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The election of the regional heads –Pilkada has ended. Although the results have not been officially announced by the General Elections Commission –KPU, the quick count results of the names of candidates for regional heads who get the most votes can already be known.

It’s very ironic that the election of regional heads may be said to succeed. There are still voters who are "not smart" in determining their choice. The reason is that there are nine candidates for regional leaders, who have been designated as suspects by the Corruption Eradication Commission –KPK, managed to obtain significant votes.

In fact, two of them can win elections held simultaneously throughout Indonesia on 27 June. In seven other regions, though not winning, the corruption suspects are also successful enough to obtain more votes. Take for example, one candidate for governor of East Nusa Tenggara -NTT who is also involved in corruption case appears a second winner in votes from four candidates.

The significant vote cast of corruption suspects is a reflection of the failure of thought among the voters. In fact, the state losses that are so large due to corruption do not make them reject the corruptors.

The general public may reason the principle of presumption of innocence. But, they have to keep in mind that the Corruption Eradication Commission-KPK certainly does not just determine a person as a corrupt suspect.

The facts show that at the level of grassroots, the danger of corruption has not been understandable. Maybe, the people do not receive correct information related to candidates who participate in the elections. So, what happened is that they did not know whom to elect.

The General Elections Commission -KPU will open the registration of legislative candidates for the 2019 General Election from July 4 to 18 and announce the regulation No. 20/2018. The contents are that KPU forbids the former convicted corruptors to advance in legislative elections. This regulation has been uploaded on the official page of the KPU although it has not been agreed by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.

Whether the KPU's decision will be controversial or not is that the public are expected to be smarter during the legislative and presidential elections next year.



The fate of migrants who have been  crossing the Mediterranean to seek a better life in Europe has become uncertain. This is because the European Union which was so far  accommodative toward  migrants who mostly came from Africa,  has changed. At a European Summit in Brussels on June 24, several Eastern European countries such as Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland refused to open the door for the migrants. The meeting was held in response to the Italian stance  that began to close the entrance for the arrival of new migrants.

In the meeting, French President Emmanuel Macron stated that there are member states that benefit from EU cooperation but are more concerned with self-interest. Although not explicitly mentioning the name of the country, it is obvious that the  target of the statement is to reject the EU migrant policy. Italy  that has begun to refuse  the presence of migrants reacted to Macron's assertion because Macron, they said, does not know the real situation in Italy. One country that still opens the door for migrants is Spain. It is willing to accept about 600 migrants previously rejected by Italy. While Germany, although  Chancellor Angela Merkel's policy is  quite open to the presence of migrants, now she is facing  an internal problem which is  quite complicated with the refusal of a senior member of the cabinet.

The impact of migrant presence is not only felt in EU member states. Countries that become a buffer zone in the North African region, from Algeria to Egypt feel the immediate impact of their arrival. Egypt, which houses about 300,000 migrants for example, began to object to financing their survival. The Egyptian government calls on the EU to financially support the temporary shelter costs of the migrants.

Indonesia is not directly affected by  the impact of migrant presence. But this problem if not resolved,  may  increase the number of  migrants looking for a better life in Australia.  Not infrequently, they went through the Indonesian archipelago. Indonesia should  take initiative to encourage resolving migrant issues through international forums.



The first is not the last. This is not the title of a song, but the rhetoric that accompanies the historic meeting of Domald Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong Un in Singapore on June 12. US President Donald Trump has stated that the two sides will often meet after the summit in Singapore. Yesterday, from Washington came the news that Trump and Kim will realize the next meeting in the future. An unofficial statement in Washington said that the meeting would be held in New York in accordance with a schedule with the United Nations General Assembly. From Pyong Yang itself there has been no news or concern about the issue.Ahead of the summit in Singapore, both Washington and Pyong Yang were involved in a diplomatic war. Trump said he still had to consider the planned meeting with Jong Un in Singapore. From Pyong Yang also came out a similar statement. But eventually the two leaders held their first historic meeting since the outbreak of the Korean war, and even agreed on four important things. Trump said the meeting was a success because it had a profound impact and both countries would form a new relationship pattern. They agreed to work together to build lasting peace on the Korean peninsula. Then, there is a commitment from North Korea to work together to realize denuclearization. And the last, US and North Korea commit to recovering POW/MIA remains including the immediate repatriation of those already identified. Of the agreement, the problem of denuclearization for the United States is the most important issue that must be realized. The United States and its allies view this issue as the most crucial and strategic one. Washington is waiting for a real commitment from Pyong Yang. In this context, the news that the United States will hold a second summit can be seen as Washington's reminder to Pyong Yang. So whether or not the second meeting in New York on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly will materialize, depends heavily on North Korea's response to denuclearization commitments.


July 1, 2018, Police of the Republic of Indonesia -Polri commemorate their 72nd anniversary. Being old enough, the police have passed a long journey and recorded a lot of satisfying achievement. At the beginning of their establishment, the Police were named ‘State Department Police’ and under the Ministry of Home Affairs administratively. As for the operational matters, the Police were under the Attorney General. On July 1, 1946 with the governmental regulation No. 11/1946, the ‘State Department Police’ were directly responsible to the Prime Minister. Thus, July 1st is annually commemorated as the anniversary of the Police or known as Bhayangkara Day. Polri as state institution play a major role in maintaining security and public order. They have direct role in enforcing the law, and providing protection,  and service to the public, especially maintaining domestic security. Currently, the duties of the Police are increasingly tested, especially in the face of extraordinary crimes such as the threat of terrorism, drug trafficking, and corruption. In facing the threat of terrorism, in addition to synergy with the Indonesian National Armed Forces -TNI, the Police also have an elite force –so-called Special Detachment 88. This unit has been specifically trained as anti-terrorism and has the ability to overcome terrorist disturbances ranging from bomb threats to hostage. Drug problems are also part of Police duties. On December 2017, Police Assessment Institute (Lemkapi) released a satisfaction level survey of Police performance during 2017. Lemkapi Executive Director, Edi Hasibuan said that there is an increase in public confidence in security policy. Approximately 68.5 percent of the public expressed their satisfaction. Police are also considered successful in establishing synergy and coordination with TNI. Achievements and service innovations in these areas make people more comfortable. It’s worth being grateful that the performance and image of Polri are increasingly appreciated by the public. Public opinion on police’s performance signifies great optimism despite there are still some shortcomings. Congratulations on the anniversary of Indonesian Police!


Turkey once again is led by Recep Tayyip Erdogan. After becoming a ruler in a country that is between Asia and Europe for 15 years, Erdogan won again in the General Election held on Sunday (24/6). Recep Tayyip Erdogan returned to the Turkish presidency for the next term after winning a majority. More than 56 million Turks have voted in the first election  since Turkey changed the governmental system, from parliamentary to presidential,  as a result of last year's referendum. In the previous election, Erdogan also defeated his rivals, including the main political opponent, Muharrem Ince. The Turkish news agency ANADOLU reported that Erdogan was certainly entitled to the presidency after winning 52.5 percent of the vote, while Muharrem Ince earned 31.5 percent. Ince is a candidate for Turkish President who represents the secular group of the People's Republic Prty, CHP. In his victory speech, Erdogan promised to continue efforts to free Syria. Also to return refugees who are now displaced in a number of countries, including Western Europe. The first political statement, not only encouraged his voters, but also became a sign of Erdogan’s foreign policy. Especially concerning the conflict in Syria, that has killed thousands people and made many fleeing to seek safety abroad. Erdogan's affirmation will certainly be the concern of various countries that are now involved in the Syrian conflict, such as the United States, Russia, Iran and Saudi Arabia. The supporting countries of President Assad's government in Syria, Russia and Iran, are already square off against Erdogan's future steps. Turkey under Erdogan, in the future will continue to try to make itself an increasingly reckoned country in efforts to resolve the conflict in Syria.


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Based on Presidential Decree No. 39, dated September 15, 2014, every June 29 officially becomes National Family Day -Harganas. But, the first celebration of National Family Day was held in Lampung province 25 years ago. This year, the city of Manado, North Sulawesi province becomes the organizer of the 25th anniversary of the Harganas from July 2 to 7, 2018. The theme of this year's anniversary is quite interesting, namely Family Day: the Day of All of Us with the tagline Love Family, Planned Love.

Why is June 29 chosen as National Family Day? There are 2 reasons. First after several sessions of negotiations in accordance with Room Rojen agreement in 1949, at a meeting on June 22nd, 1949, the Dutch finally returned the sovereignty to Indonesian unconditionally. After this agreement, a week later, on June 29, 1949, the fighters who were in separate physical struggles, began to return to their families. Second, the challenge faced after Indonesia achieved its sovereignty, is not easy. Early marriage rate was so high that it directly affected the increase in the number of births during 1950-1960's. Indeed, an increase in population can push the pace of development, but if not controlled, the potential is even a burden. Therefore, since June 29, 1970,  family planning through the Family Planning Program began to promote. After the program was officially implemented through the National Family Planning Coordinating Agency in the New Order Era, Indonesia's population could be controlled.

During the reform period, since 1999, the program has received less attention. There was a significant increase in population. Thus, there is awareness to reorganize the family planning through the National Population and Family Planning Agency -BKKBN. If well organized, an increase in the number of residents, a demographic bonus of 2030 can make Indonesia occupy the position of one of the developed countries in the world.

We certainly hope, the National Family Day commemoration is not just a ceremony, considering that the family plays a major role in development. More importantly, the commemoration must make the family one of the development motors. It is time for the family to a pillar of development by reminding the young, who are part of the family to better plan for their future, and the future of Indonesia.


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On Wednesday, June 27, 2018, 11 provinces, 115 districts and 39 cities are about to hold simultaneous Regional Head Elections (Pilkada) across Indonesia. According to the General Elections Commission -KPU, up to now the preparation of the elections has been good enough. Even, Chairman of the Commission, Arief Budiman affirmed that 2 days ago, there were no reports related to interference that might hamper the plan of this grand democratic activity.

To prepare for smooth, safe and neutral elections, Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Security Affairs, Wiranto has held a coordination meeting which was attended by the Chairman of the General Elections Commission, the Chairman of the Election Supervisory Board, the TNI Commander and the Police Chief a few days ago.

Although all the preparations for the implementation, including security have been carried out, Indonesian people and the government should not be negligent. All related stakeholders must remain vigilant to take care of the implementation of simultaneous Regional Head Election.

It is not impossible that a recent court verdict over Aman Abdurrahman, the leader of Jemaah Ansharut Daulah -JAD affiliated with ISIS, will spark an act of revenge. This can be committed by new followers or members of the JAD established by Aman. New sympathizers who studied JAD ideology for a few months are assumed to have new fighting spirit, and they may commit revenge attacks. The target is feared to emerge in a number of areas that will hold regional head elections, especially areas where people are made up of various ethnicities or races.

More recently, Indonesian Anti-Terror Special Detachment 88 –Densus 88 arrested Rizki Maulana (MM) in Depok, West Java. He is suspected of having links with JAD Bogor and is suspected of committing terror during the implementation of Regional Head Election in West Java. In addition, still in the same area, Densus 88 also shot dead two suspected terrorists with initials AS (29) and AZW alias MRS (31). They are said to have attended military training with ISIS Commander for Southeast Asia from Indonesia, Bahrumsyah.

The Densus 88 had to shoot them, because in the raid process, the two suspected terrorists tried to rebel. They attacked and threatened the officers' lives by using knife and revolver.

Both cases show that terrorists’ threats during the election may occur. Therefore, the cooperation between the people and the security forces must be improved in a bid to implement the Regional Head Elections smoothly, safely and honestly.


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Urbanization or migration from rural to urban is an ongoing phenomenon in big cities, such as Jakarta post-Lebaran or Idul Fitri. It cannot be denied that the big city is still considered by the villagers as very promising place for the improvement of their life. Big cities are considered to have many better job opportunities than in the villages.

Researcher of Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS), Imelda Freddy disclosed that every year, the rate of urbanization will continue to increase. This is natural because every big city has its own charm that encourages the villagers to come.

Meanwhile, Head of Presidential Staff, Moeldoko said that post-Idul Fitri, the urbanization is natural and must be responded wisely so that the urbanized people do not become burdened by the city government, but they cannot be rejected to come. According to Moeldoko, the villagers should be given an understanding if they want to try their fortune in big cities. Before leaving, they should have the assurance of work and residence in the city. Urbanization without a clear purpose will pose problems not only for them, but also the destination city. 

Deputy Governor of Jakarta, Sandiaga Uno hopes that the newcomers in Jakarta really have  enough skills. So, they can be independent and improving their welfare.

Professor of Economic Sociology at Airlangga University, Surabaya, Bagong Suyanto said that urbanization will not stop until there is even distribution of development. The economic imbalance between rural and urban areas is one of the reasons for the high rate of urbanization. Bagong viewed that the current Village Funds program can be the key to improving village development and economy. The program is expected to open many new jobs.

Minister of Village, Development of Underdeveloped Regions, and Transmigration, Eko Putro Sandjojo remarked that the development undertaken in rural areas so far has been able to reduce the number of urbanization. Through the development, some jobs are created in the villages so that this can spur economic equity. New employment as a result of massive development in the villages is also expected to attract the urbanized people to be willing to work in their respective areas of origin.

Any phenomenon, if examined the true cause of the emergence, and alternative solutions, must have a solution. It is expected that the Village Fund program can be utilized to promote development in the villages. This is aimed at creating employment for the rural communities. If this condition occurs, urbanization figures are expected to continue to decrease from year to year, and economic conditions in the villages will improve.


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On June 14, good news for Indonesian nation came from the European Union EU. The EU officially lifted the ban on all Indonesian airlines that have been imposed since 2007. After eleven years of struggling to make improvements, now Indonesia's airlines are trusted by the world as safe and reliable ones. Quoting Minister of Foreign Affairs, Retno Marsudi's statement, the lifting of the ban is the result of hard work and collaboration for 11 years.

In fact, before being revoked, several airlines have been allowed to operate first by the European Commission, an executive body with the EU working area. In 2009, Garuda Indonesia, Mandala Air, Airfast, and Primer Air have been allowed to operate. A year later, Indonesia AirAsia and Batavia Air also started their operations. Then, in 2011, the European Commission also abolished the ban on several cargo companies such as PT Cardig, PT Air Maleo, Asia Link and Republic Express. The series of revocations was closed with the permission of 55 Indonesian airlines to operate.

After the flight ban is lifted, what steps should be taken? Of course, Indonesia continues to maintain the world's confidence in its aviation system. The world’s trust is an appreciation to the nation of Indonesia. Director General of Air Transportation at the Ministry of Transportation, Agus Santoso said that Indonesia had fought for the release of flying since 2007. He also said that Indonesia is an independent country that has high assets in the aviation sector, starting from the aircraft industry up to 62 Air Operator Certificates (AOC) that serves flights from Indonesia to overseas.

The positive impact of lifting the flight ban for Indonesian airlines is the tourism sector. This can be imagined how many increases in the number of European tourists who will come to Indonesia, if more Indonesian aircraft can fly in the air of Europe. Indonesian government targets an increase in the number of European tourist arrivals around 200 thousand visits every year.

The chain effect from tourism sector is to bring about economic growth. All of these can be achieved, if Indonesia's aviation advance is balanced with  other domestically-related improvements.


After disappointing many countries, by moving its Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem some time ago, the United States of America once again shocked the international community last Tuesday (19/6). US Ambassador to the United Nations -UN, Nikki Haley announced that her country withdrew from the UN Human Rights Council. She accused the UN Human Rights Council of having been biased against the issue of US traditional ally, Israel. The US criticized the actions of members of the UN Human Rights Council who are considered to be hypocritical. The Geneva-based body was founded in 2006 to call for and protect human rights worldwide. But its statements and reports are often contradictory with US priorities. Along with US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, Ambassador Haley defended the setback from the UN Human Rights Council on the grounds that the US appeal for reform is ignored. But both insist the United States to keep leading the implementation of human rights for many people. According to the US, reform is needed to form a serious advocacy council dealing with human rights. Washington's announcement to step down came after UN Human Rights Council officials criticized the US for separating migrant children from their parents after crossing from Mexico. Interestingly, after protests from many sides, US President, Donald Trump issued an executive order to stop the policy. However, Ambassador Nikki Haley said that the Human Rights Council has been a protector of human rights abusers, while the US appeal for reform has been ignored. She also called the Human Rights Council biased, unfriendly, and an anti-Israeli organization that betrays its mission as a protector of human rights. Being defended, Israel is naturally very grateful to the US. Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu called this a "bold decision". The acknowledgment was conveyed via his Twitter account on Wednesday (20/06). The Indonesian government that upholds human rights deeply regrets the US move. According to the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the UN Human Rights Council is a forum of multilateral cooperation and international community commitment to uphold human rights protection worldwide. Ironically, the United States, which has always declared itself a democracy and a protector of human rights, has left the UN Human Rights Council established to protect the basic rights of every human being, simply because it wants to defend its ally, Israel. It should be questioned whether the US still deserves being called ‘a state that upholds human rights’.

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