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PLN Gradually Recovers Electricity Supply

PLN Gradually Recovers Electricity Supply (0)

State-owned electricity firm PT PLN has recovered electric power to Balaraja Extra High Voltage substation in Banten Province, and furthermore it will be channeled to Suralaya steam-fueled power plant (PLTU) to gradually recover its operation to reach its capacity of 2800 MW of electricity.

In addition, power supply from Gandul Extra High Voltage substations in Depok, West Java Province, will be channeled to Muara Karang gas and steam power plant (PLTGU) to supply electricity to the Indonesian capital city, Jakarta.

Acting President Director of PLN Sripeni Inten Cahyani said here on Sunday that the power supply to Jakarta was expected to recover within three hours.

"We apologize for the inconvenience today, and currently all efforts have been made to recover the Java-Bali power system, especially in the area of West Java, Banten, and Jakarta," Cahyani said.

The company has focused on power supply to PLTGU Muara Karang and PLTGU Priok to recover the system in the capital city.

Previously, PLN has recovered the operation of hydro-generated power plant (PLTA) Saguling and PLTA Cirata which are functioned as power stabilizer, and, at the same time, supply the electricity to PLTU Suralaya through Cibinong, Depok, Gandul, Lengkok, Balaraja and Suralaya extra high voltage substations.

PLTU Suralaya is expected to return to its normal operation within six hours to normalize power system in West Java and Banten.

Blackout that affected thousands of homes and public facilities in West Java, Jakarta, and Banten was caused by several troubles in the extra high voltage 500 kV transmission of Ungaran - Pemalang.

"PLN has taken its best efforts and will have evaluation to prevent recurrence of today's incident," Cahyani said.

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Indonesian Foreign Minister, Retno Marsudi had a meeting with FM Riyad Malki of Palestine at the Indonesian Mission, New York (8/5). They both discussed three issues: preparation for Arria Formula Meeting on Palestine (9/5); situation in Gaza; and plan OIC Summit. (twitter menlu)


The United Nations Security Council chaired by the Indonesian Foreign Minister as the President of the UN Security Council for May 2019, this time took place uniquely. The UN Security Council (UNSC) meeting room today was enlivened by a variety of batik and woven motifs worn by Delegates from various countries. No exception in this case is the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, who uses a brightly colored troso weaving motif.

The choice of batik as a dress code for the Security Council session is a form of respect for members of the UN Security Council who hold the Presidency of the UN Security Council for May 2019.

The various batik worn by the  SC delegates today are their individual collections. A number of delegates collected the batik not only from gifts from the Indonesian delegation in New York, or when they became chairmen of delegations at conferences in Indonesia, but also there were those who bought it themselves during a visit to Indonesia.

Besides the Secretary General of the United Nations, other delegates who were seen using batik included the United States, Germany, Ivory Coast, France, Peru, Dominican Republic, and China. "It is very nice that in today's hearing it is beautiful and colorful, because most members of the UN Security Council wear batik, including the Secretary General of the United Nations, wearing weaving from Bali," said Foreign Minister Retno.

The use of batik in the UNSC Session is expected to increasingly popularize batik which has now been recognized by UNESCO as a world cultural heritage.

The Open Debate meeting with the theme "Sowing the Seeds of Peace" carried out Tuesday ( 7/5 ) was aimed at continuing to encourage the capacity building of the Peacekeeping Forces in various missions around the world. This meeting is one of Indonesia's priority agenda as long as it is a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council in 2019-2020. (kemenlu)



The Vice President, M. Jusuf Kalla today on May 7, 2019 received an official visit from Argentine Vice President Gabriella Michetti at the Vice President's Palace, in Jakarta.

 This was Vice President Argentina's first visit to Indonesia since the opening of diplomatic relations on 30 June 1956. In addition to the Argentine Ambassador in Jakarta, Ricardo Bocolandro, several high-ranking officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Argentine Trade Ministry also participated in the meeting with Kalla .

In this meeting, the two Vice President agreed to increase cooperation in the fields of trade, investment and agriculture. Vice President Kalla explained that Argentina is the second largest trading partner for Indonesia in the South American Region and Indonesia wants to continue to increase trade with Argentina.

In 2018, the total trade between the two countries reached US $1.68 billion, with a deficit reaching 1.2 billion on the Indonesian side. "I encourage that we can achieve a more balanced and mutually beneficial trade," said Vice President Kalla.

To achieve this, Indonesia offers Indonesia's strategic industrial products, namely aircraft produced by PT. Indonesian Aerospace. In addition, Vice President Kalla also requested that Argentina continue to reduce various trade barriers both tariffs and non-tariffs. In order to balance the trade balance, the Vice President requested market access for Indonesian fruits, such as tropical fruit and beans which are competitive in the Argentine market.

To improve trade relations, Vice President Kalla invited Argentine businessmen to attend the Indonesia-Latin American and the Caribbean Business Forum and Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI) activities.

In agriculture, Indonesia and Argentina have established a Working Group on Agricultural Cooperation (WGAC) which has produced a collaborative action plan. In this field, Indonesia wants to develop cooperation related to the development of agricultural technology systems.

This was welcomed by Vice President Michetti who acknowledged the enormous potential of cooperation in the field of trade and investment, and wished to translate this potential into a form of strategic cooperation.

In particular, Vice President Michetti wishes to encourage technical cooperation within the framework of South-South cooperation. The Vice President believes that technical cooperation between the two countries can be a door to greater cooperation. Vice President Michetti also expressed his desire to cooperate with Indonesia in the halal food industry sector.

During this visit, Vice President Michetti will also hold a meeting with Indonesian businessmen to further explore the potential of cooperation.

Other topics which were also discussed during the visit of the Vice President of Argentina included empowerment and policies related to persons with disabilities. The Vice President of Argentina is scheduled to meet with the Indonesian community of persons with disabilities at the Ministry of Social Affairs Office on May 8, 2019. The Vice President of Argentina invited Indonesia to participate in the High Disability Summit, Disability Summit, which will take place in Buenos Aires from 6-8 June 2019. (kemenlu)


Four high-ranking officials – Governor of West Sulawesi, Governor of South Kalimantan, Governor of Central Kalimantan and a representative from East Kalimantan – have conveyed the readiness of their respective regions to offer a location for Indonesian new capital.

Governor of West Sulawesi Andi Ali Baal Masdar said that his province offers many advantages in terms of land availability. “That includes the required supporting facilities such as water availability, disaster free area, and so on, ” Andi said in a discussion held by the Office of the Presidential Staff (KSP) in Jakarta, Monday (6/5).

In the meantime, Governor of South Kalimantan Sahbirin Noor also conveyed the readiness of his region to be the new capital. According to him, the province has also prepared land needed as the location of a new capital. “If the capital was located in South Kalimantan, the Meratus Mountains and the beach will dominate the landscape,” Sahbirin said.

Meanwhile, Governor of Central Kalimantan Sugianto Sabran explained that his region has all the conditions requested by the Central Government as a potential new capital. “We have prepared three districts in Central Kalimantan that meet the criteria as the new capital. Moreover, Bung Karno – Indonesia’s first president – once envisioned that Indonesia will move its capital to Central Kalimantan,” said Sugianto.

High-rank official from East Kalimantan also shared his own perspective that the province, which is best known for its beautiful beaches along its east coast, will best represent Indonesia as a maritime country. The city has also prepared itself as a leading candidate as the capital city, he added.

The Governors also said that they are ready to support President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo’s decision to build a new capital because they believe the decision is definitely the best one.

For the record, President Jokowi has decided to push ahead with his plan to move the capital from Jakarta and to build a new center of government outside Java, citing the need to ensure more equitable development and address overpopulation in Java. The relocation of Indonesia’s capital itself has actually been discussed since the era of President Sukarno, who had proposed Palangkaraya in Central Kalimantan as the new capital city. (EN/Humas KSP/ES)


Several world leaders including British Prime Minister Theresa May and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison have congratulated President Joko Widodo on successful and peaceful presidential and legislative elections held last month.

The President on Sunday (5/5) at the Bogor Presidential Palace received a congratulatory message from PM Scott Morrison via a phone call at around 14:00 Western Indonesian Time. The two leaders also agreed to continue to enhance bilateral cooperation and good relations between the two neighboring countries.

On Saturday (4/5), President Jokowi also received a congratulatory message from PM Theresa via a phone call at around 19:00 Western Indonesian Time at the Bogor Presidential Palace, West Java. President Jokowi expressed his gratitude for the support of the British Government in the holding of elections for Indonesian citizens in London. The two leaders also agreed to enhance cooperation to mark the 70th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Indonesia and the United Kingdom.

Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad, Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, as well as Turkish President Erdogan have also congratulated the President on the successful and peaceful elections. (BPMI/EN)


Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno Marsudi  arrived ( 6 May ) in New York to lead Indonesian Representative in UN as the president of UN Security Council. Indonesian propose to discuss ways to strengthen training and capacity building for UN Peacekeepers as weel as discussion on the Israel illegal settlements issue. Minister Retno Marsudi has also met Ambassador / Permanent Representative of Egypt to the UN to find peace solutions in the Middle East. (twitter kemenlu )


The UN held a Memorial Service to honor its personnel who perished in the service of peace, including 2 Indonesians: Chief Private Nasri Bin Bahri, a UNAMID peacekeeper in Darfur, and Ms. Harina Hafitz from WFP .

Indonesia as United Nations Security Council president may accompany the general Secretary of the United Nations to turn on the eternal Fire in New York, 6 May, recalls UN personnel service for peace, including the two indonesians. (kemenlu twitter )


Jonatan Christie presented the title from the 2019 New Zealand Open after defeating Ng Ka Long Angus (Hong Kong), with a score of 21-12, 21-13. This result improved the achievements achieved by Jonatan last year in this championship, he became runner-up after being defeated by Lin Dan (China).
The second title was donated by Hendra Setiawan / Mohammad Ahsan's men's doubles. In the final round that took place this afternoon, Hendra / Ahsan beat Hiroyuki Endo / Yuta Watanabe (Japan), with a score of 20-22, 21-15, 21-17.
Jonatan performed well in the final match, the game was neat and tended to be minimal by his own mistakes. This made Ng unable to develop his game and made many successive mistakes.
"I saw the condition of the opponent's feet seemed uncomfortable if run around. So I deliberately made him run to the corner of the field, maybe this is what makes him uncomfortable playing. I also do not want to rush to attack, because if it continues to smash, defense that's good, so I tried to cross-left, right, front and back, "explained Jonatan, who is now ranked ninth in the world.
"In this tournament, I tried to return to my appearance in Malaysia and the Singapore Open yesterday. Especially now that I have started collecting points at the Olympics. I try to enjoy, relax, don't think I have to win, have so many points. I focus party by party "I don't think about the later round, just that day," answered Jonatan when asked about his stable appearance from the early round.
This victory is not only a provision for Jonatan to be in the top ranks of the men's singles world rankings, but also improve his record meeting with Ng. Jonatan's first two meetings were won by Ng, but Ng took the lead in the last four meetings.
"Before the Olympics, I focus on taking as many points as possible in each tournament that I follow, not to waste the opportunity given by PBSI. For ranking, I want the Top 8 to be superior if it can qualify for the Olympics," said 2018 Asian Games gold medalist.
Indonesia placed three representatives in the final. Previously mixed doubles Praveen Jordan / Melati Daeva Oktavianti subdued from Chan Peng Soon / Goh Liu Ying (Malaysia), with dramatic scores, 14-21, 21-16, 27-29. (badminton indonesia )


Indonesian Minister of Religious Affairs Lukman Hakim Saifudin stated, the beginning of fasting month or 1 Ramadhan 1440 Hijri fell on Monday, May 6. According to Lukman Hakim, 1 Ramadhan was decided after knowing the position of the new moon and hearing the testimony of a number of officers deployed by the Ministry at a number of points in Indonesia.  This was conveyed by the Minister at a press conference at the Ministry of Religious Affairs office in Jakarta, after itsbat session to determine the beginning of Ramadan on Sunday (05/05) afternoon.  He added, for this year, the Government had deployed a number of officers stationed in not less than 102 point in 34 provinces in Indonesia. At least 9 officers delivered their testimony under the oath that they saw the Hilal.

“Therefore, with these two things, Hilal's position and then later hearing the testimony of a number of our officers, then all the participants of the Itsbat congregation agreed to determine that 1 Ramadhan in 1440 Hijrah falls on Monday, May 6, 2019,” said Lukman Hakim Saifudin.

Minister Lukman Hakim Saifudin hopes that, with the results of the itsbat session, all Muslims in Indonesia can start fasting together in Ramadan. This is a reflection of the togetherness of Muslims to look at the future of the nation together.  The itsbat session was attended by representatives of various Islamic organizations, such as Nahdlatul Ulama and Muhamadiyah, National Aeronautics and Space Agency (LAPAN), Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) and representatives of friendly countries. (VOI / AHM)


Indonesian Vice President Muhammad Jusuf Kalla said at a national seminar themed "Format of Education to Enhance National Competitiveness" at Yogyakarta State University (UNY) that education must be developed based on future needs.

"Education must always be based on the future; otherwise it will turn into a museum," he said at the national seminar in Yogyakarta on Saturday, where he was the keynote speaker.

The Vice President then explained the clear differences between universities as educational institutions and museums. Although both are tools for learning, the orientation is different.

"Colleges look forward, museums look back; if universities do not look forward, they will become museums, and of course we do not want that," said the Vice President.

He stated that UNY as one of the teacher training colleges would certainly see students graduating, with 70 percent of its alumni becoming teachers.

"Nowadays, teacher education is improving in line with the rise in teacher welfare, where state universities or former IKIP are now more in demand," he said.

The Vice President explained that education is strongly influenced by four things. The first is the educator or teacher—the quality and level of knowledge of the teacher.

Second is the education system or curriculum, third are the facilities and infrastructure supporting education, and the fourth is the environment or cultural environment surrounding the educational institution.(ant)

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