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PLN Gradually Recovers Electricity Supply

PLN Gradually Recovers Electricity Supply (0)

State-owned electricity firm PT PLN has recovered electric power to Balaraja Extra High Voltage substation in Banten Province, and furthermore it will be channeled to Suralaya steam-fueled power plant (PLTU) to gradually recover its operation to reach its capacity of 2800 MW of electricity.

In addition, power supply from Gandul Extra High Voltage substations in Depok, West Java Province, will be channeled to Muara Karang gas and steam power plant (PLTGU) to supply electricity to the Indonesian capital city, Jakarta.

Acting President Director of PLN Sripeni Inten Cahyani said here on Sunday that the power supply to Jakarta was expected to recover within three hours.

"We apologize for the inconvenience today, and currently all efforts have been made to recover the Java-Bali power system, especially in the area of West Java, Banten, and Jakarta," Cahyani said.

The company has focused on power supply to PLTGU Muara Karang and PLTGU Priok to recover the system in the capital city.

Previously, PLN has recovered the operation of hydro-generated power plant (PLTA) Saguling and PLTA Cirata which are functioned as power stabilizer, and, at the same time, supply the electricity to PLTU Suralaya through Cibinong, Depok, Gandul, Lengkok, Balaraja and Suralaya extra high voltage substations.

PLTU Suralaya is expected to return to its normal operation within six hours to normalize power system in West Java and Banten.

Blackout that affected thousands of homes and public facilities in West Java, Jakarta, and Banten was caused by several troubles in the extra high voltage 500 kV transmission of Ungaran - Pemalang.

"PLN has taken its best efforts and will have evaluation to prevent recurrence of today's incident," Cahyani said.

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The presence of electric cars is believed to be driving vehicle fuel diversification from BBM (fuel oil) to electricity which has a significant impact on air quality. Not only that, the presence of electric cars will also reduce the volume of fuel imports.

"Because of this strategic value, the Government continues to encourage the use of electric vehicles that have low emissions to be able to compete with conventional vehicles," ESDM Minister Ignasius Jonan said after commemorating the 49th Earth Day at the Geology Museum, Bandung, Saturday (27/4).

On the occasion Jonan had the opportunity to test a crossover electric car called EVHERO and the V8 VADI Sportcar, made by the Bandung Institute of Technology (Itenas).

Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources admitted, the biggest challenge for electric cars is the price problem. "If the price of an electric car is Rp 1.5 billion, who wants to buy it, or Rp 750 million, who can buy it, that's twice the price (type car) of the deer," he said.

However, electric cars are very necessary because fuel consumption continues to increase along with the growth in the number of motorized vehicles as well as the strengthening of highway infrastructure. According to Jonan, in the future it is difficult to balance the increase in demand or fuel consumption. One way to reduce fuel imports or import crude oil is by electric cars.

"All primary energy sources for electricity generation are all in the country such as coal, sun, natural gas, geothermal, wind and water. Everything is there and is owned by Indonesia, so that the import of fuel keeps getting higher every day. Our job is to control the import of BBM in a measurable capacity, because if not, the longer it gets higher, "explained Jonan.

Regarding the availability of the General Electric Charging Station (SPLU) for charging electric cars, Minister Jonan ensured that it would be fulfilled because according to Jonan, currently installed electricity reserves were more than 30% and providing SPLU for PLN as well as selling ordinary electricity. (setkab-esdm)


Indonesian Foreign Minister, Retno Marsudi had a brief discussion with State Counselor Aung San Suu Kyi, Minister U Kyaw Tin of Myanmar and FM Vivian Balakrishnan of Singapore on ASEAN’s involvement in Rakhine State at the sidelines of 2nd BRF, Beijing (27/04) (twitter menlu)


An electronic voting (e-voting) system for elections in the future could well be a solution to the cumbersome voting process used presently and drastically reduce the use of human resources, an official has said. "An e-voting system is accurate and can reduce the restlessness of people," Head of electronic voting (e-voting) system at Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) Andrari Grahitandaru said here Thursday.

The vote count would not just be simplified but electronic voting could ensure an accurate recapitulation of votes. Through the system, the validity of a voter could be verified, he noted.

There is also no need to record votes manually. With e-voting, a voter just has to match his fingerprint on an electronic identity card (e-KTP).

Once a voter enters the polling station, he casts his vote using an electronic touch screen ballot. This enables the voter to cast his ballot privately and independently, and the result of the vote is immediately recorded.

Electronic voting, therefore, can provide efficiency of up to 50 percent when compared to manual voting.

However, electronic voting machines should be used at least five times.

KPU Commissioner Viryan Aziz informed journalists in Jakarta on Tuesday of the deaths of 119 polling station working committee members, and 548 others falling ill. These officials were managing different ballot booths across Indonesia's 25 provinces.

Some 33 Elections Supervisory Committee members too lost their lives while fulfilling electoral duties, Commissioner of the Elections Supervisory Agency (Bawaslu) Fritz Edward Siregar confirmed. (ant)


The Government of Indonesia is underscoring the theme of the UN peacekeeping operation as it takes up the chairmanship of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) in May 2019.

Director of International Security and Disarmament (KIPS) of the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry Grata Endah Werdaningtyas made the statement during a press briefing in Jakarta onThursday.

With Indonesia holding presidency of the UNSC in May 2019, the government will put the spotlight on the theme of "Investing in Peace: Improving the Security and Performance of UN Peacekeeping."

Werdaningtyas explained that the Indonesian government decided on the theme owing to the importance it places on UN peacekeeping operations as a major plank in its efforts to maintain and promote global peace and security.

"This is because the fact is, regardless of it being accepted or not, the UN peace mission continues to be the most potent tool of the UN Security Council in its endeavors to contributing to global peace. When one looks at conflict-affected nations, the UN's 'blue helmet' (indicative of the UN peace mission forces) is what stands out the most," he pointed out.

The Indonesian government's greater lineage to the theme focusing on the UN peace operation is in accordance with Indonesia's credentials and capabilities to facilitate the UN peace mission operation.

"We also zeroed down on the theme based on our own track record. Indonesia has the capital to bring the spotlight on this issue since we are among the largest contributors to the UN peacekeeping force," Werdaningtyas noted.

Indonesia was the eighth-largest of 124 nations in terms of peacekeeping contributions, through the assignment of personnel for UN peacekeeping missions.

"This is part of our pledge to take forward the vision of four thousand UN peacekeeping personnel. We have fielded 3,028 personnel, and this month, we have dispatched over 100 women peacekeepers, which is the first of its kind for us," Werdaningtyas noted.

The Indonesian government's sustained efforts to encourage an increase in the role of women in the UN peacekeeping missions are aligned with the UN secretary general's initiative to step up their presence and participation in endeavors directed at maintaining global peace and security.  (ant)


Chinese President Xi Jinping has appreciated the Indonesian government for successfully holding simultaneous elections that took place safely and smoothly.

"We want to congratulate the Indonesian government for successfully holding elections," he said while receiving a courtesy call from Indonesia's Vice President Jusuf Kalla at China's Great Hall here on Thursday.

President Xi recounted his memory when describing the idea of Belt and Road in Jakarta in 2013.

"Of course I am very happy because China 's relations with Indonesia are increasing," said Xi who was accompanied by a number of Chinese government officials, including Government Adviser and Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Meanwhile, Vice President Kalla conveyed President Joko Widodo's best regards to Xi and Widodo's apology for not being able to meet the invitation of the Chinese president at the International Belt Road Cooperation Conference (BRF) II in Beijing on April 24-27 2019.

"President Jokowi entrusted his letter (to me) for His Excellency (Chinese president) because he could not attend the event," he said.

The vice president also expressed his gratitude for the congratulations of President Xi Jinping for the successful implementation of elections in Indonesia.

Previously in a different place, Kalla also met with Chinese Vice President Wang Qishan.

"I thank you for this very warm welcome. This visit was very useful. The president was busy because the general elections had just finished so it was still very important to be in the country," Kalla told his colleague.

He also expressed his congratulations on the implementation of the BRF II and Indonesia as a country located in the Belt Road area expected very much for the implementation of the meeting.

In that brief and warm meeting, Wang shared his experience during a visit to Indonesia in 2005 as Mayor of Beijing.

"At that time, I received him," said Jusuf Kalla who that time served as Vice President accompanying President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

During a courtesy call to Xi Jinping, Vice President Kalla was accompanied by Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs Luhut Binsar Panjaitan, Minister of Foreign Affairs Retno LP Marsudi, Minister of Research Technology and Higher Education Mohamad Nasir, and Indonesian Ambassador to China Djauhari Oratmangun.

At the BRF I in May 2017, President Joko Widodo was present. The BRF II is currently represented by Jusuf Kalla. About 40 heads of state/government attended the biennial summit, including President Xi Jinping as the initiator of the Belt and Road. (ant)



Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs, M Fachir, extends deepest sympathies and prayers to the victims of the bombings during Easter in Colombo, Sri Lanka at the 70th Anniv of relations between Indonesia (RI) and India. Teh country was among the earliest nations that recognised RI's independence. Both countries has collaborated in many initiatives: Asia-Africa Conference, Strategic Partnership&Comprehensive Partnership in 2018. RI and India set target of total trade USD 50 billion in 2025 . RI-India’s are members of G20, with a total GDP combined USD 3 trillion, and 1.3 billion combined populations. With great privilege, comes great responsibilities. RI-Indo both share the responsibility to promote peace amidst global uncertainty. (kemenlu twitter)


Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Wiranto invited the public to maintain security after the elections.

“To date, Indonesia ranks 9th in world’s safest country, out of 142 countries, and that is an international assessment, meaning that our country is considered safe,” Wiranto said to reporters after attending a Plenary Cabinet Meeting, at Bogor Presidential Palace, West Java, Tuesday (23/4).

For this reason, the Coordinating Minister called on all parties to maintain security together with security apparatus, the national police and the Indonesian National Defence Forces (TNI).

“Do not elections divide us as a nation and cause disruption for our unity since election-related matters were already finished,” he continued.

“It is not worth it [to fight each other over political reason]. Do not let elections ruin our long-standing unity,” Wiranto once again emphasized, adding that the TNI and the Police have prepared for any worst case scenario that may disturb national security.

He also expressed gratitude that the two presidential candidates (Joko Widodo and Prabowo Subianto) had underlined the importance of maintaining peace and security, particularly to their supporters.

“We just have to wait the official result that will be announced by the General Election Commission (KPU) on 22 May 2019. The KPU is an independent institution,” the Coordinating Minister said.

Regarding negative activities during elections, he reminded that the Government has provided a number of agencies to resolve the issues based on type of violation and government level.

“Do not violate the laws and regulations as our country is a legal state,” he said while reminding those who violate the law or disturb public order will face legal consequences.

Regarding the mobilization of a number of the National Police’s Mobile Brigade (Brimob) personnel to Jakarta, Wiranto asked not to be worried because the decision was taken based on local security analysis in areas that need additional security forces. (setkab)


To restore the former mining activities, the government is targeting to carry out a 7,000 hectare mine reclamation in 2019. This number increased dramatically compared to 2014 which reached 6,597 hectares.

"Mining reclamation activities have increased in the last 5 years. That of an area of ​​6,597 hectares in 2014 increased to an area of ​​6,950 hectares in 2018. In 2019 this is expected to reach more than 7,000 hectares, "said Secretary General of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, Ego Syahrial, after signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Ministry of Energy and the Environment Life and Forestry (LHK) in the Coordination Meeting on Forest Reclamation and Watershed Rehabilitation in Jakarta, Tuesday (23/4).

The Secretary General of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources said that the government had issued Government Regulation Number 78 of 2010 concerning Post-Mining Reclamation and Regulation of the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) Number 26 of 2018 concerning the Implementation of Good Mining Practices and Mineral and Coal Mining Supervision.

Post mining activities, explained Ego, aim to complete environmental and social recovery activities at the time the mine ends with the main focus of the community's socio-economic sustainability.

"Mining activities in addition to providing benefits certainly also have an impact on the environment so that efforts are needed to minimize them, for example by reclaiming mines after mining activities. This should be our focus together, "said Ego.

Besides aiming to prevent erosion or reduce runoff water, according to the Ego, reclamation to keep the land to become more stable and of course to make the land more productive.

He said, the obligation of post-mining reclamation is attached to the holder of a mining business permit (IUP), then the IUP holder is obliged to place collateral by not eliminating the obligation to reclamate and post-mine.

Post-mining activities, continued ESDM Ministry Secretary General Ego Syahrial, aim to complete environmental and social recovery activities at the time the mine ends with the main focus of the community's socio-economic sustainability.

"Reclamation activities are expected to produce added value for the environment and create better conditions than before mining activities," said Ego.


Meanwhile, Secretary General of the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (LHK), Bambang Hendroyono revealed, forest reclamation and rehabilitation of watersheds as an effort to rehabilitate forests and land are part of the watershed recovery.

"Forest reclamation must be carried out by holders of Borrowing Use Forest Areas (IPPKH) in disturbed forest areas (on-site). While the obligation of watershed rehabilitation is planting activities on the location of critical land both inside and outside the forest area that is outside the IPPKH (off-site) area, "Bambang said.

According to Bambang, efforts to restore watersheds through the Forest and Land Rehabilitation (RHL) program in 2019 are one of the National Priority programs that require real success at the site level, and it is hoped that the IPPKH Forest Reclamation and Watershed Rehabilitation activities can be carried out on time and according to the provisions . (min ESDM )


The Ministry of Communication and Information Technology opens registration for prospective recipients of 25,000 scholarships for the 2019 Digital Talent Scholarship training program. The scholarship is intended to improve the skills and competitiveness of Indonesia's human resources in the field of information and communication technology.

Program participants will be trained intensively to master skills and soft skills in accordance with specialization in technical intelligence, big data, cloud computing, cyber security, internet of things, and machine learning and several other training themes.

Previously, in 2018, the Ministry of Communication and Information has launched the same program to prepare 1,000 talents who master digital expertise to support Indonesia's vision to become the largest digital economy in 2030. In addition, the Digital Talent Scholarship Program is aimed at providing the talent needed in the Revolution Industry 4.0.

This year, the Digital Talent Scholarship 2019 Program will provide an opportunity for 25,000 participants to take part in training that is packaged in four academies. Each academy has certain criteria for participants, as follows: 

Fresh Graduate Academy (FGA), which is intended for graduates of D3, D4 and S1 in the ICT field (or related), this program is open to persons with disabilities;
Vocational School Graduate Academy (VSGA), an intensive training program for SMK graduates;
Coding Teacher Academy (CTA), which is intended for teachers of SMK, SMA, Aliyah Madrasah and SMALB in the field of ICT (Open to PNS and Non PNS Teachers), and
Online Academy (OA), an online training program for the general public, including ASN, students, and industry players.
This scholarship is managed by the HR Research and Development Agency of the Ministry of Communication and Information in collaboration with 31 leading universities in Indonesia, 23 Polytechnics and 4 global technology companies including AWS, Cisco, Google and Microsoft.

The Ministry of Communication and Information also prepares post-training activities for program participants. The target is to bring together the expertise possessed by digital talent with job and business opportunities in various technology companies.

The program registration period starts April 20, 2019 until May 19, 2019. For further information and registration please access Other information can be found on Instagram @ digitalent.kominfo. (pres rel kominfo)


Minister of Foreign Affairs, Madame Retno Marsudi received Ambassador of Sri Lanka, H.E. Dharsana Mahendra Perera, to directly express Indonesia’s deep condolences to Government of Sri Lanka & families of victims of horrific bombing attack on a number of churches, hotels & residential areas yesterday in Srilanka (22/04) (twitter menlu)

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