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The marathon session was conducted by the Board for Investigation of Preparation for Indonesian Independence -BPUPKI from 28 May to 1 June 1945. In the time, there were 3 figures who explained about the basic state. They were Muhammad Yamin, Soepomo and Sukarno. On the 1st of June, the term Pancasila –five principles was introduced by Soekarno and by the members of the board. However, the formulation of the content of this Pancasila was being discussed at some time afterwards, as in the Jakarta Charter. The information about the emergence of the term Pancasila itself was mentioned in Sukarno's speech, which stated about Pancasila as the basis of the state. This was also the basis for the emergence of Presidential Decree No. 24/ 2016 issued by President Joko Widodo on the birth of Pancasila. Thus, June 1st is also decided as national holiday and the implementation process of the Presidential Decree began in 2017.

The history of the birth of Pancasila itself comes from the Board for Investigation of Preparation for Indonesian Independence –BPUPKI, which was conducted in Chuo Sangi In Building in Jakarta. In the Dutch Colonial era, this was called ‘Volksraad’ building. Now, the building is known as Pancasila Building. BPUPKI itself is a body formed by the Japanese occupation government on 29 April 1945. This is actually one of the engineerings to gain sympathy and support from the people of Indonesia, where Japan would give independence to the people of Indonesia.

BPUPKI formed Committee 9 whose task was to formulate the state principles and the Constitution to be included in the text of the proclamation. In making the formulation of Pancasila by the Committee 9, it was varied. There were proposals from Mohammad Yamin and Soepomo. While the formulation submitted by Sukarno at that time was different from the order of Pancasila that we know today. The state basis submitted by Sukarno at that time was in sequence namely: Nationality, Internationalism or humanity, Consensus or democracy, Social welfare, and Belief in the Almighty. But finally, Pancasila was arranged in the following order: Belief in the One, Just and Civilized Humanity, Indonesian Unity, Democracy led by Wisdom in Consensus and Social Justice for All Indonesian People.

The celebration of Pancasila's birthday in 2018 highlights the theme, "We are Pancasila: United, Sharing, Achieving" which means that Pancasila makes the Indonesian nation united and encourage the younger generation to freely enjoy a prosperous life that provides motivation to share. At the 73 year old, Pancasila is not a young age anymore. Of course, the attitude and spirit of Pancasila that exist in the younger generation need to be reawakened so as not to fade away. With the anniversary of the birth of Pancasila conducted routinely, it is expected that Indonesian young people will be more sensitive in understanding the importance of Pancasila as the state basis of Indonesian that is able to function as a unifying tool of the Indonesian nation.


On Tuesday (May 29, 2018) by using rockets and mortars, Hamas, a movement controlling the Gaza Strip, launched attack targeting in southern Israel. This large attack was the first since 4 years ago. Israel, which has recently committed acts of violence against Palestinian civilians, then launched a counterattack, at least 35 times, to several targets in Gaza. Israeli warplanes took part in the attack mission to the 7 locations of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, including ammunition warehouses.

Israel claimed no casualties on its side. Both Hamas and Israel have finally agreed to a ceasefire since Wednesday (May 30, 2018). Since the wave of Palestinian people's protests on late March, at least 120 Palestinians have been killed. The protesters called for Israel to return the occupied territory. Some of them were killed during a rally on the Gaza-Israel border, including 61 people two weeks ago. The rest were killed by Israeli air strikes.

The Israeli side claimed to simply defend the border and blame Hamas for pushing the protesters through the border. In addition to restricting the land area, Israel also conducted a blockade in the territorial waters off the coast of Gaza. This was done by installing a barrier to avoid infiltration from the Gaza Strip into the Israeli territory as happened in 2014. The Palestinians protested against the blockade. A ship carrying 20 people and several other small boats then left the fishing port of Gaza. There has been no response from the Israeli military regarding protests against the sea blockade.

The occurrence of mutual attack is certainly very unfortunate. Because Israel used sophisticated fighter jets, which were bigger than just rocket and mortar attacks. Hopefully, the ceasefire can last a long time. Both sides should refrain and prioritize negotiations. Indonesia, which supports the two-state solution, certainly wants Palestine as a real country to be established soon. Thus, one of the problems in the Middle East region can be ended.


Although there has been a psy-war through harsh statements, the United States and North Korea, apparently continue to prepare for the High Level Meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un. US State Department Spokesman Heather Nauert in Washington said Monday, a US delegation had been on the border of the two Koreas , and that  South Korea was already  in  talks with North Korean officials. He said  both sides continue to prepare  for the meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un. Previously , it was reported that a number of South  Korean officials had even visited North Korea, and met up with the country’s  Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs. Besides preparation for possibile High Level Conference in  North Korea and the borders of the two Koreas, both US and North Korean officials  have  visited   Singapore which is planned to be the location of the Summit. Preparatory efforts can give  signal that Wahington and Pyong Yang are still committed to resuming talks, although diplomatic statements may  heat things up. One of the US allies, Japan, issued a declaration that gave pressure to  North Korea. In a telephone conversation between Washington and Tokyo, Donald Trump and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe agreed to urge  North Korea to dismantle all its nuclear testing sites. The Trump and Abe talks came just after high-ranking North Korean and US officials met in Pan Mun Jom to discuss the possibility of a high-level meeting. Trump and Abe, also agreed to meet before the Singapore Summit. The steps of the United States and its allies are openly expressed through media coverage. What remains unknown is the North Korean move with its greatest  ally, China. North Korea certainly does not stay silent in the face  of diplomatic moves by Washington. However, China’s  position as a North Korean ally certainly can not be disregarded.



Although there has been a nervous war through harsh statements, the United States and North Korea, it seems to be continuing the preparations for holding the summit. Preparatory efforts and approaches for talks between US President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The statement was made by US State Department Spokesman Heather Nauert in Washington. Nauert said Monday that a United States delegation had been on the border of North Korea and South Korea holding talks with North Korean officials. It is said that both sides continue to prepare for a meeting between the President of the United States and the North Korean Leader. Previously reported a number of South Korean officials have even visited North Korea, met with the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of North Korea.

In addition to North Korea and the borders of the two Koreas, the preparation for the possibility of the High Level Conference is also done by visiting Singapore which is planned to be the location of the Summit. The visit to Singapore was conducted by both US and North Korean officials.

Preparatory preparation efforts can signal that Washington and Pyongyang are still committed to resuming talks, although diplomatic statements may heat things up.

One of the United States' allies, Japan, issued a declaration that tapped North Korea. In a telephone conversation between Washington and Tokyo, Donald Trump and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe agreed to pressure North Korea to dismantle all its nuclear testing sites. The Trump and Abe talks came just after high-ranking North and US officials met in Panmunjom to discuss the possibility of a high-level meeting.

Trump and Abe, also agreed to meet before the Singapore Summit.

The steps of the United States and its allies are openly expressed through media coverage. What remains unknown is the North Korean move with its great ally, China. North Korea certainly also does not stay silent with acts of diplomatic action conducted Washington. However, China as a North Korean ally certainly can not be denied its position.




The General Election Commission -KPU is highlighting a discourse to prohibit former corruption case convicts to become legislative candidates. The discourse had been discussed in a hearing with the House of Representatives at Commission II on May 22, 2018. The KPU will prohibit not only ex-convicted corruption cases, but also ex-convicted drug dealers and sexual crimes against children to become legislative candidates -Caleg.However, the discourse of the ban is not approved by the Commission II of the House of Representatives –DPR.  Home Affairs Ministry and the Election Supervisory Board agree that the KPU shall stick to the Election Law No. 7/2017. One article of the election law explains that a prospective candidate of legislative who is an ex-prisoner and has served a sentence of five years or longer, may nominates himself or herself by informing to the public that his or her status is ex-prisoner.


Although KPU does not get the approval from DPR, the government and the Election Supervisory Board, it seems that KPU is adamant with its discourse. KPU Commissioner, Wahyu Setiawan said that KPU tends to make the former corruption case prisoner unable to register as a legislative candidate.


KPU wants to create a new breakthrough with a good goal by making the state institutions, such as DPR free from corruption. But unfortunately, the prohibition of ex-corruption convicted candidates cannot be made in KPU regulations (PKPU) but it must be made at the level of the Act.


The limitation of the political rights of former corruption case prisoners, if done beyond the law, this directly violates the 1945 Constitution. Based on the 1945 Constitution, it states that the limitation of the right should only be done in two ways, namely by law and court verdict. As long as there is no law or court verdict that regulates, the rights of the ex-prisoner cannot be eliminated.


Many parties agree with the KPU's plan to limit ex-corrupt prisoners to become legislative candidates. Unfortunately, it cannot be through the KPU regulations whose level is under the Act. Therefore, KPU should try harder to encourage that the prohibition of the former corruption case convicts is regulated based on the 1945 Constitution. (Brg)


The world is looking forward to a meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-Un, scheduled for June 12th. However, amid awaiting realization of the historic moment, Pyongyang on Tuesday (15/5) local time, suddenly threatened to cancel the summit.

North Korean Deputy Foreign Minister, Kim Kye Gwan said that his country is no longer interested in the talks and will reconsider its attendance. The reason is that because the United States is considered to provoke Pyongyang ahead of the summit by throwing "stupid statements".

One thing that angers North Korea is the assertion of US hardline conservative politician, John Bolton over the weekend. He said that North Korea could follow Libya's nuclear disarmament model. That is to stop the entire weapon program first, and then to obtain economic assistance.

Another reason why Pyongyang is not interested in the talks is that the US demands for denuclearization. Unilaterally,  the United States demands that North Korea halts its nuclear weapons program for the  June-12 meeting between both heads of states.

The agreement on Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump Summit is a major breakthrough after  the meeting of two Korean leaders, Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in in Panmunjom last April 27. At the meeting, North Korea said that it was committed to carrying out the denuclearization on the Korean peninsula.

However, it does not mean that steps towards denuclearization of the Korean peninsula run smoothly. It should be understood that North Korea has spent so much time and money over the years to build its nuclear weapons. All of these are to show its existence as a powerful country. Thus, the denuclearization demand is very heavy for North Korea.

Due to the nuclear significance for the North, since the beginning Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has warned that talks on denuclearization on the Korean peninsula may not run smoothly. The United States and its allies need to be patient and careful in taking steps, including in issuing statements, which tend to injure previously built commitment.



The planned meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore in June has been cancelled and it was colored with tension and uncertainty. However, North Korea has shown its seriousness to close the Punggye-ri nuclear site in North Hamgyong Province. So seriously, North Korea blew up three tunnels and supporting devices that international media journalists witnessed on Thursday (May 24, 2018). A journalist who was present said that the explosion was seen in three tunnels and could be spotted from close observation around 500 meters away.

The presence of international media journalists at Punggye-ri nuclear sites has been reported by South Korea's News Agency –Yonhap. Some journalists of South Korea, the United States, China, Russia and England were present last Tuesday. Yonhap also mentioned that North Korea will destroy underground tunnels and other facilities on the site.

But the tension still happened because North Korea had threatened to stop the dialogue, when it was alleged, the United States and Korea South launched joint military exercises. Mike Pompeo's mission to keep inviting North Korea to the next stage seemed to succeed after North Korea wanted to destroy its nuclear facilities. The destruction was conducted by North Korea after the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo met North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un.

The meeting itself took place in a friendly atmosphere. But in the midst of a less conducive atmosphere, US Vice President Mike Pence made a statement to the media on Monday (May 21) that could have damaged what Pompeo has been trying to do.

The United States pledged to help North Korea and not overthrow North Korean regime if North Korea would stop its nuclear program. President Trump then issued a statement through tweeters that sadly, President Donald Trump was forced to cancel the 4-eye meeting with Leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore.

We certainly hope that even though the planned meeting between US President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un in Singapore next June was canceled, goodwill towards peace that has begun to grow should be followed-up next. We encourage that there should a meeting which is based on mutual trust. If the issue on the Korean Peninsula is over, there are still problems in other regions around the world that must also be dealt with.


The implementation of the 18th Asian Games is a few months to come. The opening of every four years of this Asian Games will be held on August 18, 2018 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The implementation will be held in Jakarta and Palembang, South Sumatra. The preparation for the event, including Infrastructure and facilities has reached more than 90 percent. Serious efforts which are currently being prepared by the Asian Games 2018 Organizing Committee -INASGOC are both the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2018 Asian Games. Around 5,500 performers and 141 musicians are involved, including top Indonesian singers and musicians who take part in the 18th Asian Games to succeed. What is the message to be conveyed through artwork by artists for the Asian Games? Director of the Recording Industry Association of Indonesia – ASIRI, Jusak Irwan Sutiono expressed his true involvement because he feels that the Asian Games is for all and should be supported. This feels like in Official Theme Song Asian Games 2018, "Bright as Sun"

Raise the flag of your nation

Located on the highest pole

Make your young soul

Carve history

The spirit of competition is felt in the lyrics of this song. Because every athlete will certainly do his or her best effort to record history for Indonesia. The message is also a driving force for Indonesian athletes to present the best for the nation and country. The best contributions are also being prepared by other artists. Over 250 dancers from 18 high schools in Jakarta have joined intensive training to perform Indonesian modern packaged culture. While 2000 professional dancers, high school students and art college students are also engaged to be part of the spectacular opening and closing performances of the Asian Games. The involvement of artists in the 18th Asian Games means a lot. Because frequently, the success of a sporting event is measured from the opening and closing ceremonies. Moreover, the ceremony will be broadcast to 45 countries in Asia and some other continents, such as American continent. Great expectations are concentrated on the hard work of Indonesian artists or art workers who refer to the creative groups and the committees who have more than one year to prepare the opening and closing of the 2018 Asian Games. Moreover, there are Olympic standards that the Asian Games must be fulfilled. For Indonesia, the Asian Games not only organizes sports competitions, but also becomes one of the media to promote Indonesia's strength and potential. The opening and closing ceremonies of the 2018 Asian Games become golden moment to perform the work of Indonesian artists who are parallel with the world’s artistic creation.


In Indonesia, there have been repeated acts of terrorism that killed not only the perpetrators, but also other people around the scene. The acts make the community angry, and why these deadly actions continue to happen and finally pose conflict.

The suicide bombing was carried out by a family of six in Surabaya and Sidoarjo, East Java on May 13, 2018 with the target of operating three churches. It’s a pity to witness kids being involved in the suicide bombing.

At a limited meeting of terrorism prevention and countermeasures in Jakarta on May 22, 2018, President Joko Widodo insisted that the eradication of terrorism is not enough just by enforcing the law and dismantling terrorist networks to the roots. The eradication of terrorism must be balanced with soft power approach.

President Joko Widodo views that the de-radicalization program must be optimized, not only to clean the ex-terrorists, but also to clean up educational institutions at all levels and the general stages of the misleading understanding of terrorism.

Consciously or not, terrorists are everywhere. There are a lot of suspected terrorists who have been arrested by security apparatus. However, is it possible that legal action against terrorists can finish them to the root?

Although many terrorists have been caught and sentenced, their acts take place again and again with new perpetrators. So in fact, what should be done so that terrorism really does not exist anymore in this country?

It’s terrifying to know that radicalism has entered the world of education, from an early age to college. Based on the survey results of Indonesian Institute of Sciences -LIPI in 2016, 25% of students and 21% of teachers claimed that Pancasila, which is known as the ideology of the Indonesian nation that is plural, is no longer relevant. Meanwhile, the survey of the National Agency for Counter-Terrorism in 2017 also shows that 39% of students in 15 provinces in Indonesia indicated to be interested in radical understanding.

Rector of Hasanuddin University, Makassar, Dwia Tina Palubuhu in a limited meeting with President Joko Widodo, said that the de-radicalization program can be carried out by encouraging students to be proud as a peaceful and tolerant Indonesian people. They should be proud to have Pancasila with humanity values. In the forum, Head of National Agency for Counter-Terrorism, Suhardi Alius proposed to restore nationalism through the school curriculum. Minister of Education and Culture, Muhadjir Effendy requires all teachers to teach the real strengthening of character education, not just theory.

Most importantly, Indonesian people must always be watchful not to be influenced by misleading and unreasonable teachings. They must be fortified with a correct understanding of their religion that loves peace, because there is no religion teaching its followers to pose conflict, let alone to kill humans' lives.


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A series of recent terrorist attacks in several cities in Indonesia highlight the discourse of reviving the Joint Special Operations Command of Indonesian Armed Forces –TNI (Koopssusgab). The goal is to help police counter terrorist attacks.

Koopssusgab was actually inaugurated on June 9, 2015, when the Chief of Staff Office of the President, Moeldoko was the then Commander of the TNI. The command comprises of a special force of troops consisting of three TNI dimensions, namely the Sat-81 Gultor Army Special Forces Command, the Naval Detachment of the Navy, and the Satbravo 90 Air Forces Typical Forces Corps. The main concept is to form troops that can be deployed immediately when there is a hazardous situation concerning terrorism. The tasks of the Koopssusgab handled at that time were limited to extraordinary operations. However, some time later, the Operation Command was frozen.

This year, terrorists launch their acts and kill many lives, including police personnel. Various parties have started proposing re-involvement of Koopssusgab fight against terrorism across Indonesia. However, this discourse raises controversy. On one hand, there are those who support the plan as long as the rules are strict, On the other hand, some do not agree and ask the government to complete the first process of revision of the law against terrorism.

Meanwhile, Chief of Staff Office of President, Moeldoko told reporters on Wednesday (16/5) that President Joko Widodo has approved the reactivation of Koopsusgab belonging to the TNI. The revision of Law No. 15/2003 on Eradication of Criminal Acts of Terrorism has not been legalized by Parliament today. In fact, law enforcers need a certain legal umbrella to take preventive action.

Whatever the decision will be, the involvement of all security forces to fight against terrorism must have a strong legal basis and respect for human rights. Military assistance is required only if the situation is not able to be addressed by the police. In addition, it should be clearly determined when the Joint Special Operations Command –Koopssusgab starts and ends. The Indonesian experience shows that prolonged repressive measures are ineffective, and may pose new problems later on. The government should also be able to convince the general public that the Joint Special Operations Command -Koopssusgab of the TNI along with the police will ensure the security of the citizens, lest the people even feel that there is a new terror.

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