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Iran uses the nuclear issue in an effort to reduce pressure and sanctions from the United States. Tehran has threatened to reverse its nuclear program as before, before the 2015 nuclear agreement. The Iranian Atomic Energy Agency said it would reverse its nuclear program if the United States and its Allies were unable to find a way out to reduce pressure and sanctions imposed by the United States. A spokesman for the Iranian Atomic Energy Agency Behrouz Kamalvandi, as reported by the official Iranian news agency IRNA, expressed the threat  in the hope of encouraging diplomatic efforts. Tehran sees the need for diplomatic measures to overcome tensions, in particular relations with the United States, to avoid economic sanctions. As is known, after last year President Donald Trump declared his exit from the 2015 Nuclear Agreement, Washington has imposed more severe sanctions on Iran. If the threat of the Iranian Atomic Agency is realized, then the country will gradually produce nuclear exceeding the minimum agreed on 4 years ago, which is above 300 kilograms of its uranium reserves. Iran's threat to return to nuclear production as it did before the 4-year agreement came as a Beijing statement condemned Washington's policies. In his diplomatic statement in Beijing, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang accused the United States of being the cause of the emergence of the Iranian threat. To reporters in Beijing on July 8, Geng Shuang said that Iran's nuclear crisis was caused by pressure by the United States. Although criticizing the United States, on the other hand Beijing also regretted Tehran's decision to return to nuclear production before the 2015 agreement. China is one of the countries that signed the Nuclear agreement carried out during the administration of Barack Obama. Iran's statement to no longer comply with the 2015 agreement was also addressed by European countries. Foreign Ministers of European countries specifically discussed the crisis of Iran's nuclear agreement at their meeting in Brussels on July 15. The statement of the PRC Government and the reaction of European countries, shows that Tehran's move to play a nuclear issue to open diplomatic avenues, has quite an impact. Although the United States itself has not shown any reactions  towards this latest development.


President Joko Widodo delivered his first political speech since being elected President in the 2019 Presidential Elections. This speech was delivered at the Indonesia’s Vision event which took place at Sentul International Convention Center in Bogor, West Java on Sunday night (07/14/2019).In his speech, President Joko Widodo said that nowadays, humans live in a very dynamic global environment. So, he appealed to the Indonesian people to create innovation and abandon old ways, both in managing organizations, institutions, and in managing the government. According to him, Indonesia must become a country that is more productive, competitive and flexible in facing these changes. To this end, he emphasized several major stages, including infrastructure development, human resources, opening widest investment to create employment, reforming the bureaucracy, and guaranteeing the use of the state budget which is focused and targeted.In the first period of President Joko Widodo serving as President, infrastructure development was one of his priorities because it was related to his Nawacita program, namely building Indonesia from the periphery by strengthening regions and villages.By improving the human resources, he pointed out in his political speech that human resource development must be carried out by ensuring the health of pregnant women, infant health, toddler health, and health of school-age children because it is the golden age to produce superior Indonesian people in the future.The investment sector is also an important stage. By attracting a lot of foreign investors and streamlining complicated licenses, hopefully, this can open employment opportunities to a great extent for the people of Indonesia.In the field of bureaucratic reform, President Joko Widodo ensured that there are no more complicated bureaucratic services. Because according to him, the speed of serving, and the speed of giving permit are the keys to bureaucratic reform.The final stage in his speech is a guarantee in using the focused and targeted state budget so as to have benefits and improve welfare for the people.President Joko Widodo’s political speech, ‘Indonesia's vision’ shows his seriousness in resolving problems and tasks that must be completed in the second period of his leadership. Hopefully, all the hopes and visions that have been affirmed in his speech can be realized towards a more advanced and prosperous Indonesia.


Tensions between the United States and Iran have not subsided. After imposing sanctions which also led to Iran's supreme leader, the United States is  planning  to mobilize other countries' support to put the military in waters near Iran. Chairman of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Joseph Dunford, stated Washington took the initiative to mobilize an international military coalition in the Strait of Hormuz and Bab El Mandab waters. These two areas are very important for ship traffic, especially tankers transporting  oil. The initiative of the US military to place an international coalition there  is said  to guarantee security and freedom of shipping. The idea of forming an international coalition came after a statement from Tehran that threatened to close the waters of Bab el Mandab. The threat was raised in reaction to US sanctions that prohibit the trading and shipping of Iranian oil. If the Iranian blockade is carried out, the trade traffic of around four million barrels of oil throughout the world through Bal El Mandab will be disrupted. The United States' invitation to secure the Strait of Hormuz and Bab El Mandab to this day, Friday, July 12 has not received any response. However,  Iran's threat to block El Bab Mandab can generate a broad  and different reaction, especially in countries with an interest in oil trading. Although not related to the Bab El Mandab closing  threat  or the initiative to mobilize an international military coalition, on Monday, July 8, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said the unilateral intimidation by the United States had caused a violation of Iran's nuclear agreement. The statement from the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman seemed to imply that Beijing's attitude towards Tehran was still soft. The same attitude is also shown by France. Emmanuel Bonne, adviser to the French President at a meeting with Secretary of the Iranian National High Security Council Ali Shamkhani, in Tehran Wednesday July 10 implies France's attitude towards Iran. As the Iranian news agency Irna reported, Emmanuel Bonne stated that Paris wanted dialogue and cooperation with Tehran to manage the crisis in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and Lebanon. Seeing China and France’s attitudes, the United States might need to work hard to realize the idea of forming an international military coalition to protect the Strait of Hormuz and Bab El Mandab.


The selection committee for the leadership of the Corruption Eradication Commission -KPK has closed the registration of candidates’ documents at the State Secretariat Office in Jakarta on Thursday (4/7). There are 348 registrants who are officially accepted by the selection committee. This year’s registration took around two weeks from June 17 to July 4.
The prospective leaders of KPK consist of various professions, such as advocates, academicians, police officers, and even some members of the Corruption Eradication Commission. Those who pass the selection will take a competency test a week after July 11.Then, the selection committee will announce the passing of the competency test within one week later. Furthermore, they must take general psychology and public tests. The public test is carried out by prospective leaders so that the public know who the candidates of the KPK are and how their capabilities are. In September, those who pass the public test will enter the interview stage. The final stage is that the selection committee will screen the best top 10 prospective leaders to be submitted to President Joko Widodo.The question is whether the figures of the ideal leaders of the Corruption Eradication Commission to be expected are able to carry out their duties well. According to Chairwoman of the selection committee, Yenti Ganarsih, the prospective leaders of the KPK must understand and have various abilities. In addition, they must comprehend the problems of state finance, procurement and matters related to the internal organization of the KPK. Besides, they also have to have a strong psychological condition over pressure and have wisdom and understand the direction of the country's economic development.


After attending the G 20 Summit in Osaka Japan. Donald Trump recorded new history as the first President of the United States to set foot on North Korean earth. Even though the last two meetings with Kim Jong-un did not produce significant results apparently Donald Trump has a special impression on Kim Jong-un. Trump expressed his wish to go a few steps into North Korean teritorycalled the Demilitarized Zone, in Panmunjom village. No US president had set foot on the Demilitarized Zone, which President Clinton dubbed "the scariest place on Earth".All eyes then turned to the Korean peninsula after some time ago the US and Iranian feud which made the Middle East region quite tense. Although tensions in the Middle East are not yet over, but the third meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un became a hope for reducing tensions on the Korean peninsula.The failure of the first and second meetings between President Donald Trump and Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un could be foorgotten then. Indeed the relationship between these two leaders is unique. Almost like a love-hate relationship. In his twitter account, June 30, 2019, Trump expressed his wish to meet Leader Kim Jong-un again, just to shake hands and say hello. Meanwhile, Kim Jong-un, on this rare occasion, said the meeting in the Demilitarized Zone was a symbol of a "very good" relationship between him and Trump.Although it is not yet clear what the outcome of this meeting is, but at least this meeting does not close all possibilities for negotiations to resolve the North Korean nuclear issue.Now the world is looking forward to whether the third meeting between the two will be continued with the fourth more concrete meeting which is more concrete. Or is it still at the ceremonial level only? Hopefully, they are not just being polite, and there will be some results after that.


Joko Widodo and Ma'ruf Amin have been officially determined as the elect president and vice president of Indonesia for the 2019-2024 period by the General Election Commission -KPU. The determination is based on the results of the plenary meeting held by the KPU three days post-verdict over the dispute of the Presidential Election (Pilpres) at the Constitutional Court -MK. The MK rejected all claims filed by the Prabowo-Sandiaga Uno pair in the trial of the Presidential Election dispute at the Constitutional Court Building in Jakarta on Thursday (06/27/2019). This verdict was agreed by nine MK judges without any dissenting opinion. Thus, Joko Widodo is going to serve as president for the second time and be installed in October 2019.The determination of Joko Widodo-Ma'ruf Amin as the elect President and Vice President was read by Chairperson of the KPU. Arief Budiman at the KPU Office in Central Jakarta on Sunday (06/30/2019). In reading the determination, Prabowo Subianto and Sandiaga Uno who lost in the 2019 Presidential Election were not present and both were represented by member of the Legal Directorate of Prabowo-Sandi’s National Winning Body (BPN), Habiburokhman.The KPU's determination at the same time ended the dispute over the results of the general elections for the presidential and vice-presidential candidates at the Constitutional Court which began on May 23, 2019 until the announcement of Constitutional Court’s verdict on June 27, 2019.Indonesian people deserve to be grateful because the process of the dispute over the results of the general elections for the presidential and vice-presidential candidates has been held safely and peacefully. The security forces have anticipated the possible mass dissatisfaction with the results of the Constitutional Court's verdict by deploying around 47,000 joint personnel in Jakarta ahead of the verdict on the results of the 2019 Presidential Election.
Both Prabowo and Sandi who lost in the dispute hearing could also accept the verdict of the Constitutional Court. In his speech after the Constitutional Court announced the verdict on Thursday (27/06), Prabowo called on his supporters to be heartened, strong, calm, full of noble ideals, and always be peaceful, non-violent, and loyal to the Constitution. Furthermore, he also appealed to his supporters to think of greater interests, namely the integrity of the nation and state.
Meanwhile, in his speech shortly after the announcement of the Constitutional Court’s verdict, Joko Widodo called on all Indonesians to reunite, jointly develop Indonesia, advance Indonesia, and no more supporters of candidate pairs 01 and 02. At present, it is Indonesian unity. The supporters of Joko Widodo-Ma'ruf Amin also do not need to show excessive euphoria.Prabowo's willingness to accept the verdict of the Constitutional Court, and Joko Widodo's appeal should be appreciated. This attitude also contributes to the security situation after the Constitutional Court's verdict and the reading of the KPU's determination.Congratulations to the elect President and Vice President of Indonesia! Along with all Indonesian people, happy working to jointly build the country and nation for a better Indonesia ahead!


Without taking diplomatic steps, the United States imposes new sanctions against Iran. President Donald Trump in Washington has issued an executive order that imposes tougher sanctions. If previously only they were only  economic sanctions on the Iranian government, Washington's new sanctions specifically also applied to Iran's supreme leader Ali Khamenei. According to Trump, new sanctions targeting the office of Iran's highest leader were put in place in response to the shooting of US drones, as well as other matters. Donald Trump said Ayatollah Ali Khamenei was chosen specifically because he was most responsible for Iran's hostility towards the United States. The US sanctions were imposed after Donald Trump canceled a military attack on a number of targets in Iran. The new sanctions on Iran, however, can be considered as Donald Trump's policy of avoiding a war that might have a wider direct impact, including the Iranian civil society. Nevertheless, it is undeniable that harsher trade economic sanctions will have a long-term impact on Iran's domestic economic conditions and for the Iranian people themselves. With the new sanctions the United States has locked Iranian assets in the US  worth billions of dollars. The new Iranian sanctions also prevented the access of Iran's supreme leader to financial resources to foreign financial institutions that assist the Iranian government. Through more stringent new sanctions, Donald Trump also oversees and limits the relationship between parties with an interest in Ali Khamenei. It seems  the United States targets in the end is that  the Iranian Government will surrender, accept negotiations and stop its nuclear production activities altogether. Iran itself responded  to the  new US sanctions with a strong attitude. As stated by Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi, the new US sanctions will not affect Tehran's decision or attitude. Strictly speaking in a statement at a press conference in Tehran, the Iranian foreign ministry spokesman stressed that the  new US sanctions on Iran did not have any impact. Thus it can be said that the tension between US  and Iran will continue.




Through plenary sessions, the Constitutional Court (MK) will announce the verdict of the dispute over the results of the 2019 Presidential Elections. Previously, the hearing of the verdict would be held on Friday, June 28. However, based on the judges' meeting, the session is accelerated one day to Thursday, June 27.

Head of Public Relations and Domestic Cooperation Section of the MK, Fajar Laksono said that his side has submitted summons for litigants. They are the claimants, presidential candidate number 02 Prabowo-Sandi and then the defendant, the General Election Commission (KPU). Meanwhile, related parties are presidential candidate number 01 Jokowi-Ma'ruf, and Election Supervisory Body -Bawaslu.

The Constitutional Court has finished holding a hearing on the results of the presidential election through a trial. The trial has been held five times, with the agenda of reading the claimants' arguments, reading the arguments of the defendant and related parties, examining witnesses of the claimants, the defendant, and related parties.

At present, all Indonesian people are waiting for the announcement of the results of the trial. As it’s known, the trial process has been carried out openly. The public can also watch the entire trial via television. Based on the open trial, now constitutional judges are holding internal meetings. Therefore, there is no reason for all parties to question the results of the transparent trial process.

Two days ahead is an important waiting period to maintain peace. All parties are expected to maintain the atmosphere. Political elites should not issue provocative statements that may cause friction in the public. In addition, the disputing parties should be able to show maturity in politics.
Besides, all the public should accept, obey, and carry out whatever the verdict of the judges later.

This verdict is very important for the future of the Indonesian nation in the next five years. More importantly, various responses to the verdict will come up. The world community will witness and assess Indonesia as the third largest democratic country in the world, which is able to demonstrate its beautiful democratic life.



Last Saturday, June 22, 2019, Jakarta City commemorated its 492nd anniversary. Initially, Jakarta was a port city called ‘Sunda Kelapa’. Then, Prince Fatahillah from the Sultanate of Banten conquered Sunda Kelapa and changed the name to Jayakarta on June 22, 1527. This date was subsequently designated as the date of the establishment of the Jakarta City. Meanwhile, when Jayakarta developed, it became a busy port city where traders from China, India, Arabic and European countries  as well as from other countries exchanged various commodities.After Indonesia's independence in 1945, Jakarta grew well. It has become not only the capital and center of government, but also the centers of business, finance and services. This status makes Jakarta a city of urbanization where people from various regions across Indonesia come to find a better life. As a result, Jakarta has become more crowded, jammed and less organized.As the theme of this year's commemoration, the Jakarta government raised the "New Face of Jakarta". According to Jakarta Governor, Anies Baswedan, behind a new physical face, there must be a new perspective. New things can begin from the mind to the action. He emphasized the importance of changing the mindset to realize the New Face of Jakarta. He also pointed out that as a means of transportation, the Jakarta government has prepared sidewalks so that people would walk more often in the city.Jakarta is also expected to be a smart city similar to Seoul, South Korea or Tokyo, Japan. Head of the Jakarta Office of Communication, Information and Statistics (Diskominfotik), Atika Nur Rahmania emphasized that  Jakarta will be a smart city. Based on the Jakarta Smart City (JSC) website, Jakarta as the capital city is projected to become a smart city before 2025. There are six smart city categories that are interrelated: smart living, smart mobility, smart governance, smart environment, smart economy, and smart people. All of these must be a major concern. This means that essentially, the Jakarta government will develop information and communication technology to improve service quality for the community.Hopefully, the dream of becoming a smart city will come true sooner!



President Xi Jin Ping visited Pyongyang, North Korea before attending  the G 20 Summit,  to be held  in Osaka, Japan  on June 28-29 . This  is  the first Chinese leader's visit after 14 years. Relations between the two countries have been very close since China’s support to North Korea during the Korean war in the 50s. This closeness is not only about politics but also trade. China is North Korea's main trading partner. Even though it is more symbolic and does not carry a specific mission, this visit provides moral support to North Korea in  resolving the issue of its nuclear installation. What's more the problem faced by both of them is the United States, though not exactly the same. China faces economic problems caused by  the ongoing  trade war with the US. While  North Korea deals with nuclear installation issues. Indeed there is no plan to issue a joint communiqué, but at least there is an opportunity for the North Korean Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-un to deliver a message through the Chinese President to US President Donald Trump. President Xi Jin Ping plans to meet with President Trump at the G 20 Summit later. The Chinese President himself still hopes that there will be further negotiations between the United States and North Korea that have been deadlocked after two meetings between President Donald Trump and Leader Kim Jong-un. After the failure of the last meeting in Vietnam, the North Korean Supreme Leader was indeed mobilizing moral support from countries he considered close partners. Before meeting the President of the PRC, the North Korean leader visited Russian  President Vladimir Putin recently. Amid the trade war with the United States, President Xi also approached President Putin and even met twice. The first was during a bilateral visit to Moscow and the second at a Conference in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. The world is  looking  forward to see whether the message from Kim Jong-un will be accepted by the United States. If so, it is likely that the third meeting between  President Donald Trump and Leader Kim Jong-un will be realized.

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