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On Wednesday (March 13, 2019), the Algerian people held a mass rally in several cities in Algeria. They rejected the package of political solutions put forward by the ruling President, Abelaziz Bouteflika on Monday. What exactly was put forward by the President so the Algerian people refused? President Abelaziz decided to postpone the implementation of the general election.

They rallied against the decision by stating violations of the constitution on articles No. 107 and 110. Their demands are that the general elections be held on April 18, 2019 as stated before and the incumbent President cannot participate in the general election. He already accommodated the wishes of the protesters not to run again. However, that is not enough because they considered the postponement of the general election only to extend his term of office.

This crisis is triggered by President Bouteflika's desire to take part in the upcoming general election. However, many wishes are not expected by many people because President Bouteflika has been in power for 20 years and his health condition is less stable after suffering a stroke six years ago. Although he finally chooses not to take part in the election again and even overhauled the composition of the cabinet, President Bouteflika does not clearly specify how long the election will be postponed. So, there is concern if he then appoints a certain successor to replace him. Another concern is that delaying the general election can threaten democracy in Algeria.

Algeria experienced a political crisis in the 80s which led to armed conflict in the 90s and ended in 2002. Of course, no one expects a similar conflict in Algeria. Now, the important role in the hands of the elite in the country is to find the best solution so that the political crisis can be resolved immediately without bloodshed and the Algerian people can accept the solution.



World Consumer Rights Day (HHKS) is commemorated in Indonesia and 130 other countries on every March 15th. The initial stipulation of Consumer Rights Day was from the speech of the former US President, John F. Kennedy on March 15, 1962. It was stated that consumers are the largest economic group that influences and is influenced by almost every public and private economic decision. However, they are the only important group whose views are not heard. Thus, Consumers International as an organization that fights for the rights of international consumers has set this date as the day of consumer rights worldwide. Of course, the commemoration of consumer rights day is the right moment as a reminder to increase consumer protection in various countries, including in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, the rights of a consumer are regulated in Law No. 8/1999 regarding with Indonesian Consumer Protection. The efforts made by the government in protecting consumer rights are by stipulating regulations, conducting regular supervision and taking firm actions against consumer rights violations. Therefore, the aim of establishing a National Consumer Protection Agency (BPKN) is to protect consumer rights. The Government and consumers are expected to be critical and brave. Thus, business actors will always pay attention to regulations in protecting consumers, such as in the pre-production phase, offers, transaction and post-transaction and provision of good services for consumers.

The rights to choose goods, to receive compensation, to be served and treated properly without discrimination, as well as the rights to obtain information properly are main parts of the consumers’ rights. It is very important for consumers to know main information regarding the products they buy. Manufacturers are not allowed to cover some information regarding their products or services. In this digital era, consumers must actually benefit a lot from the application of various features and information.

If the Government carries out formal protection through the National Consumer Protection Agency, the Non-governmental Consumer Protection Agency

(LPKSM) can be a motor for protecting consumers’ rights by providing advocacy, mediation and assistance to the consumers.

If the synergy among the government, business-people, consumers, and the Non-governmental Consumer Protection Agency goes well, of course the position of consumers will be elevated and consumer rights can be guaranteed.



Indonesia participates again in the London Book Fair. At present, Indonesia is bringing 450 book titles in an exhibition held at Olympia, Kensington, London on 12 to 14 March 2019. Indonesia's presence becomes special. Because Indonesia is chosen as the first country from Southeast Asia to receive priority as Market Focus Country.

The Creative Economy Agency, as the representative of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia prepares around 100 events to promote Indonesia's presence in the exhibition that Indonesia has participated in since 2016. Chairman of the Creative Economy Agency, Triawan Munaf said that participating in the exhibition is an effort to encourage Indonesia's creative economy products worldwide, especially in the literature. He wants the Indonesian literature to go international and at the same time, to attract foreign people to come.

There are specific targets to be achieved by Indonesia in the 2019 London Book Fair, the biggest exhibition for the sale of copyrights. Indonesia targets 50 titles to be sold for copyrights. Chairman of the National Book Committee, Laura Bangun Prinsloo affirmed that the target of 50 book titles for the 2019 London Book Fair might sound not many. But actually, the target is already quite high, considering that Indonesia has only participated in this exhibition starting in 2016. That number will add to the 1,200 titles sold to foreign publishers over the last five years.

In the past few years, Indonesia has always been present at the International Book Exhibition. Indonesia routinely takes part in the Frankfurt Book Fair. In 2018, the copyrights for the publication of 36 titles were purchased by several countries participating in the oldest book exhibition. Indonesia is also present at the Beijing International Book Fair. In the Brunei 2019 Book Exhibition, thousands of Indonesian book titles were sold.

The presence of the works of Indonesian writers in international book exhibitions must be improved. Because through their work, the world community can get to know Indonesia more with its diversity of cultures, tribes and religions. Books have become a means of promotion and diplomacy for the wealth of more than 17,000 islands in Indonesia. The presence of works by Indonesian writers in the international arena is expected to increase the number of world-class writers. Take for example; Pramodya Ananta Toer is a well-known writer who successfully published at least 50 works, and his books have been translated into 41 foreign languages. In addition, the writer, such as Andrea Herata also successfully introduced one region in Indonesia, Belitung through his book "Laskar Pelangi" which has been translated into 34 foreign languages and published in 130 countries. Taufik Ismail's poem entitled "With My Poetry,..." has been translated into 52 foreign languages.

More importantly, through books by Indonesian writers, Indonesia’s display will be more open and more readers and lovers of the world book will look into it.

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Number: 88 / SP / KSIHU / III / 2019

The Directorate General of Air Transportation has set an operating ban for all B737-8 MAX aircraft operated by Indonesian flight operators in the airspace area of ​​the Republic of Indonesia, effective March 14, 2019.

This step was taken to pay attention to the Continuous Airworthiness Notification to the International Community (CANIC) published by the FAA on March 13, 2019 concerning Updated information regarding FAA, continued operations safety activities related to the Boeing Model 737-8 and 737-9 (737 MAX) fleet from Federal Aviation Administration.

The Director General of Civil Aviation, Polana B. Pramesti stressed that the prohibition to operate is valid until further notice, taking into account the fulfillment of aviation safety.

"For the sake of fulfilling aviation safety in Indonesia, we decided to ban all Boeing 737-8 MAX aircraft operated by Indonesian flight operators in the airspace area of ​​the Republic of Indonesia, effective from March 14, 2019," said Polana.

This prohibition on operation is excluded for B737-8 MAX flights which aim to be non-commercial, do not carry passengers, and ferry flights in order to return to the location of aircraft maintenance or storage.

Flight safety is the most important thing in flight services. "For us, safety is a" no go item "that cannot be negotiated," Polana closed.



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