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In today's 72nd Hari Bhayangkara or Indonesian National Police Day, the President Joko Widodo delivered his appreciation to the officers of the National police of the Republic of Indonesia upon the seriousness which is always shown when running tasks wherever they are.


Indonesian Double mix, Tontowi Ahmad / Liliyana Natsir finally managed to end the 'curse' of Istora, after seven times failed to become champion in Indonesia Open held in Istora, this time they finally became champion in Blibli Indonesia Open 2018 HSBC BWF World Tour Super 1000. Tontowi / Liliyana after defeating Chan Peng Soon / Goh Liu Ying (Malaysia), with the score 21-17, 21-8.
This victory at once makes Tontowi / Liliyana successfully defended the title they won last year when the tournament was held at JCC Senayan. Tontowi / Liliyana will also re-rule the top of the mixed doubles rankings.
"Finally, after a long time in Istora we can win, I was tense first because there were a lot of spectators, but in my heart there is confidence to win, because we can apply our game pattern," said Tontowi.
"Actually I am happy at the same time sad because this possibility last time I compete in Indonesia Open We are glad to be able to give title, Istora mythology haunted for Owi / Butet have no need to be discussed again, paid in full," said Liliyana.
"The meaning is great for us, honestly even though I say do not want to think, but still think I can not win in Istora?" he added.
Liliyana revealed that although they are ahead 9-1 in the meeting record, but they do not want to be careless and keep preparing themselves by studying the opposing game video.
"They must be disturbed by the crowd of supporters, especially I read Goh's statement about fighting a stadium, maybe he's also shaking against that much supporter," said Liliyana.
Meanwhile, Chan / Goh wishes they had another chance to meet Liliyana before he retires. Chan / Goh hopes to win the game and improve their meeting record to 2-10.
"I was having trouble talking to Chan, the crowds put a lot of pressure on us, we did not play well, we were not satisfied with our performance, and the short and long service they combined made us confused," Goh said.
"Actually we want to try to play one hundred percent but we have already lost, but the opponent is heavier, after the Olympics, Tontowi / Liliyana still look consistent while we are still unstable," Chan added.
Indonesia again added the title in Blibli Indonesia Open 2018 through the victory of men's doubles pair Kevin Sanjaya Sukamuljo / Marcus Fernaldi Gideon. ( Badminton Indonesia twitter ) 


Registration of legislators or members of the House of Representatives –DPR from 2019 to 2024 period has officially opened on Wednesday, July 4 to July 17, 2018 by the Election Commission. Prior to the opening of the registration, low hissing sound occurred in the public regarding the requirements stipulated by the Election Commission to legislator candidates ranging from the lowest educational limit to a candidate's past history. The most public spotlight is related to the past history of the candidates. General Election Commission –KPU underlined that candidates who have been involved in legal cases, whether criminal or corrupt, cannot register as candidates for legislators. There are pros and cons related to the decision of the KPU in submitting such requirements.

Regarding the KPU's decision, President Joko Widodo said that he respects what the KPU's decision is following a ban on ex-corruption inmates for the 2019 legislative elections. The President views that based on the act, KPU is authorized to make the regulation. However, if any parties object to the regulation, the President invites to use existing mechanisms such as submitting court material test to the Supreme Court.

In regard to this, the House of Representatives -DPR invited representatives of five state institutions: General Election Supervisory -Bawaslu, General Election Commission -KPU, Ministry of Home Affairs, Attorney General Office, and Ministry of Law and Human Rights -Menkumham to discuss KPU regulation about the prohibition of ex-corruptors to be legislators is currently becoming hot debate. The meeting is scheduled to take place on Thursday (July 5, 2018).

Several institutions caring for the general elections assess what has been decided by the KPU on terms of registration requirements of 2019- legislative candidates is prone to trigger dispute. Secretary General of the Independent Election Monitoring Committee, Kaka Suminta said that the potential lawsuit to the General Election Commission -KPU is predicted to occur at the point of banning former prisoners as candidates for legislative members. According to Kaka Suminta, the political parties may include elements of former corruption inmates as prospective candidates from their political parties.

Indeed, the prohibition of former corruption inmates as legislative candidates is stipulated by KPU Regulation No. 20/2018 on the nomination of members of the DPR, Provincial legislative members -DPRD and district-city DPRD on Saturday 30 June 2018. The question is whether the KPU has such authority in relation to the prohibition. The worry of the return of loot and corruption by former corruptors if they become policy makers is well reasonable. The deterrent effect on corruptors is still perceived as having little impact on the people. But we also must recognize that the political rights of an Indonesian citizen should not be ignored. For the meeting of 5 state institutions, scheduled this Thursday, it can provide the best solution based on deliberation and consensus for Indonesian nation.



The election of the regional heads –Pilkada has ended. Although the results have not been officially announced by the General Elections Commission –KPU, the quick count results of the names of candidates for regional heads who get the most votes can already be known.

It’s very ironic that the election of regional heads may be said to succeed. There are still voters who are "not smart" in determining their choice. The reason is that there are nine candidates for regional leaders, who have been designated as suspects by the Corruption Eradication Commission –KPK, managed to obtain significant votes.

In fact, two of them can win elections held simultaneously throughout Indonesia on 27 June. In seven other regions, though not winning, the corruption suspects are also successful enough to obtain more votes. Take for example, one candidate for governor of East Nusa Tenggara -NTT who is also involved in corruption case appears a second winner in votes from four candidates.

The significant vote cast of corruption suspects is a reflection of the failure of thought among the voters. In fact, the state losses that are so large due to corruption do not make them reject the corruptors.

The general public may reason the principle of presumption of innocence. But, they have to keep in mind that the Corruption Eradication Commission-KPK certainly does not just determine a person as a corrupt suspect.

The facts show that at the level of grassroots, the danger of corruption has not been understandable. Maybe, the people do not receive correct information related to candidates who participate in the elections. So, what happened is that they did not know whom to elect.

The General Elections Commission -KPU will open the registration of legislative candidates for the 2019 General Election from July 4 to 18 and announce the regulation No. 20/2018. The contents are that KPU forbids the former convicted corruptors to advance in legislative elections. This regulation has been uploaded on the official page of the KPU although it has not been agreed by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights.

Whether the KPU's decision will be controversial or not is that the public are expected to be smarter during the legislative and presidential elections next year.