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President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) inducts Arinal Djunaidi and Chusnunia Chalim respectively as Governor and Deputy Governor of Lampung for a term of 2019-2024, at the State Palace, Jakarta, Wednesday (12/6) afternoon.

The inauguration procession begins with the submission of excerpts of the presidential decree by President Jokowi to Arinal-Chusnunia, at Merdeka Palace, Jakarta, at around 09.45 WIB. Furthermore, President Jokowi was accompanied by Vice President Jusuf Kalla, Minister of Home Affairs (Minister of Home Affairs) Tjahjo Kumolo, and the pair of Governors and Deputy Governors of Lampung to go to the State Palace.

The inauguration ceremony begins with the singing of the Indonesia Raya song accompanied by the Corps of Paspampres music, which was followed by the reading of the Presidential Decree No. 49 / P of 2019 concerning Ratification of the Appointment of Governor and Deputy Governor of Lampung for 2019-2024, dated May 2 2019.

Then the cleric occupies a predetermined position for taking oath of office. This oath of office was led by the President.

After signing the minutes of the inauguration of the governor and deputy governor, the event was closed by singing Indonesian Raya songs.

Furthermore, President Jokowi and First Lady Iriana and Vice President Jusuf Kalla and Ms. Mufidah Kalla congratulated the Governor and Deputy Governor of Lampung for being invited by other invited guests.

President Jokowi and Vice President Jusuf Kalla led the procession before inaugurating the Governor and Deputy Governor of Lampung, at the State Palace, Jakarta, Wednesday (12/5) afternoon. (Photo: OJI / Humas)
President Jokowi and Vice President Jusuf Kalla led the process before inaugurating the Governor and Deputy Governor of Lampung, at the State Palace, Jakarta, Wednesday (12/5) afternoon. (Photo: Oji / Humas)

Attending the occasion included the Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs Wiranto, Minister of Home Affairs Tjahjo Kumolo, Secretary of State Pratikno, Secretary of Pramono Anung, Minister of Manpower Hanif Dhakiri, Minister of Industry Airlangga Hartaro PDTT Village Minister Eko Putro Sandjojo, Indonesian MPR Chair Zulkifli Hasan, and Chairperson of the Republic of Indonesia Oesman Sapta. (setkab)

Arinal-Chusnunia was elected in the 2018 Governor Election by outperforming the other three pairs in the 2018 Lampung regional election. In the calculation results, the couple familiar with Arinal-Chusnunia's call received 1,548,506 votes or 37.7 percent.

Arinal Djunaidi had served as the Regional Secretary of Lampung in 2014-2016, while Chusnunia Chalim was the Regent of East Lampung for the period 2016-2019.


Indonesian Minister of Trade Enggartiasto Lukita along with Deputy Foreign Minister of Trade in Chile Rodrigo Yáñez Benítez exchanges Instrument of
Ratification (IoR) of the Indonesia-Chile Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IC-CEPA) , Tuesday (11/6) at the Indonesian Ministry of Trade, Jakarta.

"The implementation of the IC-CEPA is a very historic moment. Besides being the first trade agreement with the South American country, IC-CEPA will also open the door for Indonesia's export products in the South American region more easily.

"Chile's strategic geographical location will make Chile the country that connects Indonesian export products in South America," explained the Minister of Trade.

IoR exchange is an important legal procedure before the entry into force of IC-CEPA. In accordance with the mandate agreed in the agreement, IC-CEPA will take effect 60 days after IoR exchange, i.e. on August 10, 2019.

Before the IoR exchange event, the Minister of Trade and the Deputy Minister of Trade of Chile held a meeting to discuss efforts to utilize IC-C EPA maximally and effectively.

"I convey to Deputy Minister Rodrigo the importance of using this agreement for business people in both countries. Thus, trade between the two countries will increase. For this reason, we invite the Chilean government to jointly disseminate the benefits and opportunities of IC-CEPA. I also suggested that Chile hold a series of similar socialization on Chile by inviting the Indonesian Embassy in Santiago, "added the Trade Minister.

IC-CEPA was signed by the two governments on December 14, 2017 in Santiago, Chile. Through IC-CEPA, the two countries will get each other preferential tariffs for exports to markets other.

After nearly 18 months of ratification in each country, on June 11, 2019 the process was officially completed by the two countries. For Indonesia, this process was carried out through the issuance of Presidential Regulation No. 11 of 2019, concerning the Ratification of the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and the Government of the Republic of Chile (Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Indonesia and the Government of the Republic of Chile).

Through IC-CEPA, 89.6 percent of Chile's tariff posts will be eliminated for Indonesian products entering the Chilean market, while Indonesia will remove 86.1 percent of the post the tariff for imported products from Chile. The main products of Indonesia that receive preferences include: palm oil and its derivatives, paper and pulp, fisheries, food and beverages, automotive products, footwear, furniture, jewelry, sorbitol, textile products, and others.

In accordance with the agreement, after the implementation of IC-CEPA was implemented, the two countries will continue negotiations to the next stage, namely trade in the service sector and investment. "After the goods tariff agreement, the next stage is negotiations in the services and investment fields, because IC-CEPA is indeed done in stages. For the deadline, it will be discussed further through the IC-CEPA Joint Committee, which will meet according to a joint agreement, "concluded the Trade Minister.


Indonesia-Chile Bilateral Trade Overview

The total trade between Indonesia and Chile in 2018 reached USD 274 million. Meanwhile, for the period January-March 2019 the total trade between the two countries reached USD 56.1 million with the value of Indonesian exports amounting to USD 34.9 million and imports of USD 21.2 million.
Chile is Indonesia's 55th export destination with total exports of USD 158.9 million in 2018, an increase of 0.3 percent compared to the previous year of USD 158.5 million.
Indonesia's main export products to Chile are footwear, fertilizer; cars, organic surfactants, locust beans, seaweed, sugar beets, and sugar cane. Meanwhile, Chile's main products exported to Indonesia are grapes, copper, chemical pulp, iron ore, fat, and oil and its fraction of fish or marine mammals. (kemendag-rel)


The Indonesian Minister of Trade, Enggartiasto Lukita met with the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Chile, Rodrigo Yanez Benitez at the residence of the Ambassador of Chile Jakarta in Jakarta, Monday (10/6). This meeting is a series of activities of the Exchange of Instrument of Ratification (IoR) of the Indonesia-Chile Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IC-CEPA) which will be held tomorrow, June 11, 2019 which is an effort to improve Indonesia-Chile cooperation and good relations.

This activity is a continuation of the signing of the cooperation between the Indonesia-Chile Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IC-CEPA) conducted in 2017.

Meanwhile, as information from the Ministry of Trade's data, Indonesia-Chile for the January-February 2019 period has realized trade transactions of US $ 36.6 million. Of this figure, US $ 25.7 million is from Indonesia and imports are US $ 10.9 million.

That is, the value of Indonesia's trade transactions with Chile recorded a surplus of US $ 14.7 million. (kemendag-detik)


If coral reefs are the rainforests of the seas, then the Coral Triangle is the underwater equivalent of the Amazon.  In this region that’s half the size of the United States and passes through six countries (the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea Solomon Islands and Timor Leste), there are more marine species than anywhere else on the planet. 


Just as the Amazon is the symbol of the world’s rainforests – the so-called lungs of the earth – the Coral Triangle is developing iconic status as a marine treasure – the centre of the global marine diversity.

This where the Coral Triangle Day comes in.

Held every June 9, this is a celebration of the Coral Triangle. The event is celebrated in several locations around the Coral Triangle region through simultaneous activities such as beach clean-ups, mangrove planting, sustainable seafood dinners and exhibitions, bazaars, and beach parties, among others. (




Indonesia supports the G20 in improving the global economy and trade digitalization. This was stated by Minister of Trade Enggartiasto Lukita at the time
lead the Indonesian delegation at the Meeting of the Minister of Trade of the G20 Member States held on 8-9 June 2019 in Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan. 

"This Ministerial Meeting resulted in a major agreement regarding the importance of the role G20 in reducing global trade tensions and giving a positive signal to the world efforts through strong political incentives for improving WTO functions. This agreement is a response to global economic conditions that are declining due to tension "trade between the United States and China is happening now," explained the Trade Minister.

This agreement, continued the Minister of Trade, will be input for the G20 leaders on The G20 Summit is scheduled to take place on 28-29 June 2019 in Osaka,
Japan. In addition, there are three main messages from the Japanese Presidency in this year's G20 Forum, namely first, the need for cooperation between G20 member countries in the trade and investment sectors achieve the goals of global economic growth. Trade and invest ment is a machine the main driver of growth, productivity, innovation, and the provision of employment.

Second, updating rules for regulating subsidies in the industrial sector; and third, the importance of giving direction of the WTO reform issue.  

According to the Minister of Trade, Indonesia views the WTO reform as an important thing to restore the multilateral trading system and restore WTO credibility. "The main thing that becomes the focus and priority now is the dispute settlement mechanism (Dispute Settlement) Mechanism) and selection of members of the Appellate Body. Improved functions negotiations must also focus on unresolved issues in the Doha round such as
agriculture, fisheries, and special and differential treatment, " he said. 

At this G20 Summit, the issue of digital commerce was discussed for the first time. Member States G20 views digital transformation as having an important role in generating opportunities as well challenges for current trade. In this discussion, the Minister of Trade conveyed that Indonesia continued to prioritize its importance to continue to respect the rules and regulations that apply in a country, especially related movement of trade data and information, in supporting growth and economic development.

"Storage and security of strategic data in the country is the main thing. Besides, us also need to pay special attention to those who are economically vulnerable, including small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), so that digital commerce can be utilized for "realize inclusive national economic growth and development," concluded the Trade Minister.

Overview of the G20 

G20 or Group 20 Main Economy was established in 1999. G20 members consist of 19 countries and the European Union. G20 represents 85 percent of world income, 75 percent of world trade, 80 percent of global investment sources, and 66 percent of the world's population Initially the G20 was formed to discuss global economic cooperation as a settlement forum problems (such as economic crises) and agendas to help global growth. But when this, discussion of the G20 issue has increasingly developed into non-financial issues that have an impact on  financial issues such as fiscal, monetary and financial.
The G20 is the main forum for international economic cooperation which continues to strengthen sustainable economic growth. The focus is not only on macroeconomics, but also on issues that affect the global economy such as trade, infrastructure and investment, energy, employment, eradicating corruption, development, agriculture, technology, innovation, and digital economy. (kemendag)


Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia Enggartiasto Lukita addresses three trade issues when meeting Minister of Trade, Tourism and Australian Investment Simon Birmingham on the sidelines of the G20 Ministerial Meeting on Trade and Digital Economy activities at
Tsukuba, Japan, Saturday (6/8). 

"Today we discuss three important issues, namely the development of Indonesian ratification − Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA), Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP), and WTO reform, "said the Minister of Trade.

At the meeting, the Minister of Trade explained three issues discussed, namely development ratification of Indonesia − Australia Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IA-CEPA), Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (RCEP), and WTO reform. First, the two countries agreed on IA-CEPA entering the ratification process after signed. To meet the needs of the business community, Indonesia and Australia will accelerate the process so that it can be officially utilized by all parties.

"We agreed to accelerate the completion of the IA-CEPA ratification process so that cooperation Indonesia-Australia trade and investment can be immediately implemented, "continued the Minister of Trade. 

Secondly, Indonesia as the country coordinator requested Australia's support to be more flexible
in imposing trade rates on RCEP member countries that do not yet have an agreement trade with Australia.

"We ask Australia not to impose excessive trade rates on the state RCEP members who do not have a trade agreement with Australia, "said the Trade Minister.
The Minister of Trade also added that Indonesia encouraged all member countries to act realistic and willing to agree on steps to achieve settlement of negotiations substantial at the end of this year. 

Third, Indonesia supports WTO reforms. According to the Minister of Trade, there needs to be a difference clear between processes and substance in WTO reform. This was also conveyed to the APEC 2019 Minister of Trade meeting in Chile a few months ago. The current focus and reform priority of the WTO is on the selection of Appellate Body members. WTO reforms are expected to be able to effectively restore the WTO's functions
the multilateral trading system, as well as the credibility of the WTO in the eyes of the world.

Bilateral meeting with China

In addition to meeting with Australia, the Minister of Trade also held bilateral meetings with China's Deputy Minister of Commerce, Wang Shouwen. On this occasion, Indonesia requesting direct delivery of wallet bird products and Indonesian agricultural products to the market China which is still widely exported through Viet Nam. The Chinese Vice Minister of Trade welcomed both Indonesian requests and will coordinate with relevant parties for
follow up on this.

"China welcomed the demand for wallet nest products and agricultural products "Indonesia can directly enter the Chinese market without going through other countries," said the Trade Minister. (kemendag) 


The three Indonesian players made it to the final of the Australia Open 2019 Super 300. The first player to qualify was a mixed double Praveen Jordan / Melati Daeva Oktavianti, followed by two men's singles, Anthony Sinisuka Ginting and Jonatan Christie.

Praveen Jordan / Melati Daeva Oktavianti made a surprise by defeating second seeded Japanese, Yuta Watanabe / Arisa Higashino, with a score of 21-13, 12-21, 21-17. Even though Watanabe / Higashino is more favored, Praveen / Melati has never been subdued in the hands of the 2018 All England Champion. In the 2018 Malaysia Masters, Praveen / Melati also won two straight games, 25-23, 21-16.

"We've met them before, they played a lot of long drives, so we avoid playing like this because this is their superiority. We try a lot to beat opponents from the front game, so we get plenty of opportunities to attack," Melati told Badmintonindonesia .org.

"Most importantly, the key is to trust partners and keep on communicating in the field. We also know where their weaknesses are, so we continue to search there and this makes us able to defeat them today," Melati added.

Praveen / Melati will meet first seed in the final round, namely Wang Yilyu / Huang Dongping from China.

"In the final round, surely the opponents who face more than the semifinals. Wang / Huang plays neatly, they are strong and rarely make their own mistakes. The important thing is from our appearance, playing as much as possible and all out, we have met them several times. We will try to enjoy the game, "said Melati.

Indonesia has secured one title in the men's singles. Anthony first advanced to the top game after winning a straight game over Wang Tzu Wei (Taiwan), with a score of 21-17, 21-14. Jonatan ensured that the men's singles title fell into Indonesian hands after stopping Chou Tien Chen (Taiwan) resistance, after fighting three games with a score of 22-20, 13-21, 21-16. This victory at the same time avenged his defeat of Chou in the 2019 Sudirman Cup. (badminton Indonesia)


The East Nusa Tenggara provincial government expects Qatari Emir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Tsani's visit to Maumere, Sikka District, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), to have a catalytic effect in increasing tourist visits to the province.

"We welcome (the emir) to Maumere. This sojourn can drive tourist visits to our region, taking into account the fact that he is the Qatar king's son, " Head of the Provincial Secretariat Marius Ardu Jelamu said in Kupang on Saturday.

The Qatari emir landed in Maumere on Friday (June 7) with a group aboard two private jets and a cruise ship that had arrived in Maumere Bay on Thursday (June 6).

The former NTT tourism head could not as yet ascertain the length of their stay in Maumere and the objective behind the visit.

"However, it is beyond doubt that NTT will gain increasing popularity. In addition, several will wonder why the son of the King of Qatar is keen on visiting NTT," he emphasized.

He further added that Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Tsani choosing to visit NTT, Indonesia, is testament to the fact that Indonesia was an increasingly tolerant nation.

The provincial government is upbeat that the Qatari emir's visit to NTT would draw more investors from Qatar to invest in the region, starting from the tourism, land, and air sectors.

"I believe NTT, especially Maumere, the location of his visit, will bear witness to several positive impacts," Jelamu noted.

Members of the entourage comprised Sultan Ghanim S. Alhodaifi Al-Kuwari, Abdulla Mohammed M.S. AL-Khulaifi, Abdulhadi Awajan H.F. Al-Hajri, Abdulhadi Khalil M.A. Al-Hajri, Ali Hamad SA, Al-Hajri, Jaralla Mihd TB Al-Nabet, Khalifa FA Kayed Al-Muhannadi, Mansour Faleh F Al-Hajri, Abdulla Mohammed SL Al-Khayarin, Aboobacker Siddique Pookkayil, Gocha Jibuti, Abdulla Jaber AA Al-Sulati, Mohammad Noor Abdulghafor, and Edward Estores. (ant)



President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and First Lady Iriana along with their first grandchild Jan Ethes today, Friday (7/6), visited the family of the Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat Palace at around 10.38 WIB.

Upon arrival at the palace court, President Jokowi and Mrs. Iriana were welcomed by the daughters, aides and grandchildren of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, namely , Princess, GKR Mangkubumi, Princess GKR Condrokirono, Princess GKR Maduretno, Princess GKR Hayu, Princess GKR Bendara, Prince KPH Wironegoro, Prince KPH Purbadiningrat , Prince KPH Notonegoro , RM Marrel , RM Drastya, and RAJ Irdina.

The President then walked towards the inner court yard and was welcomed by Sultan Hamengkubuwono and his wife Princess GKR Hemas, then walked into the palace.

After visiting for about 30 minutes, the President and Mrs. Iriana said goodbye to go home. Before leaving the palace, the President and family of the Yogyakarta Palace took a photo together.

The Sultan and all his family then escorted the Head of State to the front of the Keben Palace. At 11:12 a.m., the President left the palace to return to Gedung Agung. (kemensetkab-BPMI)



Indonesia condemned a series of acts of violence that took place in Sudan which resulted in fatalities and injuries in a series of actions in Sudan in recent days.

The government and the people of Indonesia convey deep condolences to the victims and their families.

Indonesia expects all parties to be able to restrain themselves.

Indonesia also hopes that the military and security forces can provide comprehensive protection against civilians.

Indonesia hopes that the transition process will proceed peacefully and that dialogue will continue to be put forward in accordance with the wishes and hopes of the Sudanese people and by continuing to respect international humanitarian law. (source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

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