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PLN Gradually Recovers Electricity Supply

PLN Gradually Recovers Electricity Supply (0)

State-owned electricity firm PT PLN has recovered electric power to Balaraja Extra High Voltage substation in Banten Province, and furthermore it will be channeled to Suralaya steam-fueled power plant (PLTU) to gradually recover its operation to reach its capacity of 2800 MW of electricity.

In addition, power supply from Gandul Extra High Voltage substations in Depok, West Java Province, will be channeled to Muara Karang gas and steam power plant (PLTGU) to supply electricity to the Indonesian capital city, Jakarta.

Acting President Director of PLN Sripeni Inten Cahyani said here on Sunday that the power supply to Jakarta was expected to recover within three hours.

"We apologize for the inconvenience today, and currently all efforts have been made to recover the Java-Bali power system, especially in the area of West Java, Banten, and Jakarta," Cahyani said.

The company has focused on power supply to PLTGU Muara Karang and PLTGU Priok to recover the system in the capital city.

Previously, PLN has recovered the operation of hydro-generated power plant (PLTA) Saguling and PLTA Cirata which are functioned as power stabilizer, and, at the same time, supply the electricity to PLTU Suralaya through Cibinong, Depok, Gandul, Lengkok, Balaraja and Suralaya extra high voltage substations.

PLTU Suralaya is expected to return to its normal operation within six hours to normalize power system in West Java and Banten.

Blackout that affected thousands of homes and public facilities in West Java, Jakarta, and Banten was caused by several troubles in the extra high voltage 500 kV transmission of Ungaran - Pemalang.

"PLN has taken its best efforts and will have evaluation to prevent recurrence of today's incident," Cahyani said.

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WDD 2018-19 key messages

The primary aim of the World Diabetes Day and World Diabetes Month 2018–19 campaign is to raise awareness of the impact that diabetes has on the family and to promote the role of the family in the management, care, prevention and education of the condition.

There are three main focus areas:

  • Discover diabetes
  • Prevent diabetes
  • Manage diabetes

Detecting diabetes early involves the family too

  • One in every two people with diabetes is undiagnosed. Early diagnosis and treatment is key to helping prevent or delay life-threatening complications.
  • If type 1 diabetes is not detected early, it can lead to serious disability or death. Know the signs and symptoms to protect yourself and your family.



National Health Day (HKN) is celebrated every November 12, both at the central and regional levels. The theme of the National Health Day in 2018 is almost the same as the theme of HKN 2011, namely "I Love Healthy", while in 2011 it was, "Indonesia Cinta Sehat." While the sub-theme of HKN 2018 is, "Let's Live Healthy, Start from Us".


History of National Health Day

The history of the birth of the National Health Day commemorated every November 12 begins with efforts to eradicate Malaria in Indonesia. In the era of the 50s, Malaria was widespread in Indonesia. This disease affects almost all people throughout the country. There were hundreds of thousands of people killed in the Malaria outbreak. As a result of the many casualties, the government immediately took action by making various efforts to eradicate Malaria.

Efforts to eradicate Malaria began in 1959 with the establishment of the Malaria Extermination Service by the government. Four years later, namely in 1963, his name was later changed to the Malaria Extermination Operation Command which was shortened to KOPEM. This extermination effort was carried out by the government with the assistance of WHO world health organizations and USAID. With the efforts to eradicate Malaria, the government hopes that Malaria can be completely eradicated.
The form of efforts to eradicate Malaria itself is done using DDT type drugs. The spraying of the drug was carried out en masse to residents' houses on the islands of Java, Bali and Lampung. President Soekarno, who served as President of the Republic of Indonesia at that time, symbolically sprayed the first on November 12, 1959, in the village of Kalasan, Yogyakarta. This date is then designated as National Health Day (HKN) to be commemorated annually.
National Health Day Celebration
The celebration of National Health Day on November 12 was first commemorated in 1959. It was symbolically sprayed with Malaria mosquitoes by President Soekarno. After symbolic spraying is done, counseling is also given with the aim of providing an understanding of the danger of Malaria and so that they are more aware of it. In the following years, National Health Day (HKN) continued to be commemorated with the aim of providing health education and counseling for the people of Indonesia. ( divers ) 


Indonesian Vice President Jusuf Kalla opened the Indo Defense Expo and Forum which is an exhibition and forum of the Main Equipment of the domestic production armament system, in Jakarta, Wednesday (7/11).  


President Jokowi tried the national electric motor Gesits in the presence of the Menristekdikti and the chancellors, on the page of the Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, Wednesday (7/11) afternoon. 

President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said that the national electric motorbike of Garansindo Electric Scooter ITS or Gesits had been undergoing trials for a long time. For speed, for example, it has been tested from Jakarta to Bali, and there are no problems.

"I tried it, because there was no exhaust sound, there were no grills. So smooth and this is very environmentally friendly, "said President Jokowi after testing the Gesits electric motorbike in the courtyard of the Presidential Palace, Jakarta, Wednesday (7/11) morning.

According to the President, the national electric motorcycles will soon be produced, approximately 1 year produced 60,000 units, 1 month 5,000 units. But if the market welcomes this can be raised.

"This is the 100% Indonesian brand and principle. "Electric motorcycle," said the President.

Although 100% of Indonesia's production, President Jokowi did not think about the possibility of providing protection against the marketing of Gesits motorcycles. He just said, consumers are given choices. (info: sekkab)


President Joko Widodo on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, reviewed the development of the Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) project at the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout (HI) MRT Station. His arrival was welcomed by, among others, Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi, DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan, and PT MRT Managing Director William Sabandar.

Arrive at the Roundabout HI MRT Station at around 09.00 WIB, the President goes straight to the departure platform. From there, the President along with the group tried the latest transportation modes in Jakarta with the aim of Depo MRT Lebak Bulu, South Jakarta.

The President's trip from HI Roundabout MRT Station to Lebak Bulus MRT Depot is taken in approximately 30 minutes. The number of train cars that were currently ridden by the President was 6 cars with each with a capacity of 48 seats, including 6 seats for pregnant women and the elderly.

"We jointly tried the MRT from Bundaran HI to Lebak Bulus for 16 kilometers," said the President upon his arrival at the Lebak Bulus MRT Depot.

The project, said the President, is in the final stage of completion and is expected to be operational soon to serve the community in March 2019.


Prrésident Joko Widodo ride a custom motorcycle on a visit in Tangerang.


Plane Crashed

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A Aircraft, flight number JT 610 operated by Lion Air crashed this morning in the Java Sea, north of Karawang, West Java. The aircraft headed to Pangkal Pinang, Bangka Belitung Province. 



"Don't let Indonesia advance in technology but retreat in culture, civilization. Don't happen."

A piece of the sentence was said by President Joko Widodo when he opened the 5th ASEAN 2018 Indigenous and Indigenous Festival (FKMA).

Starting his remarks, the President invited all parties to continue to maintain, maintain, and maintain a sense of unity, brotherhood and harmony among the people of the nation. Because according to him, these three things are the biggest assets of the Indonesian people.

"On this good occasion we can meet, the king, the Sultan of the Sultanate across the archipelago. How can we see now our differences. Different religions, customs, traditions, tribes, this is a gift that God gave us to the people of Indonesia," the President said in Sumenep District Square, Sunday, October 28 2018.

These differences, according to the President, will be potential and strength if the Indonesian people unite and get along well.
He also stressed, did not want the Indonesian nation to advance in technology but to retreat in culture and civilization.

"Progress must continue to be rooted in local wisdom. I remind you to maintain unity. Don't be trapped in the utterance of hatred, slander, hoaks. It was not taught by our ancestors, ancestors, sultans and kingdoms. Let's advance respectful and civilized civilization," he stressed. .

At the event which will take place on October 27 to 31, 2018, the President appears to be dressed in a typical Javanese king's clothes complete with a golden crown and a black beskap crown. Likewise with First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo who looked elegant wearing clothes that were in harmony with the President's clothes.


Efforts to strengthen trade and maritime cooperation were discussed during my meeting with the Vice President and Minister for Foreign affairs of the Republic of Panama Isabel St. Malo (MOFA- 24 October 2018)