian Foreign Minister also had the opportunity to pay a courtesy visit to the President of Suriname, Desire Delano Bouterse.

Indonesia has special historical and cultural relations with Suriname. The Javanese ethnic group and language are one of the ethnic groups and languages ​​that live in Suriname.

"With the provision and special historical and cultural relations, it is very natural for Indonesia and Suriname to strengthen bilateral relations in various fields, especially economics and development," said Foreign Minister Retno.

Some areas of economic cooperation that are encouraged to be strengthened include infrastructure development, mining, energy, development of Sharia banking, and livestock, especially artificial insemination.

"Indonesia expressed its interest in participating in infrastructure development projects in Suriname, including projects that were funded by the Islamic Development Bank," explained Foreign Minister Retno.

In an effort to take advantage of the various opportunities available, the Indonesian business delegation also made a visit to Suriname in March 2019. Several areas of cooperation that received the attention of Indonesian business delegates included gold mining, urban development, solar panel construction for housing.

Indonesia also affirms its commitment to help Suriname in developing Sharia banking. Bank Indonesia has sent a team to Suriname to provide training in regulation and supervision of Islamic banking.

"Cooperation in the field of Islamic banking is one of the potential for cooperation, in this context, Bank Mandiri Syariah has supported efforts to increase capacity in the field of risk management and sharia accounting," said Foreign Minister Retno.

In the field of livestocks, Indonesia has also expressed its commitment to collaborate with artificial livestock insemination in the framework of cooperation between South-South Triagular Cooperation, through Reverse Linkage from the Islamic Development Bank. The draft Technical Agreement is planned to be signed in the first half of 2019.

In addition to the economy, one of the areas that has also become a concern for cooperation between Indonesia and Suriname is the development of the Suriname Diplomatic Training Center. The MoU on diplomatic education and training cooperation was signed in December 2018. In March 2019, Indonesia has sent a team to provide Indonesia's experience in the development of diplomatic education and training.

During the visit, an agreement on a short-term visa-free visit for ordinary passport holders has been signed. This agreement is the only one that includes holders of diplomatic, official, and ordinary passports in an agreement. It is hoped that the visit visa-free agreement and the close relationship between this particular history and culture will become the basis for further strengthening people-to-people contact between the two countries. (source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs)


Indonesian Electoral Commission, KPU, officially  establishes the national vote of each participant presidential-vice presidential election, political party of National Assembly, DPR, provincial Assembly DPRD, Municipal Council, DPRD-Kab/city and  Regional Delegates, DPD at election 2019, Tuesday (21/5) early in the morning.




President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) departed for the Province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) by using the Indonesian-1 Presidential Aircraft through Halim Perdanakusuma Air Force Base Jakarta, Monday (20/5) at 08.38 WIB.

Arriving at El Tari International Airport, Kupang City, NTT Province at 12:16 WITA, the President and his entourage went straight to Belu Regency by using the TNI AU CN-295 Airplane via AA Bere Tello Atambua Airport, in the area bordering Timor Leste.

In Belu District, the President will inaugurate the Rotiklot Dam, which is in Rotiklot Hamlet, Fatuketi Village, Kakuluk District, Mesak. The President will also sow the seeds of tilapia, tilapia, and carp as many as 100 thousand seeds at the dam.

In addition, the President will also plant Moringa, jamblang, flamboyant, pule and banyan trees.

After the activities in Belu Regency, the Head of State and his entourage were scheduled to go directly to A. A. Beri Tallo Airport, Belu Regency to go to Kupang City. The trip to Jakarta will be continued by using the Indonesian-1 Presidential Airplane from El Tari International Airport, Kupang, in the afternoon.

Accompanying the President on flights to NTT Province, Minister of State Secretary Pratikno, Minister of Public Works and Public Housing Basuki Hadimuljono, Coordinator of Special Staff President Teten Masduki, and Special Staff of the President, Gregorius Mere. (kemensetkab)

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