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Greysia Polii / Apriyani Rahayu still make Indonesia have place in the Sudirman Cup quarter-final 2019 by contributing the second point in the match against Taiwan. Straight game victory over Pai Yu Po / Wu Ti Jung, 21-13, 21-7, making the position now a 2-2 draw for both teams.

Seeing strength on paper, Indonesia has a big chance of winning the women's doubles match. Greysia / Apriyani, who is currently ranked fifth in the world, has been championed by Pai / Wu, who is ranked 61 in the world. Greysia / Apriyani also played without a burden even though Indonesia was behind 1-2 from Taiwan.

Since the first game, Greysia / Apriyani took control of the match's nets. Not only displaying tight defenses, Greysia / Apriyani attacks also often produce numbers. Superior 17-5 in the second game, Greysia / Apriyani increasingly unstoppable.

"Just take pleasure in it, rather than be tense. We want to enter the field with a spirit that is not affected by the results of opponents who are superior. We want to vent our energy and energy into the field. Don't think too much," Greysia said about the game.

"Although the Taiwanese couple is one level below us, but we have to keep fighting, because anything can happen, the weather is different because this is a team match. We have to be on fire from the start," Greysia said.

"At first they had a hard time, we were still looking for air, tense at the beginning, but that was normal. When the points were far away, we enjoyed it better but we did not want to give the opponent the slightest chance.

The fifth party will be the deciding party. The mixed double Praveen Jordan / Melati Daeva Oktavianti will face Wang Chi-Lin / Hsieh Pei Shan where Indonesian can beat Taiwan's double  21-17 21-15. ( Badminton Indonesia)



"Protection of civilians must continue to be the main focus of the work of the UN Security Council," said the Indonesian Foreign Minister Retno L.P. Marsudi, at the UN Security Council Open Session on the Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict at the United Nations Headquarters, New York, USA (23/05).

The meeting, which was chaired by the Indonesian Foreign Minister as the President of the UN Security Council in May 2019, was attended by more than 80 UN member states and international organizations. Some countries are represented by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and officials at the Ministerial level. The UN Secretary General also attended and delivered the Annual Report related to the implementation of the agenda of Civil Citizens Protection in Armed Conflict. The President of the International Red Cross (ICRC), Peter Maurer, and Executive Director of the Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC), Federico Borello, were present as presenters.

The report of the UN Secretary General describes various achievements and challenges to the protection of civilians in the last 20 years. In this regard, the Indonesian Foreign Minister again reminded that the UN Security Council has a mandate and collective responsibility to protect civilians and the safety and security of civilians must always be put forward.

Indonesia also reaffirmed its support to strengthen international partnerships related to the promotion of human rights protection, especially for civilians in armed conflict. Indonesia's contribution so far has been reflected through Indonesia's active role in supporting issues of protecting civilians in various international forums and providing technical assistance to various countries in the field of infrastructure and good governance. Exemplified Indonesia's proactive efforts in empowering Palestinian communities with the establishment of hospitals for residents in Gaza, Palestine.

The Indonesian Foreign Minister stressed that community empowerment is a key element in increasing the country's capacity to protect civilians. The involvement of local communities, including women's groups, in designing and implementing a civil protection program will be more effective in achieving goals.

Protection of civilians is a multidimensional issue. Therefore, the Indonesian Foreign Minister encouraged 3 (three) things to be done in addressing these various challenges. First, the importance of strengthening the national capacity of the countries involved, including through community empowerment. Second, ensuring implementation and compliance with various applicable legal frameworks. Third, the development of innovative and practical efforts to protect civilians.

This Open Session is a series of main activities of the United Nations Security Council's Presidency in May 2019, which carries the theme "Sowing the Seeds of Peace". The meeting also marked the 20th anniversary of the discussion on the agenda of protecting civilians on the UN Security Council and the 70-year Geneva Convention on international humanitarian law. (source: Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)


In this participation, the Indonesian Consulate General in Chicago along with ITPC Chicago and Indofood want to further increase the sales of Indonesian food products, especially Indofood products in the Midwest region's food product market in the United States. We are proud that Indofood's products have recorded sufficient sales to increase significantly and have high brand awareness in the Midwest region of the United States, "explained the Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia, in Chicago Ms. Rosmalawati Chalid at the 2019 National Restaurant Association Exhibition (NRA 2019) which took place on 18 - 21 May 2019 at Mc Cormick Place, Chicago, United States.

The NRA is the largest exhibition for the restaurant industry in the North American region, and the third largest in the world. The total transaction potential generated during the 4 days of the exhibition is around 3,142,000 U $ from 25 transactions.

During the 4 days of the exhibition, the Indonesian Pavilion received a very positive response and was visited by more than 135 potential buyers, not only from Horeka's industrial sector, but also various importers, distributors, retailers, in the food and beverage sector.

In addition to exhibiting products, Indonesian Pavilion also held a business meeting with several large US companies engaged in the food beverage industry sector including Pepsi Co, and Turano, Libbey and also the fishing industry, Regal Springs.

Furthermore, the Head of ITPC Chicago added "in 2018 the sale of Indofood products in the US Midwest region recorded an increase of 43%, which is a record in the United States. The momentum that we want to optimize is to more aggressively carry out promotions and strategic cooperation with distributor, importer and retailer partners in the Midwest region. In addition, we also show that Indofood is trying to diversify its marketed products, where for this year, snacks and condiments products such as sauce, soy sauce, chilli sauce are one of the new products that we try to market more focused and segmented. "Among ASEAN countries, Thailand still dominates to export food products to the US Compared to other ASEAN countries they control 37% of their market share, which is followed by Vietnam and Indonesia ranked 3rd. (kemenlu)



On the sidelines of the International Conference on Intellectual Property and Development at the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), in Geneva, Switzerland (20/5) the Head of BEKRAF, Triawan Munaf, was accompanied by the Indonesian Permanent Representative to the United Nations , WTO, and international organizations in Geneva, Ambassador Hasan Kleib, holding bilateral meetings with the Director General of WIPO.

At the meeting, the Head of BEKRAF and Director General of WIPO signed a cooperation agreement between BEKRAF and WIPO to create systems and policies that support brand development and design in Indonesia.

The long-term objective of such cooperation is to create added value for products and services, through Intellectual Property in the field of brand and design. The collaboration will also focus on developing KI facilitation through training and creation of the "Hub and Spokes" structure, which in turn will enhance the reputation of products and services through brands & designs on a wider market.

In addition to discussing the implementation of the cooperation, the Head of BEKRAF also discussed the possibility of further cooperation between BEKRAF and WIPO, including related support for Collective Management Institutions (CMOs) for creative and copyright industry players in Indonesia.

The Head of BEKRAF also discussed cooperation opportunities related to the application of digital technology for the management of intellectual property assets for creative industries. One of them includes the possibility of collaboration between the "Portamento" digital management music platform initiated by BEKRAF and WIPO's digital time-stamping service.

The Head of BEKRAF stressed that in this era of digital revolution, one of the main keys to increasing competitiveness at the global level is to integrate creative and innovative processes with intellectual property management. "Cooperation between BEKRAF and WIPO will continue to be improved, to support creative industries in Indonesia to take advantage of and also benefit from their creativity and intellectual assets," said the Head of BEKRAF on the occasion.

Meanwhile Ambassador Hasan Kleib also said that the development of innovation and creativity is one of the priorities of the Government of Indonesia which continues to be guarded at WIPO, both through bilateral cooperation and through multilateral negotiations for a global intellectual property system that supports Indonesia's national interests. (Source: PTRI Geneva)