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President Joko Widodo on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, reviewed the development of the Jakarta Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) project at the Hotel Indonesia Roundabout (HI) MRT Station. His arrival was welcomed by, among others, Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi, DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan, and PT MRT Managing Director William Sabandar.

Arrive at the Roundabout HI MRT Station at around 09.00 WIB, the President goes straight to the departure platform. From there, the President along with the group tried the latest transportation modes in Jakarta with the aim of Depo MRT Lebak Bulu, South Jakarta.

The President's trip from HI Roundabout MRT Station to Lebak Bulus MRT Depot is taken in approximately 30 minutes. The number of train cars that were currently ridden by the President was 6 cars with each with a capacity of 48 seats, including 6 seats for pregnant women and the elderly.

"We jointly tried the MRT from Bundaran HI to Lebak Bulus for 16 kilometers," said the President upon his arrival at the Lebak Bulus MRT Depot.

The project, said the President, is in the final stage of completion and is expected to be operational soon to serve the community in March 2019.


Prrésident Joko Widodo ride a custom motorcycle on a visit in Tangerang.


Plane Crashed

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A Aircraft, flight number JT 610 operated by Lion Air crashed this morning in the Java Sea, north of Karawang, West Java. The aircraft headed to Pangkal Pinang, Bangka Belitung Province. 



"Don't let Indonesia advance in technology but retreat in culture, civilization. Don't happen."

A piece of the sentence was said by President Joko Widodo when he opened the 5th ASEAN 2018 Indigenous and Indigenous Festival (FKMA).

Starting his remarks, the President invited all parties to continue to maintain, maintain, and maintain a sense of unity, brotherhood and harmony among the people of the nation. Because according to him, these three things are the biggest assets of the Indonesian people.

"On this good occasion we can meet, the king, the Sultan of the Sultanate across the archipelago. How can we see now our differences. Different religions, customs, traditions, tribes, this is a gift that God gave us to the people of Indonesia," the President said in Sumenep District Square, Sunday, October 28 2018.

These differences, according to the President, will be potential and strength if the Indonesian people unite and get along well.
He also stressed, did not want the Indonesian nation to advance in technology but to retreat in culture and civilization.

"Progress must continue to be rooted in local wisdom. I remind you to maintain unity. Don't be trapped in the utterance of hatred, slander, hoaks. It was not taught by our ancestors, ancestors, sultans and kingdoms. Let's advance respectful and civilized civilization," he stressed. .

At the event which will take place on October 27 to 31, 2018, the President appears to be dressed in a typical Javanese king's clothes complete with a golden crown and a black beskap crown. Likewise with First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo who looked elegant wearing clothes that were in harmony with the President's clothes.


Efforts to strengthen trade and maritime cooperation were discussed during my meeting with the Vice President and Minister for Foreign affairs of the Republic of Panama Isabel St. Malo (MOFA- 24 October 2018)


The recitation of the holy verses of the Koran brought by two young Indonesian hafiz, Muhammad Ghozali Akbar (10 years) and Kamil Ramadhan (11 years) echoed at the top of the 19th Moscow MTQ (19th Moscow International Quran Reciting Competition) hafiz or memorization of the Koran, in Moscow, Sunday (10/21). The presence of these two Indonesian hafiz as special invited guests of the Russian Mufti Council.

"We come from Indonesia to Moscow, Russia wants to give valuable things, in the form of our love and chanting of the holy verses of the Koran," said Ike Muttaqin, Chair of the De Muttaqin Waqf Foundation Yatim Tahfizil Islamic Boarding School while on stage accompanying Ahmad and Kamil.
More than 6,000 people attended the event, which is generally the Russian Muslim community in Moscow and surrounding areas that filled the Crocus City Hall building. Also present were invited guests from various backgrounds, including the diplomatic corps. (mofa indonesia)


“Galunggung has 3 foundations. First, Galunggung is a place for fighting. In Sundanese language, Galunggung is the place for Galungan. Secondly, it’s Galunggung 'heurin ku tangtung'. This means that many people flock to Galunggung, overseas. Galunggung ngadeg tumenggung means standing as a regent but we have no idea when ngadeg tumenggung happened. From there, the second one happened. When Galunggung heurin ku tangtung, this means that human beings flocked to Galunggung in the past. Before eruption, who climbed to the crater? The local people took a walk to the forest, made a visit of pilgrimage; only some villagers knew. After Mt. Galunggung erupted in 1982, many domestic and foreign people climbed it,” said Somantri.

That was a story about Mt. Galunggung which was explained by Bapak Somantri, a public figure at Mt. Galunggung. He is a historical witness of the eruption. Until now, the mountain becomes a tourism object in East Priyangan, West Java province. Mt. Galunggung tourism object is developed by States Own Entreprise, -Perhutani and Tourism Office around 1997. This was explained by Suhara, staff of Perhutani management.

“The tourism object was developed after the first natural disaster; the management which I know was managed by the village. There is hot spring and ex-disaster which now becomes crater lake. It becomes attraction for visitors. So, it was opened by the government of the village, if not mistaken by Village Community Resilience Institute -LKMD. And it kept being developed in 1997 and has been developed by Tourism Office and Perhutani,” said Suhara.

Do you know or visit Mt. Galunggung? Mt. Galunggung is an active volcano with around   2,100 meters high above the sea surface.  The last time, the mountain erupted for around 9 months, starting from April 5, 1982 and ended on January 8, 1983. Therefore, Indonesia is one of countries which almost its territory enters in Pacific ring fire. So no wonder, there are many active volcanoes in some islands. Thus, the existence of volcano does not only leave tragedy,  but also becomes tourism object which contributes foreign exchange through tourism sector. Now, Mt. Galunggung in Tasikmalaya, West Java rises up as tourism destination recommended to be visited, especially for mountain tourism lovers. About tourist’s visit so far, Ibu E’em, a food vendor at Mt. Galunggung has her own experience.

“Only certain day, Eid Al-Fitr, New Year or commemoration of the Indonesian independence, only Saturday and Sunday ate the most crowded.

I also have foreign customer, French who often comes here. If in Indonesian, it is dry season, the French certainly comes here with the guide from Jogja,” said Miss E’em.

To get the crater which is the main point of Mt. Galunggung tourism object, we must climb hundreds of stairs. This is quite exhausting. An officer of the entrance ticket of Mt. Galunggung, Sofyan explained that there are two sides of stairs; the yellow one consists of 620 stairs, while the blue one is 520 stairs.

“The yellow stair was made in 1997; the blue one was made in 1993. The blue stair has inauguration monument. The first stair is over there; the new one is here. Earlier, people passed on the sand here without stair,” said Sofyan.

After arriving at the crater of Mt. Galunggung, that you struggle to climb hundreds of the stairs will be paid off by presenting the beauty of nature of the mountain’s peak. In addition, there is uniqueness which cannot be found at other volcanoes. This means that there is no smell of sulfur and the crater of Mt. Galunggung looks like lake. The lake’s water of the crater if it is seen by naked eyes has green color. As if there is no life in it. But in fact, it becomes habitat for fish and other water biotas.  Sofyan explained as follows:

“Earlier, someone checked and tried to put the fish into the water. In fact, it resulted in a lot of fish. This means that it’s safe for residents. Today, many people outside the region do fish farming. There is also from Banten. Now, there are people who farm fish and also do fishing. There is golden fish, Mujaer, parrot fish. Usually, Sundanese people farm parrot fish, cork, pomfret, and also Gurame,” said Sofyan.

“Many people set tents to stay at night, especially on Saturday night. There are hundred people who stay at night. But on weekdays, only there are several persons. Now, to set a tent is centered. In the past, they could set a tent on the edge of the lake while fishing,” said Sofyan.

To meet the present demand for selfie or taking picture of every activity with amazing background, Tourism Office and Perhutani provide various spots at the crater of Mt. Galunggung. Take for example; we can try position at the Commemoration Monument of Galunggung Eruption or view desk that is located between blue and yellow stairs. The road to Mt. Galunggung has been paved and this makes visitors easy to get to the blue or yellow stairs.

Development of Mt. Galunggung tourism object is also supported with the existence of Integrated East Priyangan Touris Pacakge. Head of Youth, Sport, Culture and Tourism Office of Tasikmalaya, Undang Hendiana told Voice of Indonesia team.

“About City Tour, we can go to regency or Pangandaran. Therefore, we initiate cooperation with head of region in East Priyangan and it has been signed. So, it must have integrated tourism package. Although visitors stay at night in Tasikmalaya, they visit Galunggung,” said Undang.

Undang Hendiana views that tourism does not need to be limited with regional administration. Therefore, with the existence of the integrated tourism package, he hopes that Mt. Galunggung can become the mainstay tourism object that has its own characteristics.


President Joko Widodo attended the 2018 Santri Day event who was held at Gasibu Square, Bandung City, West Java, Sunday night, October 21, 2018.

In his remarks, the President said that being a santri was to become an Islam who loved the nation, became a religious Muslim, became a santri who had a noble character and at the same time nationalist as was advocated by kiai, ajengan and ulama.

"History has noted the great role of the ulamas, the kiai, the santri in the Indonesian struggle for independence, in safeguarding Pancasila, in maintaining the Republic of Indonesia, and always guiding the path of goodness, the path of truth, to the path of progress," said the President.

Commemoration of Santri Day which was determined through Presidential Decree No. 22 of 2015 according to the President is a form of respect and gratitude to the state for the contribution of the kiai, the ulema, the santri, and all components of the nation who followed the example of the ulema. (biro pers ) 


President Joko Widodo visited Lombok on Thursday morning (18/10/2018) to have a close look at the process of rehabilitation and reconstruction at the post-earthquake in Lombok.  While arriving at Zainuddin Abdul Madjid International Airport, in Central Lombok regency, West Nusa Tenggara –NTB Province, President Joko Widodo accompanied by First Lady and some Ministers of Working Cabinet held a joint meeting with some mayors and regents in NTB. After the meeting, President Joko Widodo said that the process of rehabilitation and reconstruction at the post-earthquake in Lombok is taking place. The President also cut some requirements needed for fund disbursement to reconstruct the people’s houses.   This is aimed at speeding up the process of rehabilitation in Lombok post-earthquake.

“I want to personally look at the progress of development in the rehabilitation and reconstruction process which has been said by Minister of Public Work and Housing. The public facility is on progress. I think we need to know it. Secondly, the  process of rehabilitation and reconstruction for people’s house development has started, but there are 17 procedures to process the fund disbursement that  must be done, and we decided  to make to only one procedure last week .Today, I want to take a look after the procedure become one. Is it still complicated or not. The government has prepared and Minister of Finance explained it to me that there is Rp960 billion that can be distributed to the people,” said Joko Widodo.

Related to scholarship for students and university students in Lombok, President Joko Widodo said that the government will give 4,500 scholarships for senior high and university students impacted by the earthquake. The scholarship is distributed symbolically during the President’s visit on Thursday. (VOI/Ndy-Trans by AF/AHM)


When opening the XIV Congress of the Indonesian Hospital Association (PERSI) on Wednesday, October 17, 2018, at the JCC, President Joko Widodo again mentioned the fourth industrial revolution that was before his eyes. McKinsey Global Institute even calls the industrial revolution will have three thousand times the impact of the first industrial revolution.

The health sector will also be touched by the industrial revolution through very rapid and impactful changes. The Head of State reminded the hospital managers to be aware and prepared to face the changes.

"In the health sector there will be changes. The technological revolution has redefined healthcare industry. Be careful," he said.

According to him, PERSI must immediately anticipate and prepare the innovations needed so that the hospital is able to serve patients well. There have been many innovations made in the world of health. Like, for example, there is already a device application specifically for children to educate on the importance of brushing your teeth properly. There are also other innovations that allow the patient's health condition to be monitored without having to go to hospital facilities. (biro pers )

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